Video: New logos introduced at Houston

The University of Houston unveiled their new logos today with an accompanying video highlighting the changes.

The Cougar got the biggest makeover of all the, and they also introduced some new fonts and other minor changes to the lineup.

The updated logos will make their debut with the Cougars in the new look Big East.

Bustin'a move in Annapolis

Coach Ken Niumatalolo had been impressed with the way the Midshipmen have worked this spring.

During last season, the team ran between 800 and 900 live reps. This spring alone, the team has accumulated over 700 live reps.

Their 5-7 record didn't please the team last season and these guys have flat out been getting after it.

As a reward, Niumatalolo had the team warm up a little differently than normal...take a look.

Sumlin and staff sorting out the "pretenders"

The players at Texas A&M are adjusting to the new staff's expectations, and Kevin Sumlin and his staff have spent the first few practices sorting out the physical players from the pretenders.

“We’ve got some guys that, just like any other time, are coming to the forefront, physical guys that like to play. And we’ve had some guys that are pretenders. Not very tough, we’ve got to figure out a way over the next couple weeks to develop some mental and physical toughness.” Sumlin said last week.

After practice yesterday, he noted marked improvement in the attitude and held a meeting to talk about the direction that they're heading. Sumlin's message was simple, they may not be ready to take the field just yet, but their tempo and attitude have made significant progress in a handful of practices.

“By no means are we ready to play a game but our attitude was better, our tempo was better and I think our want-to was better.”


"Sometimes you have to yank 'em through the knot hole"

Chad Morris and the offensive staff down at Clemson have focused on improving in short yardage situations this spring, and Morris told reporters yesterday that he is has seen continued improvement so far.

The staff has specifically focused on changing the mentality in short yardage situations, putting the team in situations in scrimmages and practice where they have to fight for every inch. Morris believes that they are continuing to step in the right direction, but as he put it, "sometimes you have to yank 'em through the knot hole".

Morris has seen some improvement, and says that they have taken steps in the right direction, but he believes that they have a long way to go before they're ready to match up in short yardage situations with the best in the country.

Video: O-Line jugs machine challenge

Fun video here out of Northwestern where the offensive line takes on a challenge with the Jugs machine.

Seems simple enough...catch a punt from the Jugs machine. But as you can see...it's not that easy with the big fellas.

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