Appalachian State gets new uniforms

Appalachian State unveiled Nike Pro Combat alternate uniform last night that they'll wear for their match up against Coastal Carolina on September 29th.

The new helmet features a vintage logo of their mascot "Yosef" on each side as well as on the sleeves of the uniforms.

After the game fans will be able to bid on, and purchase the uniforms through an online auction. The new helmets will also be auctioned off.

Take a look.


Delany wanted authority to hire coaches as well

Just when you thought yesterday's news that Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany is seeking authority to fire coaches couldn't get any stranger.....

Brad Wolverton of The Chronicle of Higher Education dropped this bomb, "he [Delany] thought it would be 'useful' if he had the authority to make hiring, firing, and evaluation decisions involving football and men's basketball coaches."

Wait, wait, wait. Did we all just read that right? Delany also wanted the authority to hire coaches for schools.  What? This is incomprehensible.  

You simply have to read Wolverton's article for yourself.

Dabo: "A hungry cat hunts best"

There's no doubt that Clemson is hungry to get back out on the field after how last season ended, but according to Dabo Swinney, they're focused on this years team and not what happened in the Orange Bowl to last years squad.

“We said that back in the spring, we weren’t going to focus on what happened before. It’s about this team.”

“There’s got to be that sense of hunger. We always talk about the hungry cat hunts best."

"How hungry are these guys? All indications from the way they worked in the spring and this summer, they’re on a mission. That’s what you want from your leaders.” Dabo told the Associated Press.

The good news is the entire offensive staff remains intact from last season, and they also added Brent Venables in the offseason to direct things on the defensive side of the ball. The Tigers are returning some serious firepower on an offense that ranked in the top 26 in total offense (#26 - 440.8 ypg), passing offense (#21 - 282 ypg), and scoring offense (#24 - 34 ppg).

All of those factors combined could prove to be the makings of an awfully hungry cat.


How to measure a productive quarterback

According to Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman, there's no simpler way to gage a quarterback's productivity than to take a look at the numbers.

Working with a young quarterback, Herman is focused on two numbers in particular, turnovers and completion percentage.

"For us, the protection of the football and managing the game is really big."

"Obviously a lot of that comes down to completion percentage when you talk about managing the game, so those two are the biggest things if you are evaluating whether or not a guy had a great Saturday." Herman explained.

But as Herman explains, all that is relative, as long as the quarterback is able to manage the game.

"Obviously in the turnovers, you know, he can't turn the ball over, whether it's interceptions or fumbles, that's probably the biggest thing. If a kid throws the football 25 times a game throughout the course of a 12 or 14 game season...and this is pie in the sky...6 but he never threw an interception, you wouldn't have to look at completion percentage or touchdowns thrown or anything."

SEC media day quotes: Mark Richt

Mark Richt, the SEC's longest tenured coach, wrapped up SEC media day. Here's a few notes:

-On having 7 home games this season: "I love having 7 home games, I'd love to have 12 home games if we could."

-On the playoff system: "I think the 4-team playoff is going to be outstanding... It doesn't destroy the bowl system.

-On their teaching philosophy: "We teach em how to be better men at Georgia."

-On discipline: "People are human. People make mistakes. When they do, you discipline them...Some people have policies that bring things to light and some people don't"

-On if a conference commissioner should have the power to fire a coach: "Bottom line, we are in a business. I don't necessarily see a problem with that."



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