LA Tech O-Line "Sexy and I know it"

Kids will be kids.

Can you even imagine the look on Sonny Dykes' face when he saw this? 

Our thinking is this is just a mind game...imagine a critical 4th and 2 late in the game. The big guys walk up to the line, begin to get in their stance...and then break out some of these moves. Illinois' d-line will crack up...LA Tech gets set, quick count...easy first down. Brilliant move, Sonny, brilliant move. 

Louisiana Tech (2-0) plays at Illinois (2-1) Saturday night at 8pm ET. 

In an unrelated note, did you see North Texas' linemen do "Call Me Maybe"? 

Intro video at Auburn

Here's the intro video that Auburn shows as the team takes the field at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Overall, it's a well done, high energy clip.

This week, Auburn takes on LSU at home. The game can be seen on ESPN at 7pm ET.

Herman: "I'm seeing defenses I've never dreamt of"

Through their first three games against Miami (OH), Central Florida and California, Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman says that he saw defensive coverages and alignments that he'd never seen before.

I’ve seen defenses in the last three weeks that I never dreamt of in my mind to try and stop the QB from trying to run the football.”

“It’s an interesting quandary to be in when you have such a dynamic runner back there, that defensive coverages tend to be completely skewed opposed to what you grew up knowing.”

Urban Meyer noted that the defenses that they study on film all week are completely different come Saturday afternoon, but he doesn't expect that trend to carry over once they start Big Ten play next weekend.

“All three defenses we’ve faced have been (unique). We didn’t practice what they played because we didn’t know. So that tells you what they’ve been doing all offseason working on this one game.”

“It’s harder as the season progresses for a team to do that, because they can’t just say, ‘We’re working on Ohio State,’ because they have some previous games. So after this game, we’ll see usually what we see, and that is what teams play, because you can’t change defenses in the middle of the year normally.” Meyer explained. 

Plenty of quality content here from Tom Herman in the clip, including his thoughts (at the beginning of the clip) on the different defenses they've encountered and adjustments that the offensive staff has had to make during game day.

Penn State added some hardware in the meeting room to focus on turnovers

Picture this. Walking into the defensive meeting room at Penn State you'll now notice a football sticking out of the wall on a stand, which is connected to a spring

Defensive coordinator Ted Roof added the contraption to the meeting room as a way to subconsciously work on turnovers while in the meeting room.

"All the players and all the coaches hit at it so it’s just kind of subconscious just that it’s in your mind anytime you see a ball that you should be ripping at it." Penn State linebacker Michael Mauti explained, noting that it's just one of the many things that they do to emphasize turnovers.

That's an interesting concept, and it's seen results early on.

In the past two games (against Virginia and Navy), the Nittany Lion defense has forced an impressive 8 turnovers, and Bill O'Brien is pleased with how their drill work has shown up on the game field.

"We work on tip drills, interception drills, strip drills, strip sack drills. We’ve been really fortunate that our players have done a great job of going out on the field and actually taking the drill work to the game field which is fun to see."

"It’s really a matter of effort and these guys are giving fantastic effort and that’s really what has stuck with me over the last three games.” O'Brien noted.

Alabama staff visited the Saints see how they coach turnovers

Before the 2011 season, fresh off from a 10-3 season in 2010, Nick Saban and the Alabama staff wanted to see how other successful defensive staff's were coaching up turnovers.

Their research led them to New Orleans Saints practices.

“They either led the NFL or were close to it, so we went and visited them specifically to how do you coach turnovers,” Saban explained after forcing 5 turnovers against Arkansas.

“They not only get the ball out, but every time the ball hit the ground in practice, they had to pick it up and run it down the numbers.”

"We started doing that in practice. Even when it’s an incomplete pass in 7-on-7, guys pick the ball up and run it down the numbers.”

So far this season, Alabama is +11 in the turnover margin (tied for #1 nationally), gaining 12 turnovers while only giving up the ball once. This weekend, they take on Florida Atlantic at home.



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