Littrell: Players quickly grasping new offense

New Indiana offensive coordinator Seth Littrell says he is happy with the way the players are grasping the new offense.

Littrell says that by day four, most of the offense has been installed, and terminology is the only thing that they are still sorting through. He was also impressed with the progress of the quarterbacks, saying they were further along than he had originally expected.

The weather in Bloomington has been outstanding the past few days, and Littrell explained that he's more than happy than to be wearing shorts during spring ball in the Midwest.

How to coach toughness: You'll love this

Middle Tennessee's two new offensive line coaches, Glen Elarbee (guards / centers) and Matt Moore (tackles / tight ends), are instilling a new mentality of toughness within the Blue Raider front five, and it was very evident at Friday's practice.

Rising senior center, Alex Stuart had a little too much Gatorade and as the quarterback started his cadence, that Gatorade decided to make its way back out.

As Stuart was throwing the liquid back up, Elarbee would not allow him to move, reminding him that it would draw a penalty. So Stuart stayed put, continued to vomit, and snapped the ball.

"Why not? He enjoyed it, actually. He pushed through it. We just want toughness so that we can push through anything.” Elarbee explained.

Head coach Rick Stockstill is liking the idea of having two guys with eyes on the offensive line. “It’s been phenomenal they fly around. They have great energy. They coach on the run. There’s not a play that goes by that every one of those linemen aren’t getting coached.”

Hoke: Complacency is dangerous

Brady Hoke met with the media to talk about spring practices yesterday and was asked about how his coaching philosophy with the interior defensive line may change after graduating some veterans.

Hoke explained that he had changed his coaching philosophy briefly as an assistant in 1998, coming off of a national championship with three returning starters, and complacency set in.

"I didn't do a good job as a coach sticking with the basics in a progression that you want, and an expectation that you need to have, and I have promised myself since then that I wouldn't do it again."

Hoke said his biggest regret was that he didn't coach them hard enough the following year, and their loss to Syracuse opened his eyes to the complacency.

High school coaches impressed with Saban's clinic

Don Kausler Jr., a writer for several outlets in Alabama, caught up with a few high school coaches following Alabama's high school coaching clinic late last week, and found that the coaches were very impressed with the quality and content of the camp. 

Alot of the coaches commented on the organization, enthusiasm and intensity of the practices.

"It's apparent when they let us watch practice that it isn't clinic talk," Brentwood HS safeties coach Clint Finch said. "They don't say one thing and then coach another."

Finch said that one thing in particular that Saban preached that he will carry with him is the old adage that "If you're not coaching it, you're letting it happen". He explained that alone was worth the price of admission.

Other coaches in attendance commented on the high quality speakers (Lou Holtz and Bill Parcells were among the guest speakers), and the attention to the small details that the staff has during drills.

These boys are gettin' after it

This video comes to us from Pikeville (NAIA - KY). Do yourself a favor and watch some of this and see how these guys are gettin' after it.

We happen to love what takes place from the 30 second mark through about the 1 minute mark. Straight up, man vs. man who wants it more.

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