GA of the Day - Dan Lanning (Arizona State)

Ever considered driving 13 hours through the night to meet with a coach who has no idea you're coming...Dan Lanning did it...and it worked! That's determination. 

Watch the video above and hear Lanning tell you his story. One of the best real life stories you'll ever hear about how a high school coach got his first college opportunity. 


Video: Strength training at Army

On top of their numerous duties as cadets, the guys at Army still find the time and energy to get after it in the weight room.

Good footage below from the video guys of the guys putting in some major work in agility drills, hang cleans, and squats with chains (all with near perfect form), mixed in with season highlights. 

FIU season ticket promo: Are You Ready?

FIU just released their 2012 hype video entitled "Are You Ready".

You can bet that Mario Cristobal and his guys have been getting after it this off season and are ready to build on their 8-5 record last year. They open up at Duke before coming home to take on Terry Bowden and Akron.  

"Winning is a monster that never gets fed enough"

Really good video here from Randy Peterson of Hawk Central sitting down with Greg Davis one on one.

The interview is split up into three parts, but the most interesting clip is the one below. Davis talks about the environment at Kinnick, and how to deal with critics, as well as one thing about the coaching profession that he learned as a young coach at a coaching clinic from Tom Osborne.

"He said, obviously you didn't get into the business for money, and if you got into the business to win...you go into the wrong business because your never going to win enough."

"The only way that sustains you in the business is your love of the game and the people that coach it and that play it."

"...and he's exactly right. It's a monster that never gets fed enough."

The article also has an interesting lesson on cowboy boots that linebackers coach LeVar Woods learned from Davis while on the road recruiting in Texas.

New Arkansas uni's

The rumor of new Arkansas uniforms has prompted prototypes to circulate the web over the past few weeks, but last night a picture of running back Knile Davis and receiver Cobi Hamilton sporting the new threads leaked on Davis' Instagram account.

The new uniforms appear to feature a number that fades from lighter at the top to darker at the bottom, much like Boise State's uniform numbers which fade in the opposite manner.

The official press conference for the uniform unveiling is scheduled for tomorrow at 10 CST. Over the past few weeks, there have been pictures circulating of an alternate black uniform, with a design very similar to those pictured below that has excited the fan base. We'll keep you posted.


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