Hud get's a big win over FIU

Mark Hudspeth is in his first season as the head coach at Louisiana Lafayette.  After losing the season opener 61-34 at Oklahoma State, Hud's guys have now run off 3 straight over Kent State, Nicholls State and now FIU.  

While we've certainly seen Hud generate a huge amount of excitement in Lafayette about where the program is headed; we're not real sure that many cajuns were expecting a bowl eligible team this season.  Looking over the rest of their schedule, it won't be easy; but the Ragin' Cajuns might just get there.  

Watch and listen to Coach Hud on the video below and you'll see how excited he is to get back home for 3 games (FAU, Troy and North Texas) after their huge win over previously unbeaten FIU yesterday.


Sunday TV

With a great Saturday in the books, it's time to adjust to the NFL.

All times Eastern.


Regional coverage for the 1PM and 4:15 games on CBS and Fox.

Pittsburgh at Indianapolis - 8:20PM - NBC



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Saturday TV

Full schedule for your viewing pleasure.

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Notre Dame at Pitt - noon - ABC

North Carolina at Georgia Tech - noon - ESPN

Eastern Michigan at Penn State - noon - ESPN2

Central Michigan at Michigan State - noon - ESPNU

SMU at Memphis - noon - FSN

Cornell at Yale - noon - Versus

Colorado at Ohio State - 3:30 - ABC or ESPN2

Oklahoma State at Texas A&M - 3:30 - ABC or ESPN2

Florida State at Clemson - 3:30 - ESPN

Arkansas at Alabama - 3:30 - CBS

Kansas State at Miami - 3:30 - ESPNU

Florida A&M vs. Southern - 3:30 - Versus

Florida at Kentucky - 7PM - ESPN

Vanderbilt at South Carolina - 7PM - ESPN2

LA Tech at Mississippi State - 7PM - ESPNU

Nebraska at Wyoming - 7:30 - Versus

Missouri at Oklahoma - 8PM - FX

LSU at West Virginia - 8PM - ABC

USC at Arizona State - 10:15 - ESPN

Oregon at Arizona - 10:15 - ESPN2

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Alabama sends out 15 guys on defense

Change of possession.  Alabama's 11 from offense run off the field.  15 defensive players run on.  15?

Yep.  That's how Saban rolls.

Actually, there's logic behind this.  He sends 15 out until they can see what personnel the offense is going to come out in. Once they see the offense's 11, Kirby Smart makes the defensive personnel call and 4 run off.  

This article by Don Kausler (The Birmingham News) takes a look at how Saban's teams have evolved into playing entirely "Situational Defense".  Plenty of good stuff in there about why Saban believes you have to focus on situations.

One nugget we gleaned is that Saban doesn't think defenses should huddle anymore.  Saban, "...I used to coach getting in the huddle and breaking the huddle...Now, even when we're not playing against a no-huddle team all of our guys stand out there like in no huddle.  But really, it has to be that way, because if you make them get in a huddle all the time and you play against a no-huddle team, they want to all go stand in a huddle."  

Da' Bears headed to the White House

Coach Ditka and da'Bears Superbowl winning team from the 1985 season are going to the White House in about 2 weeks.

Their planned trip in 1986 was cancelled when the space shuttle Challenger exploded just days after the Superbowl.

President Obama, a huge Bears fan, has invited the team to come enjoy a few hours with him at the White House.

We're just letting everyone know, if anyone from Louisiana is ever elected President, we believe that person would invite Drew Brees, Sean Payton and a cast of characters to spend at least a few weeks partying at the White House.  Might even let Payton make some surprise decisions for the country.  

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