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Evidence that more O-Line coaches should do interviews

Refreshingly open and honest chat here with Miami offensive line coach Art Kehoe.  

Watch and enjoy.


TX high school RB has scored 26 TDs in 2 games

In full disclosure, this is 6 man football.  Honestly, we've never been to a "6 man" game so we can't really opine; but this guy has put up 13 TDs in each of his first two games.


His name is LaJordan Wilkerson and he plays for San Antonio Winston.

In the opener against Castle Hills Baptist, he ran 35 times for 591 yards and 13 touchdowns.

In week 2, against Town East Christian, he ran 47 times for 582 yards and another 13 TDs.

Maryland auctioning off helmets and jerseys from Miami game

Maryland strolled out in some special unis Monday night against Miami.  Now, they are looking to cash in on them.Screen_Shot_2011-09-08_at_2.49.55_PM

Today, the university announced that, "Due to overwhelming demand" they are auctioning off 10 helmets and 10 jerseys "worn Monday by the football team".  

Bidding opens at $500 for the helmets and $200 for the jerseys.  All proceeds go to the athletic department.

We applaud the capitalism.  Seems like a quick and easy way to earn an extra $25,000 - $50,000.  


Oklahoma State needs a win tonight to get to .500

No, a win tonight won't get them to .500 for this season (the Cowboys won in week one 61-34 over Louisiana Lafayette), it will get them to .500 overall.

OSU's overall record is currently 520-521-47.  Hard to imagine that after playing football for 110 years, that their overall record would be .500.  Odds?

Under Gundy's watch, the team is 48-29.

Their facilities are pretty good for a .500 team.


Yes, this is the last time we expect to refer to Oklahoma State as a .500 team.

Reminder, OSU hosts Arizona tonight at 8 on ESPN.

ESPN & NFL reach mega-deal

This morning, ESPN and the NFL announced a new eight year agreement (2014-2021) through which ESPN will pay $1.9 billion per year for a broad set of rights.

Included in the agreement are:

  • Monday Night Football
  • The Pro Bowl
  • The NFL Draft
  • Highlight rights for TV and ESPN.com
  • 3D distribution rights
  • Enhanced International Rights (including the Superbowl)
  • A wild card game option
  • Rights to simulcast ESPN's coverage on tablet devices

In making the announcement, ESPN also took the opportunity to announce some changes to it's NFL coverage.

Sunday NFL Countdown will now be 3 hours long (used to be 2) and NFL Live hosted by Trey Wingo will now be 1 hour long (used to be 30 minutes).

ESPN is also rolling out a new show called NFL 32, hosted by Suzy Colber and Mort.  32 will be year round and is slated for 1 hour of programming beginning at 6PM EST. 

They also announced NFL Kickoff, a Friday night show scheduled to air Friday's at 7 on the deuce. A one hour look at all 16 games for that week.  Berman will host the first two and then Wingo takes over.  

For a little perspective, ESPN is paying $1.9 billion for the package above.  Media reports put the media rights package for the entire NBA season at $930 million.  

Thursday TV

We have a feeling that a few points will be scored tonight.

All times Eastern.  Check regional listings for other games available in your area.


Saints at Green Bay - 8:30 - NBC


Arizona at Oklahoma State - 8PM - ESPN

Florida A&M at Hampton - 7:30 - ESPNU

Newberry at Valdosta State - 7PM - CST

Central Washington vs. Humboldt State - 8PM - CBSSN

High School:


Beer sales shockingly low at Holgorsen's opener

You might have heard that West Virginia has begun selling beer at their stadium during games.  

Kind of ironic that the first game at which beer was sold was Holgorsen's debut; but we'll move past that.

This afternoon West Virginia officials released that beer sales during the game totalled $75,000.  We understand that they were priced at $7 and $9.  Assuming the low end ($7), that's about 10,000 beers sold at the game.  Over 60,000 people attended the game.  An average of 1 beer per every 6 fans.  What?  And to make it worse, the report added that the concession stands were open through most of the lightning delays. 

Earlier in the week we noticed some reports of long lines at the beer stands.  

Just a reminder, LSU is coming to town in three weeks.  You might want to order a few more kegs....OK, like several thousand more.  

Mentoring young men

If you coach to improve the lives of young men, this is a story for you.

Oregon wide receivers coach Scott Frost works as hard as any of us.  Ask the other coaches on the staff.  Frost is there early and stays late.  He's young, single, loves football, coaching and improving the lives of young men.  The guy doesn't have much time in season for any hobbies.

However, Frost says he credits his college coach, Tom Osborne, with instilling in him the importance of mentoring young men. Frost spoke this off-season at a community event that featured Tony Dungy speaking on the same topic.  

Frost said that men that are accomplished, are disciplined and that don't have problems have a common trait...having a strong father in their home.  Kids that have problems did not have dads...or had weak dads that weren't involved.  These kids need mentors.

Frost went on to explain that when he came to Oregon he got involved with a Big Brother type organization that set him up as a mentor to a foster child.  They got along great and Frost saw the importance that he played in the young man's life.  

In his opinion, Frost didn't have nearly the time that he would have liked to devote to the young man; but he certainly saw the positive impact that he was making on him.  When the foster situation the young man was in imploded the state asked Frost to take the young man in.  As Frost put it, "I had all sorts of excuses why I didn't want to do that.  I'm single.  I'm living in a place by myself.  I work 14 hour days...and I've never cooked a meal other than macaroni and cheese."

The young man ended up living elsewhere for a few months...and then that fell through.  Again, the state asked Frost to take him in.  This time Frost agreed, "I need to stop making excuses and live up to this.  I took him in...I've been a foster parent since December, and it's the best thing I've ever done."  Frost added, "Don't make the mistake of doing nothing because you can only do a little.  I'm not there for Chris as often as I'd like to.  But because I'm there for Chris, I've seen changes.  Not only that, it's been one of the best things I've ever done for me....My point is: Stop making excuses why you shouldn't."  

The whole thing is a great piece by Rachel Bachman of the Oregonian.