Everything you've ever needed to know about the NFL fines process

In case you've ever thought to yourself, "I am completely unaware what the second offense fine schedule for spearing is in the NFL, and this bothers me," you are in luck, friend.

NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent tweeted the following today:



Vincent laid out the entire NFL fines process, tweet by tweet:

Video: Faux Pelini comes clean

Why won't Faux Pelini reveal himself? WHY?!??!

Mike Denbrock back with Notre Dame after prostate cancer surgery

Notre Dame offensive coordinator Mike Denbrock has returned to the field after surgery in late July to battle prostate cancer, which was discovered over the summer. 

Denbrock had to miss the team's five-day mini-camp in nearby Culver, Ind., though he did keep tabs on things over the phone and through watching practice tape on his iPad. 

“I’m not going to say how much I’ve been involved in what’s been going on (with the team), because my wife and my doctor will probably hunt me down and get after me,” Denbrock told the South Bend Tribune. “But I’ve been able to do more than I anticipated I would to this point.”

Denbrock, 50, was promoted to offensive coordinator in January - head coach Brian Kelly will call plays - and has had to pick his spots as he works with returning quarterback Everett Golson to install the Irish's new hurry-up attack. 

“I have to pick my spots,” he said. “It’s just that some things get a little frustrating, and it’s hard to keep it under control. I’ve got to be careful obviously about being too aggressive too fast.”

Though Denbrock's case is the most high-profile, he is not the only Notre Dame assistant currently battling cancer. Graduate assistant Kyle McCarthy is currently fighting his own battle with the disease, alternating between coaching the Irish safeties and undergoing chemotherapy. 

“He's an incredible young man,” Kelly said. “Some people obviously don't take very well to those treatments. He was on the field coaching the safeties like it was his first day of practice. He'll have a week off, and then he'll go back into another round of treatments the following week. But he expects to be here through his treatments. We've made accommodations for him if he needs to be off the field. The NCAA has made an accommodation for us, as well, in that we can hire another graduate assistant if we are forced to pull him off the field. So if we have to do that, we can act on it. But we're going to hold off right now.”

Our best wishes go out to both coaches in their recovery.

Read more here.

Video: Art Briles leads a tour of his office

Take a tour of Art Briles' office in Waco here, courtesy of the Big 12 Digital Network.

As Briles explains, his office isn't very big, but it does fit his needs. Really all he needs is a computer to keep on recruiting. Attached to his office is a recruiting room where you'll find jerseys of Robert Griffin III, renderings of McLane Stadium, and of course the 2013 Big 12 Championship trophy.

His office isn't filled with a ton of personal stuff, but it is littered with some solid reading material (mostly autobiographies), and his best memories of Baylor with pictures of first round draft picks, and other keepsakes of some of the best Bear players of the Briles everywhere you look.

Asked if he could take only one thing from his current office if he were to ever move to another location on campus, Briles quickly responded by saying the Big 12 title trophy.

"That's not mine, but I would certainly keep it in safe holding. That's irreplaceable" he notes in the clip.

UTSA's new gloves are both historically awesome and swag-tastic


UTSA freshman defensive back Michael Egwuagu tweeted out this picture of their newest gloves recently. Come to find out, the "Come and Take it" mantra has a lot more meaning to it than just being another piece of swag.

In short, the "Come and Take it" battle cry is a recognized symbol of Texas that was initially placed on a homemade flag back in the mid-1800's during a battle between Gonzales, TX settlers and the Mexican government. That battle eventually sparked the fight for Texas' independence.

UTSA has kind of adopted the phrase, occasionally taking the field at the Alamodome with their own version of the flag

As far as meaningful mantra's in the world of college football go, "Come and take it", and the history that goes along with it, makes this about as good as it gets.

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