Memphis installing huge video board

Memphis just secured a $2.5 million dollar donation from FedEx for a 100 foot wide x 50 foot high video board that will replace their current JumboTron.

Along with the main video board, the donation will also cover the installation of a smaller video board on the north end. Athletic director R.C Johnson compared the size of the new board with the one at Mississippi State (pictured below). So it should be a monster.

"It's going to be somewhat comparable to the size of Mississippi State's. Right now it would be about the fifth-biggest in the country.'' 

The new video board should be up and running by the season opener.

D-III video: Pumping iron at Muhlenberg College

Over the past decade, D-III Muhlenberg College has solidified itself as a mainstay at the top of the Centennial Conference, winning the league in seven of the past ten seasons. Last season they finished 7-3 with their three losses coming by a combined 15 points.

As you can see in the clip below, the weight room has been a huge factor in their success. They've got skill players putting up some big numbers in the bench, clean and squat, and some big guys that can flat out move.

"Teams are made in the summer"

Jim McElwain has had his hands full evaluating his new roster up at Colorado State, and as the spring game wrapped up, he recognized that it was now time for the most important period in player development...the summer spent with the strength staff.

"The big thing is these guys have to dedicate themselves in the offseason. Teams are made actually during the summer. Spring ball is good to see what they do, get themselves on film. But really, as a team, how they jell, the things that they do, it really all has to do with summer. I know we've got a great strength staff that will get these guys going, and that's going to tell a lot about who we're going to be next year."

McElwain said the 15 spring practices gave him and the staff the opportunity to really figure out what the guys do well, and what they may need to adjust to schematically. 

"Really the biggest key for me is not to ask guys to do things that they're not very good at, but to find out what they're good at and then put them in situations to be successful." 

Inside Scoop: Jeff Choate - Washington State

Jeff Choate, special teams coordinator at Boise State for the last six seasons, was hired in early January to serve as Mike Leach's linebackers coach at Washington State. Only about 10 years ago though, Choate was coaching high school ball. 

This is a great interview. Grab the staff and play this one in full screen mode.

Choate talks about adapting to Leach's fast paced style, working with a new staff, what we can expect to see from their defense in the Fall, his view of the best two conferences in football, relationships with other coaches on other staffs, how to grow as a coach, and much much more. 

Inside Scoop: John Wristen - CSU Pueblo

John Wristen is the head coach at CSU Pueblo (D-II). He was hired in 2007 to start the program and has literally built it from the ground up. 

Coach Wristen shares great insight into how he has built his program, why he hired the coaches that he has, how he got Gary Barnett to hire him at Northwestern and he shares great advice to young coaches about how to position themselves to get the break they are looking for. 

The whole thing is great; but the last two minutes of this video should be required viewing for all coaches. "Develop relationships and be real."

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