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D-II opening in Texas

Incarnate Word, member of the Lone Star Conference, located in San Antonio has decided to make a change. 

Mike Santiago, who started the program, is no longer with the program. Santiago was hired in May 2007 to oversee every aspect of beginning a program for the Catholic university. Although they didn't play a game until the Fall of 2009, those first few years were arguably the toughest (fundraising, construction, hiring a staff, finding players, purchasing equipment, scheduling, etc...all from scratch).

In their first season (2009) they finished 5-5. In 2010 they began playing in the Lone Star (tough thing to do in year 2 of a program) and finished 3-8. This season they are 2-5, with wins over Eastern New Mexico and Texas A&M Commerce. 

The position that Santiago was asked to take is not an easy one. You have to make hard decisions for the long term knowing that in the short term you might get beaten up. If everyone within the administration isn't on the same page...well, sometimes things change. Apparently, that change began yesterday. 

From everything we've heard, this could be a very good job. We'll keep our eye on it and keep you posted. 

Let us know what you hear. [email protected] or call / text 225.229.3429

Sideline or the coaches box

One of the first things Arizona interim head coach Tim Kish did was move some coaches from the box down to the field. Kish was looking for more "on the field coaching".

At Clemson, both coordinators are on the sideline. 

"They have to be able to sense the urgency in my eyes, the tone of my voice, that's why I've always on been on the field" Morris said.  For Morris, the ability to talk to each position, is instrumental in his playcalling.  He wants to know what the players are seeing, and experiencing on the field. You might also recall the piece we wrote up earlier why Kevin Steele believes you have to be on the field.

Ask coordinators and head coaches across the country, and you'll get a variety of answers about why they feel they are best suited for the sideline or the box. 

For guys like Joe Paterno and Sean Payton, being in the coaches box temporarily keeps them out of harm's way, and gives them an opportunity to see the game differently. Payton went up in the box this past Sunday, sending offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael down to the field as Carmichael handled the playcalling duties in the Saints 62-7 win over Indianapolis (Payton also awarded Carmichael the game ball). Payton and Carmichael spoke frequently when the defense had the ball; but largely allowed Carmichael (who was on the field and able to meet with Drew Brees after every series...and yes, the Saints scored on every series Brees played) to call the game. After the game Payton admitted that being up top allows you to really see the game, the holes (both at the point of attack and in the defensive secondary); but said that once he's mobile enough he plans to be back on the field.

According to reseach done by the Ravens public relations department, only 5 of 32 offensive coordinators made calls from the box in 2010.  

The bottom line is that there's no definitive answer to how delegate the sideline / coaches box duties, and it varies at each level. Seems like if you are a pure believer in the best scheme / play call will win, then the booth is the right place for you. If you are a "feel" guy, then you're probably better suited for the sideline. 

Comments are welcomed below. 



How bad are things? "We're moving a LB to QB"

Utah (3-4, 0-4) has not made the first year splash they had hoped to make in the Pac 12. The last time the Utes finished a season with 4 losses was 2007 when they finished 9-4 in Whittingham's 3rd season.

The season has been filled with conference losses, turnovers, and perhaps most glaringly, injuries. The Utes have lost 5 key players to injuries in their first 7 games of the season. Three of those players have already undergone surgery which will likely end their season, including Jordan Wynn their starting quarterback.

Because of the injuries, Kyle Whittingham is taking linebacker Griff Robles and is moving him to quarterback. The idea isn't as far fetched as it seems, as Robles originally came to Utah as a quarterback before being moved to linebacker.

Let's face it, it's never a great thing to be moving a linebacker to quarterback (even if he came in as a QB).

Lane Kiffin on "The Jim factor"

Lane Kifin had some high praise for the Cardinal yesterday, as they prepare for Stanford to come to the Coliseum (Saturday at 8 on ABC).

Kiffin was asked what his thoughts were when Andrew Luck announced that he was going to return to Stanford for his Senior season, to which Kiffin jokingly responded, "Is there still a supplemental draft this week?". 

Later on in the interview, Kiffin was asked what the major difference is between a David Shaw coached team and a Jim Harbaugh coached team. Kiffin gave Shaw high praise in saying that he saw no difference. Go to the 2:52 mark to hear Kiffin's thoughts on the "Jim factor" and Andrew Luck's return.

Tuesday TV - We've got football

Yes, we've got football tonight. Secondarily, if you watched any of the first 3 quarters of the Monday Night game, please identify yourself below. The NFL should be forced to send you a refund of part of your cable bill (horrible football).

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The power of Alabama vs. LSU

You might have heard that LSU plays at Alabama next weekend (November 5th) in a fairly important game.

Yesterday, CBS announced that they had worked out a deal with ESPN (who held the rights to SEC night games), to show the game in prime-time at 8pm Eastern. [Can you even imagine what the viewership will be like for this game?]

Minutes ago though, we learned of the true power of Alabama vs. LSU. LSU athletic director just sent out word that as part of the agreement to move this game to prime-time, CBS also committed to using their one prime-time game for next season on the Alabama at LSU game (without even knowing the full schedule yet).  Unprecedented. 


New Mexico search update

First, we want to thank everyone for always emailing ([email protected]) and texting (225.229.3429) in your tips. Since 1999, they have always been and will always remain confidential.

Alright, here's what we're hearing (and reading). First, we hear money is an issue. We hear locally that while some donors have pledged their allegiance, that a few others are waiting to see which way the university goes. While none of that should shock anyone, it likely will bring some realism to the ultimate selection.

Second, we're hearing that a lot of people do want to talk about the job. Plenty of names coming out of the states of Texas and Arizona, including both current head coaches and current assistants.  

Finally, we read one last night that struck us as rather odd. Marv Levy was the head coach at New Mexico back in '58 and '59 before moving on to Cal. He went on to have a rather decent (yes that's a joke) career, being named the NFL Coach of the Year in 1988 and leading the Bills to four consecutive Super Bowls. Now here's the odd part, Levy says he's been trying to reach New Mexico's AD Paul Krebs' but has not gotten through to him.  [Mr. Krebs please take that call next time.]

Levy says he wants to recommend Stanford special teams coordinator Brian Polian for the job. Polian, who also spent five seasons at Notre Dame, is the son of Colts vice chairman Bill Polian who was Levy's GM when Levy was head coach of the Bills. 

Presuming that they go with an active coach, the timing of this one is going to largely be driven by the success of that coach's current team. We'll keep you posted with what we hear as we move into November.


Temple entered Saturday's game with Bowling Green 5-2 and was coming off of two large wins over Ball State (42-0) and Buffalo (34-0).  Despite playing reasonably well on both offense and defense, the Owls weren't able to get the win at Bowling Green, falling 13-10.

After the game Temple head coach Steve Addazio was quick to point out that they didnt help themselves by committing 12 penalties for almost 100 yards.

There were no turnovers in the game, just hard nosed football. Temple had two guys rush for over 100 yards, and entered the 4th quarter tied at 3; but in the end, it was ultimately the penalties that stopped drives or allowed Bowling Green to keep them going that cost Temple. With the win, Bowling Green is now 4-4, 2-2 in the MAC. 

This post game clip is classic Addazio.  The goal is to win the game!