Behind the scenes: Rutgers players find out Kyle Flood got the job

Always fun to watch these videos...


Slow cook strength training at Penn State

New Penn State director of strength and conditioning Craig Fitzgerald invited the cameras in the weight room to capture some off season workouts.

Fitzgerald says that they focus on football specific moves, and explosive full range motions concentrating on lifts that put them in football positions with their feet on the ground.

Coach Fitzgerald also referred to the weight program as "slow cooking" the athletes in the respect that they want to focus on getting really good at the lifts, and appeal to the competitive nature in each athlete to bump up in weight as the movements become second nature.

Signing day with Tim Beckman

Illinois has released a video highlighting Tim Beckman's first signing day with the Illini.

Beckman talks about the recruiting process, the early morning wait for the eastern time zone letters of intent, and the importance of preparing for the 2013 class right away.


Do not turn the TV off during the Superbowl

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel asked his viewers to do the unthinkable last week...he asked them to pull the plug during an important moment of the game and to capture their friends reactions on video. 

Unthinkable in certain parts of the country (i.e. the Southeast). 

Not what you usually find on FootballScoop; but goodness some of the reactions are hilarious.

Catching up with Rutgers' Kyle Flood

ESPN caught up with Kyle Flood to talk his interview with Athletic Director Tim Pernetti and what will change under his leadership.

Flood says that during his interview with Pernetti he told him that "...in our profession secrets are not very well kept. I know you’re going to talk to some coaches. On paper, they're good football coaches. But I can tell you this: there's nobody better for this job than me, and nobody who will care more for Rutgers football than me."

When Flood was asked what will change under his leadership, he responded by saying that the core values of the program will stay the same, but his coaching personality is different than Schiano's.

"I want to take the things that are really good and I want to make them great. It’s not a situation where the head coach was let go because they weren’t winning. This is a team that's won five straight bowl games in the last six years. This is a really good team and we want to advance it forward."

Flood added that you accomplish that by "taking the little things and making them better".

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