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"Search" fees

Smart guys, read this one and help us out. 

Ten days ago Steve Fairchild was released by the brand new AD at Colorado State. In making the announcement, the AD stated that he had hired a search firm (Spencer Stuart) and noted that the University was paying them $250,000.

We heard that and said he must have meant $25,000. We read it online again as $250,000 and we called the reporter and said it has to be $25,000. They confirmed he said $250,000.

We immediately called 2 agents. Both said it had to be $25,000. We agreed. Look at what similar searches have cost. A lot of the data is public. There certainly have been high profile, six figure search fees paid; but those tend to be at perennial Top 25 programs and even then $250,000 seems rich. Far more frequently we see $25,000, $35,000 or $50,000 fees paid especially when you're dealing with a "non-BCS" school.  

So we called a buddy at one of the search firms..."We'd prefer not to discuss fees."  Ah, it was worth a try.

So here we are. On Monday we learned that CSU had selected Jim McElwain as their new head coach (8 days after letting Fairchild go). Yesterday was the presser and the AD went out of his way in his remarks to thank the search firm for their diligent efforts. We're just now reading some of the press about yesterday's events and sure enough nearly every reporter in Colorado notes that CSU is paying $250,000 in search fees.  

Anybody else find this odd? Comments welcomed below. 


Tim DeRuyter's intro at Fresno State

We noticed that Fresno State put this edited version of his presser up on youtube. 

Wouldn't it be great if every AD introduced the new head coach as quickly as transpires in this clip?

In all seriousness, Tim DeRuyter is a very respected coach and we're sure he'll do well "in the Valley". 

Thursday TV

Thursday night NFL action tonight. Don't forget, we have the DIII national title game Friday night (Wisconsin Whitewater and Mount Union). Saturday we'll have the DII title game (Wayne State and Pittsburg State) coupled with three bowl games, and an NFL game with Dallas traveling to Tampa Bay.

All times are eastern.


Jacksonville at Atlanta - 8:20 - NFL Network


No games.

High School:

No games.

Bonuses at Bama

If the Crimson Tide beat LSU, the bonus pool for the coaches will top $1 million.

Saban has already earned $200,000 (about 4% of his total salary) for reaching the national title game, and will collect an additional $200,000 with a win.

Alabama AD Mal Moore will receive a $50,000 pay day if the Crimson Tide win the national championship.

Just by getting to a BCS bowl game, the assistants will earn bonuses equal to 16% of their salaries...

Defensive coordinator Kirby Smart - $136,000 

Jim McElwain - $81,600 

Secondary coach Jeremy Pruitt - $36,000

Offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland - $63,200

Outside linebackers coach Sal Suneri - $62,400

Tight ends / special teams coach Bobby Williams - $50,400

Strength coach Scott Cochran - $46,400

Defensive line coach Chris Rumph - $46,200

Running backs coach Burton Burns - $44,800

Receivers coach Mike Groh - $40,000

Director of football operations $27,200

Director of player personnel Ed Marynowitz $20,000

Directors of player development Willie Carl Martin and Kevin Sherrer - $20,000

Pitt is open

We have spoken with several Big East coaches this morning in connection with the surprising news that Todd Graham is leaving Pitt to become head coach at Arizona State. 

The concensus is that the talent level at Pitt, and recruitable by Pitt, is excellent. Nearly everyone we spoke with said if they hire a coach that the players want to play for, that Pitt will be a force soon enough. 

The best hire might be to bring Dave Wannstedt back on...but we're pretty confident Steve Pederson isn't going to do that. The rumor mill is already running wild with names "expected to have a chance".  We'll keep you posted as we learn who really has a chance. 

Did someone call us "Scurrilous"?

Yes, yes we believe someone did. 

Scurrilous. Have to admit we googled it. According to google, Scurrilous is an adjective:

    1. Making or spreading scandalous claims about someone with the intention of damaging their reputation: "a scurrilous attack".
    2. Humorously insulting.

Here's what really happened.

Yesterday, a source very close to the situation told us that reps from Penn State had reached out to Niumatalolo. Source said he had no idea if Niumatalolo had any interest; but he knew for a fact it there had been contact. 

We in turn reached out to someone very familiar with Niumatalolo who also confirmed that Penn State had reached out to him. This person did not believe Niumatalolo would have interest in the job; but might "offer his thoughts to them on their search". 

With two good sources confirming this to us, we put on The Scoop:

Penn State: Don't know how this one will play out; but passing along info from good sources...Penn State representatives have contacted Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo.  

If someone believes that is "Scurrilous" (i.e. spreading scandalous claims with the intention of damaging...or humorously insulting) please feel free to call us. We're not real hard to get a hold of.  

Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo's agent Evan Beard, who is "in England studying at Oxford" replied to an email from someone in Annapolis yesterday in regards to what we put on The Scoop as follows:


"Bill. The report on Penn State's interest in Kenny is scurrilous. Neither side has had conversations."

Scurrilous. Well then.


Carl Pelini provides update on the staff

Carl went on Nebraska sports radio yesterday and spoke for nearly 15 minutes about FAU and what his staff will look like. 

He also gave some insight into why he has had to slow down given bowl game prep for some of the targets that he has. A pretty good listen. 

Jim L. Mora speaks at UCLA

Jim L. Mora (yes, UCLA has asked that he no longer be referred to as Jim Mora Jr.) took the podium yesterday to answer his first questions as the UCLA head coach.

Mora was short and direct in the press conference, and spends about ten minutes total making his opening statement and answering media questions.