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Paul Chryst spoke yesterday as the new head coach at Pitt. 

Chryst won the crowd over proclaiming "I've never wanted to take a job, to say 'If i do a good job, I can leave for a better job'...you can't live in the moment then". He went on to say that sentiment just never made any sense to him.

The presser below is in two parts.

Great stuff from Tony Levine

Tony Levine's interim tag was officially removed yesterday as he was officially introduced as the next head coach for the Houston program.

One of the things that makes the Houston job so appealing to Levine is the fact that "there aren't many schools in the country where you can walk out your front door, get in your car, and recruit 25 players down the street...and still be home for dinner every night like you can here at Houston" he said. 

The video below is a nice 5 minute cut up of highlights from the presser.

<a title="Levine, Cougars new coach" href="http://msn.foxsports.com/video?videoid=98d6f548-4a35-4570-9183-2c1f7984784c&src=v5:embed::" target="_new">Video: Levine, Cougars new coach</a>

Norm Chow introduced at Hawaii

Norm Chow was introduced as the next head coach at Hawaii yesterday., and with the hire, became the first Asian American to lead a major college football program.

Chow has been assistant for almost 40 years, and had trouble holding back emotions as talked about the opportunity to return home for his first opportunity to lead a program. His first game as a head coach will come against Lane Kiffin and USC, where Chow tutored two Heisman winners.

The press conference is below.

Kiffin: "I don't have any hobbies"

Lane Kiffin sat down during an interview with the Sporting News and fielded questions ranging from his thoughts on the national title game to giving Urban advice on the NCAA sanctions at Ohio State.

When Kiffin was asked if he was concerned about eventually getting burnt out of the coaching profession Kiffin responded "It's all I know. My dad, to this day, he sleeps right there at the hotel during the season, and his house is only 25 minutes away. He leaves here at 2 a.m. and comes back at 5:30. I was just kind of raised this way, not really knowing anything different'

He went on to say that they sometimes hire coaches from other staffs that are blown away at the hours that the USC staff puts in, and often reaches out to other coaches to find out how they structure their schedule, but always has the fear that "someone's outpreparing us; my fear is to hand our kids a plan and the other team's got something better."

Then Kiffin touched on the secret that he may have over some other guys by saying "The only thing I have going for me is I don't do anything else. When I'm not here, I'm with the kids. I don't play golf, I don't fish...I don't have any hobbies at all. So that's the only thing going for me".


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