It takes money to make money

Next season, Charley Molnar and UMass are scheduled to travel to Ohio State, Michigan and Wisconsin in their first season as a member of the Mid American Conference.

Their game against the Buckeyes puts them in line for $1 million payday, and the game at the Big House will earn the Minutemen $650,000.

The payday for their game against Wisconsin has not been formally announced, but we can guess that payday will be pretty hefty as well.

The athletic department also recently announced a $33 million fundraising campaign, which will aim to enhance capital, fundraising, endowments and sport specific goals over the next six years. 

Update on renovations to Kyle Field

Texas A&M President, R. Bowen Loftin recently met with a local radio station to talk about some renovations and possible expansions to to Kyle Field.

Loftin said that they are currently looking to renovate the 90 year old lower decks of the stadium, and are also considering the concession and rest room areas. Loftin said that they will take input from all areas of campus including faculty, students, and alumni  on the possible changes.

"Many college fans want more amenities than they once had," Loftin said. "We're going to look at a large variety of options from a selected vendor, well known in the sports venue field."

Loftin expanded by saying that they will not use any state or tuition dollars for the renovations, and stressed to the students that any construction will not effect availability for student tickets "Typically you'll find 6-8-10 thousand student tickets available, usually in the corner or end zone for students to utilize but that's not how it works here." The Aggie students take up approximately 30,000 of the 85,000 seats at Kyle Field.

Signing Day NAIA Style

Signing day at Southern Oregon isn't all that different from what some of our guys have been through at some smaller D1 programs. Clearly, this program is on the rise!

Well done video by quarterbacks coach Matt Adkins.

The most interesting man in college football

Honestly, we go back and forth...is it Les or is it Leach? For this one day, we believe we have the answer...

Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-Statesman wrote up a very interesting interview with Mike Leach. You should really read the whole thing...but a couple of quick ones...

Leach is starting to settle into the environment up in Pullman, even though he has yet to see the house that his wife picked out for them. "I've heard it's nice." Leach said.

Bohls asked Leach when they would be ready to beat the Oregon and USC and win the Pac 12, to which Leach responded "It depends, during the season, if you ask me on a Sunday how we're going to do, I'd say I don't know if we can beat Pullman High. By Friday, I'm pretty sure we can beat the Giants."

Possibly the most "Leach" thing in the article is a brief note that Leach rode his bike 3 miles to his first interview with Washington State AD Bill Moos. On this day, we proclaim Mike Leach the most interesting man in college football. 

The ball is now in your court Les!


Missouri seniors carry on conditioning tradition

Bright and early yesterday Mizzou players began the winter conditioning program, and all of the past seasons seniors showed up in a show of support...and some to rub it in a little bit.

It has become a tradition for seniors who have played their last down at Missouri to show up for the first day of conditioning as a show of support and reflection (the coffee and the breakfast in the video below were just to rub it in).

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