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Tulane's on campus stadium plans hit a snag

Tulane Football hired Curtis Johnson earlier this year and announced plans for a new on campus stadium. A lot of positive energy was happening uptown New Orleans for a program that has had a number of down years. 

Unfortunately, reports out of New Orleans say the plans for the stadium hit a snag today. 

Here's the short summary as we understand it. 

First, it would be a tremendous boost to the program if they were to be able to build a new stadium on campus; and it was our understanding that they had already received commitments for most of the money necessary to fund the new stadium. 

Fairly recently, the city council began considering a new motion that would make it more challenging for Tulane, or theoretically anyone else looking to build a stadium in a residential part of the city, to gain the necessary approvals to do so.  

There was a meeting today at which the University President, athletic administration, football and basketball staff and hundreds of local supports voiced their opposition to the proposed motion; but apparently their pleas were unsuccessful as the motion was passed 4-2.

Hard for us to tell if this effectively kills the project or simply delays it; but here's part of what WWLTV.com reported:

The ordinance prohibits "the construction or expansion to existing structures of any building or facility within college and university campuses that will result in a building or facility in excess of 250,000 square feet of gross floor area and will cover a footprint of more than 50,000 square feet within any residential zoning district..."

After the vote, Tulane President Scott Cowen called this "another hurdle"; but Todd Graffagnini, the "Voice of Tulane Athletics" (and a very good guy) went off on twitter saying, "embarrassed and ashamed to be a New Orleanian today" and "My blood is literally starting to boil right now."

Clearly a setback for Tulane and new head coach Curtis Johnson. Hopefully, just a speed bump though, they need this. 


Inside Scoop: Ron Roberts - Eval meetings & Summer plans

Southeastern Louisiana head coach Ron Roberts joins us today. Roberts shares his thoughts on how he handles end of Spring evaluation meetings with his players and talks about some of the staffs plans to visit with some NFL staffs and other college staffs this Summer. 


UW Whitewater: The making of a Champion

Great video here from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater highlighting their journey as they captured their third straight Stagg Bowl (and fourth in five years) over Mount Union 13-10 last season.

This is a team that currently has the longest winning streak of any division at 45 games, with no sign of slowing down. Lance Leipold and the staff up there have done an outstanding job and this video does a great job of capturing their journey.

Some really good content from the coaching staff and players throughout the clip.

Cribs Tour: Ole Miss indoor facility

Ole Miss just released another video in their Rebel Life series. This one focuses on their indoor facility. 

A couple current players lead the tour and cover every inch of the facility including their meeting rooms, the training room, Hugh Freeze's office, as well as the locker room and equipment room to show off their gear. Very good inside look at the program. 


Jerry Kill wins quote of the month

Jerry Kill shared his approach on living life to its fullest during a visit to Richfield High School yesterday.

His message had an old school, common sense theme that was handed down to him from his father. Kill hammered home the importance of surrounding yourself with good people with the following gem.

"Surround yourself with good people...My dad used to have the saying, 'You hang around with turds, you'll finish third.'"

We could't have possibly said it any better.

Mike Riley shares thoughts on his staff

Mike Riley and Oregon State added two assistants this off season in secondary coach Rod Perry and graduate assistant linebackers coach Trent Bray, and Riley praises each after their spring game and talks about what they bring to the table.

Riley says the great thing about having Perry on staff is that he's seen every type of system and coverage ever ran (24 seasons coaching in the NFL has that kind of advantage). "Tony Dungy called him one of the best secondary teachers he has ever been around" Riley added.

Trent Bray returned to his alma mater as a graduate assistant after working his way from a grad assistant to a full time role as the linebackers coach at Arizona State from 2009-2011.

Riley says Bray is a great coach already at a young age, and he's focusing on all the right things. "A lot of guys get into this profession and they like it because they get a car and a nice office and all that. But guys that like football and like studying and like to learn to teach it better and better, those are the real coaches, and that's what Trent is."

Inside Scoop: Pete Golding - On leaving his alma mater

Pete Golding, Southeastern Louisiana's defensive coordinator describes initially being torn between staying at Delta State and coming down to Southeastern. 

He also tells us about how their staff has embraced twitter...and he let's it slip that today is Karl Scott's birthday!

As our birthday gift to Coach Scott, we'll once again show off one of our favorite videos of the year. Enjoy!

"Positive Vibe" at West Virginia

The partnership between Oliver Luck and Dana Holgorsen at West Virginia has been very strong in their first full year together. The Mountaineers are bracing for the move to the Big 12 after wrapping up the Big East title last year with a successful 10-3 campaign (including the 70-33 drubbing of Clemson in the Orange Bowl).

According to a recent article by Andy Staples of SI, Holgorsen spends his time focusing on two things, practices and meetings. The rest he feels more than comfortable leaving to Luck.

"He understands football. He understands what you need to be successful. There is a lot of stuff I don't have to worry about because he's already taken care of it. He lets me do my job. Oliver worries about stadium upgrades, suites, club levels, parking, seating. I don't even get in the middle of it." 

The transition to the Big 12 brings welcomes some familiar territory for Holgo, and he has shared insight on the logistics after the move with Luck. "Dana is so familiar with it. He tells me, 'When you go to Ames, this is the only hotel you can stay in. When you go to Stillwater, you do this.'" That's kind of info has got to be invaluable when heading into unfamiliar territory.

Luck has noticed that the players are also looking forward to the change in scenery. 

"The last couple of months, there has just been a really nice attitude. Kids are smiling. I know from going through spring ball many times that you're not always smiling. There seems to be a real positive vibe. Part of that is the new challenge of the Big 12. Part of that is Dana being in control" he explained.

The hiring of Holgorsen, approval to sell beer at home games, and the move to the Big 12...it's remarkable what Luck has been able to accomplish in just under two years.