Spurrier's comments got under Dabo's skin

After the Gamecock's 34-13 win over Clemson, Spurrier offered up some bulletin board material saying "We aren't LSU and we aren't Alabama. But we sure ain't Clemson."

After practice today, Dabo was asked about his thoughts on the comments to which he responded "Carolina's in Chapel Hill and USC's in California and the university in this state, always has been, always will be...Clemson."

See more of Dabo's choice words in the clip below.

Update: It turns out the reporter wrongly credited Spurrier with the controversial comment....makes this whole thing even more bizarre.

Les speaks to the crowd at Tiger Stadium

After steamrolling Arkansas to finish 12-0, Les took a moment to address the crowd at Tiger Stadium.

"We love ya"

Lane's text to Urban

Lane Kiffin recently said that he extended a congratulatory text to Urban Meyer upon hearing that Urban had been named the new head coach at Ohio State. "I've grown up" Kiffin joked.

When Kiffin was asked whether he would give Urban advice on coaching through NCAA sanctions, he responded "Yeah, I would. I don't think that Urban will be calling me though".

In the same interview, the ever confident Kiffin also added that he thinks the Trojans (who finished 10-2) could have won 10 games playing in the SEC as well. We're not sure the context of the question; but after thinking about it, if they were in the East...

In all seriousness, we have no idea how they would have done in the SEC; but what they accomplished this season with at least one arm tied behind their back by the NCAA is impressive. Good coaching.


Howard Schnellenberger will wrap up his coaching career this weekend against Louisiana - Monroe.

Schnellenberger, 77, has coached with some of football's best coaches, and his fingerprints will forever be on the landscape of college football history. He won three national titles under Bear Bryant, was the offensive coordinator during the Miami Dolphins perfect season, and won a national championship at Miami.  Schnellenberger also turned around a Louisville program before starting the FAU program from the ground up.

Schnellenberger announced in August that this would be his last season at the helm of the Owls program. 

The program has only existed for just over 10 years and the resources available to pay coaches aren't as much as some other programs currently "searching"; but Schnellenberger has laid the groundwork (literally) for the next coach to take over a good situation.  It's located in a great area, and recruiting in the sunshine state is always plentiful. 

In all honesty, the list of names that the AD has spoken with is too long to put on here. There is certainly no lack of interest. Our sources tell us this one will play out next week. We'll keep you posted on who's involved. 

They're looking for young and cheap, and I'm neither

"They're looking for young and cheap, and I'm neither" that's the quote from Brian Billick regarding the Jaguars job. 

Current owner Wayne Weaver (who is selling the team), promised an extensive search (even mentioning the term Super Bowl). 

If Brian Billick's right, then we're wrong; but it sure does seem like the type of team that would consider Jon Gruden.  The Jags feature rookie QB Blaine Gabbert who, on TV at least, Gruden seems to think can take this team all the way...then again, he's also said that about...........................

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