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DC catching a punt tears his quad

Jacksonville Jaguars defensive coordinator Mel Tucker tore his quad while attempting to catch a punt after practice recently.

We hear the injury occurred after Jack Del Rio encouraged Tucker and offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter to try to catch a punt shot out of a Jugs machine at the end of practice.  

Tucker is expected to have surgery later this week.

1st win in 29 tries, 1st home win since 2004

FootballScoop would like to pass along our congratulations to coach Elvin James, his staff and the team at D-II Livingstone College.  On Saturday, the Blue Bears got a double OT win over Virginia University of Lynchburg breaking a 28 game losing streak.  

The 28 game streak was the third longest active losing streak (D-II Lock Haven 35 games, and D-III Olivet 30 games).

Further, the win was Livingstone's first at home since 2004.  

We wish we had video to bring you because the win didn't come easy.  Livingstone had a field goal opportunity to win the game in regulation; but missed. Then in the first overtime, Lynchburg was driving; but the Blue Bears intercepted a pass in the end zone.  Then, facing a 3rd down, James called a quarterback sneak to get the ball positioned for a game winning field goal...but they fumbled and Lynchburg picked it up and raced towards the end zone...only to be dragged down from behind around the 20.  Finally, in the 2nd OT, Livingstone makes it's field goal and Lynchburg misses their attempt and the Blue Bears got the much needed breakthrough victory.

This was coach James' first victory as head coach (he was hired before the 2010 season). 

Congratulations to the full staff:

Elvin James - Head Coach

John Thomas - Offensive coordinator / Quarterbacks 

Malcolm Nelson - Running Backs

Reginal Smith - Wide Receivers

Greg Richardson - Defensive Coordinator

Gilbert Wiggins - Linebackers

Rodney Hughey - Defensive Backs

We knew every play they were going to run

2PM Update> Bob Toledo addressed the issue below today in his presser...stating that they came out in "3 new formations" and that the play calling "had nothing to do with" the loss..."We just didn't play good."

Original Article: 

Duke beat up on Tulane this past weekend 48-27 in a game that actually wasn't as close as that score sounds.  The score was 45-13 heading into the 4th quarter.

Was saw an article in which Duke safety Matt Daniels gave a lot of love to the Blue Devils coaching staff. Regarding Tulane's offense, Daniels said, "We knew them [Tulane's schemes and tendencies] like the back of our hands. We knew which routes they were going to run based on their alignment, their formation, what personnel was in."

Further, Tulane was only able to amass 55 yards rushing in the game. 

Something tells us that Bob Toledo and crew will do some self-scouting this week and pull out some new stuff this weekend.

Tulane travels to play at Army this weekend while Duke goes on the road against FIU. 


No TV Tuesday

Unfortunately, we haven't yet reached that portion of the schedules where we have Tuesday night games.

Whatever you do, if you like offense, do not re-watch the Monday night game from last night.  If you are a kicker and enjoy games which feature 9 field goals, then by all means re-watch that barn-burner. 





High School:


Current Heisman odds

We're 4 weeks in, might as well check on the current Heisman odds.

Run down from Sportsbook.com:

Andrew Luck - 3 to 1

Kellen Moore - 5 to 1

Landry Jones - 5 to 1

Marcus Lattimore - 7 to 1

Brandon Weeden - 8 to 1

Russell Wilson - 8 to 1

Denard Robinson - 8 to 1

Taylor Martinez - 12 to 1

Trent Richardson - 12 to 1

Robert Griffin III - 20 to 1

LaMichael James - 20 to 1

Justin Blackmon - 25 to 1

Michael Floyd - 75 to 1

Reminder: Nebraska (with Taylor Martinez at QB) plays at Wisconsin (with Russell Wilson at QB) Saturday night (8PM on ABC).  

Surprising Note > This will be the first matchup of Top 10 teams at Camp Randall since 1962.   

Muschamp talks about Saban; but doesn't speak french

So, as anyone who watches the worldwide leader will be reminded 400 times this week, on Saturday Nick Saban takes his team from Alabama into the great state of Florida to play Will Muschamp's team.

Naturally, Muschamp was asked a few questions (ok, a lot of questions) about Saban today.  

In the video below, Muschamp says of Saban, "Nick never asked me to do anything as an assistant coach that he didn't do as a head coach, from a work standpoint, as far as film preparation, from a recruiting standpoint, as far as evaluation and going out and recruiting...He's a guy who works extremely hard.  He's got a great work ethic in what he does...program management, philosophically knowing who you want to be...offense, defense, special teams....identifying in the recruiting process what kind of player you are recruiting from a critical factor standpoint, not just from speed, height, weight but all of the intangible qualities..."

Then the questions just got a little silly.  Reporter uses some term from a recent Star Wars movie and Muschamp's response is awesome.  "Huh?...I don't speak french either."  Trust us, watch and laugh.

Muschamp's quotes about Saban begin around the 1 minute mark.  The Star Wars stuff begins around the 2:20 mark.


MAC commish lays it on the Big East commish

5PM Update> Toledo AD Mike O'Brien has issued a statement saying that they accept the ruling from the NCAA rules committee that the outcome of the game can not be changed.  Apparently, O'Brien doesn't share MAC commish Steinbrecher's hope that Big East commish John Marinatto will do the right thing.  

Original post:

MAC commissioner Jon Steinbrecher issued a well worded statement moments ago regarding the conclusion of the Toledo / Syracuse game on Saturday.  

For background...the refs mistakenly awarded Syracuse an extra point despite the fact that they had video evidence which showed the try was clearly not good.  The game went to OT with Syracuse eventually winning.  The Big East Conference admitted that the refs were wrong in allowing ruling the extra point good.  After the game, Toledo called on the Big East to vacate the win for Syracuse (and hence the loss for Toledo).

In Steinbrecher's statement, he first notes that he has been in communication with Big East Commissioner John Marinatto, then he noted that by NCAA rules there is "recourse to reverse an outcome"...but then he comes back with "We are confident that proper action will be taken by the Big East Conference." 

Well played Steinbrecher, well played indeed.  

Anyone expect Marinatto to roll over?

Sudden change defense to the rescue

Through 4 games, Notre Dame is 120th in the nation (yes folks, that's the same as saying "last") in turnover margin averaging -2.5 per game margin.  

However, despite this horrible margin, Notre Dame is 2-2 on the season.  How are they able to overcome the turnovers?  A stout defense after a sudden change.

We saw a note this morning that Notre Dame's defense, after the last 4 turnovers (against Pitt and Michigan State...both wins for ND) the ensuing drives have netted just 12 yards on 14 plays.  

We also noticed that over their last nine games, Diaco's defense has allowed no rushing touchdowns to opposing running backs (they have allowed 2 QB sneaks though).  Nine games.  That's strong.  Give defensive coordinator Bob Diaco some credit. 

Notre Dame travels to Purdue for an 8PM game Saturday night on ESPN.