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25 colleges adding football teams before 2015

Lou Holtz said last week during a speech in Memphis, “When you are successful in football, there is a pride among the student body that can’t be duplicated in any other way, there is an association with the alumni that binds them back to the school, there is a pride in the city and state that we are committed to excellence.”

To no surprise, eight new programs will begin playing football this season. 

The list includes of schools includes UT-San Antonio, Ave Maria University, Concordia University (MI), Presentation College (SD), Robert Morris University, Siena Heights University, Stevenson University, and Virginia University of Lynchburg.

Seventeen more programs will begin competing in football between 2012 – 2014.

Those colleges include Atlanta Christian College, Bluefield College, Finlandia University, LeMoyne-Owen College, Misericordia University, Wayland Baptist University, Florida Tech, George Fox University (OR), Hendrix College, Mercer University, UNC - Charlotte, Oklahoma Baptist University, Reinhardt University, Stetson University, University of New Orleans, and Houston Baptist University.

Some of the colleges are trying to increase enrollment.  Others are trying to address gender imbalance.  Others are hoping that football will bring more regional attention to the school.  

Meanwhile, Trev Alberts has dropped football at Nebraska-Omaha.  


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Tuberville talks about his "Riverboat Gambler" nickname

Tommy Tuberville adopted the nickname “The Riverboat Gambler” during his days as the head coach at Ole Miss.  The Rebels were down in scholarship numbers and clearly outmanned against a number of SEC opponents.  So Tuberville decided to roll the dice and do anything and everything possible to win games.

It worked for the Rebels, who under Tuberville, won as big underdogs at LSU, at Mississippi State, and at Georgia.  Tuberville looked like a hero.

So what do you think about the nickname now?

Tubs told the Dallas Morning News, “It depends on how good your football team is. Last year, I kicked two or three onsides kicks, faked punts, did a lot of things because we weren't very good. We couldn't stop anybody. I tried to get the ball back for our offense and keep our defense off the field.”

"That was the same thing that happened to us when I was given that name back at Ole Miss. We just weren't very good, and I told my players we're going to do everything we possibly can to win the game. If it means we go for it on fourth down four or five times, don't punt, fake field goals, do those things, so I was given the nickname "The Riverboat Gambler." For some reason, a lot of those worked.”

"Last year we didn't have much success in our trick plays. Once we start getting better, I like to take chances, but just to let our players out there know we are trying to win the game."

Hopefully, Tubs won’t need surprise onsides and fourth-down gambles against Texas State and New Mexico, the first two opponents for the Red Raiders this season.

Stanford, Northwestern, Penn State, and BC stand alone

We beg your pardon for starting the day with an article that even mentions NCAA violations.  It’s not our style.

At least there is a positive side to this story…if you are one of four major conference athletic departments in the country.

According to the NCAA, only four athletic programs from major conferences have not been in violation of any major rules since 1953.

Congratulations to Boston College, Northwestern, Penn State, and Stanford.

Yes, you are being singled today by the Wall Street Journal, the single largest newspaper in the United States, for doing what is expected.

You do have an advantage, however.  As the WSJ points out, “Three of the four innocents from major conferences (Boston College, Northwestern and Stanford) have a built-in advantage: As private schools, they're not required to comply with the Freedom of Information Act—a tool reporters have used to uncover wrongdoing at some public institutions.”

So congratulations to Penn State, the one major athletic department including a high profile football program that complies with the Freedom of Information Act, yet has still found a way to not get caught red handed.

Oklahoma State to build $16 million indoor practice facility

Oklahoma State will begin construction on an indoor practice facility on August 1, 2011.

Thanks in part to the help from booster Sherman Smith, upon completion the Cowboys will have the premier indoor facility in the Big Twelve and one of the tops in the country.

The structure will be over 90,000 square feet.

There will be no air conditioning or heating units, but a number of retractable garage type doors on each side of the structure.

Baseball and softball will be able to take infield practice inside and there will be a 100-yard track on one side of the facility.

The estimated cost for the facility is $16 million.  You can see renderings of the facility, right here.

Sherman Smith passed away on June 6, 2011.  He originally gave the university a large amount of money as part of the endowment, but his family has since agreed to fund the IPF project.

The only video you need to watch today

We could explain, but you really just need to watch...Les Miles.

West Virginia settles with Bill Stewart for a pretty penny

Bill Stewart is getting a pretty penny for his resignation.  $1.65 million to be exact.

Details of the settlement emerged today.

West Virginia will pay Stewart $1.65 million, coupling what would have been his 2011 salary, his buyout money as if he were dismissed following the 2010 season, and what would have been his salary for the 30 months following his coaching stint when Stewart was expected to remain with the university in a non-coaching role.

In the settlement however, Stewart no longer will serve in any non-coaching role.  Most believe that Stewart would have helped with fundraising and / or university relations.

In other words, Stewart basically said he’s going to get his.

Athletic director Oliver Luck basically said, “Holla, homey.”

Neither party is allowed to speak poorly of the other or divudge any known or unknown information about the nasty separation.  


6 offensive line coaches in tough positions

According to Phil Steele, Arizona's projected starting offensive line has combined for 1 career start.  SMU's projected offensive line starters have combined for 158 starts, while Northwestern has combined for 137 starts.

Here's a list of six offensive line coaches that have their work cut off for them during August camp.  

Brandon Jones (East Carolina): The Pirates are expected to start three sophomores, a junior, and a senior that have combined for only 27 career starts.  That’s not exciting considering the schedule begins with South Carolina, Virginia Tech, UAB, and North Carolina.  Sophomore left tackle Jordan Davis will have his hands full with South Carolina’s Devin Thomas out of the gate.

Robert Anae (Arizona): Former BYU offensive coordinator Robert Anae will likely start two red-shirt freshmen, a sophomore, and two juniors.  The group has a combined 1 career start.  After hosting Northern Arizona, you’ll see Arizona’s offensive line on Thursday night primetime at Oklahoma State.  Then the Wildcats get Stanford, Oregon, and travel to USC.

Louisville (Dave Borbley): In his second season at Louisville, Borbley has his work cut out for him.  The projected starters have a combined 25 career starts.  The early season schedule begins with Murray State, FIU, at Kentucky, and Marshall.  The Cardinals will also have a new quarterback, potentially a true freshman in Teddy Bridgewater.

Bob Connelly (UTEP): The Miners are expected to start four juniors and a red-shirt freshman.  The group has combined for 7 career starts.  UTEP opens against Stony Brook, at SMU, at New Mexico State.

Jeff Grimes (Auburn): Grimes decided to remain at Auburn despite talking with Texas head coach Mack Brown in the off-season about the Longhorn’s offensive line job.  He returns only one starter from a year ago.  Auburn hosts Utah State and Mississippi State, then travels to Clemson.

Ron Hudson (New Mexico): Former UL-Lafayette offensive coordinator Ron Hudson joined the New Mexico staff in the off-season.  He is expected to start three sophomores, a junior, and a senior.  The group has a combined 20 career starts.  The Lobos open against Colorado State, at Arkansas, and against Texas Tech.


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Chizik and Auburn receive championship rings

Auburn rewarded their players and staff with championship rings on Sunday night.  It appears there are three separate rings including a BCS National Championship ring, a national championship ring, and SEC championship ring.

According to NCAA bylaws, Auburn University is allowed to spend a maximum of $415 per national championship ring.

Any ring that represents a conference championship is capped at $325 per ring.

Auburn defeated South Carolina in the SEC championship game 56-17, then captured the BCS national championship with a 22-19 win over Oregon.

Auburn has also launched a new billboard campaign across the state.

See for yourself.  The message is pretty clear.