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Arkansas has new uniforms

Survey: What really matters to recruits

Rivals did an interesting survey during their Top 100 Five-Star camp in Atlanta last weeked that provided some really good perspective from some of the top players in the country.

The players were polled on everything ranging from the best facilities and campus atmosphere to what head coaches are the most intimidating, the easiest to talk to, and the most persuasive. Recruits said the best facilities are found at Alabama, Texas, Georgia and Tennessee, and the best campus atmospheres can be found at Southern California followed closely by Texas and Alabama.

When recruits were asked about coaches, things got a little more interesting. Nick Saban was regarded as the most intimidating coach to talk to by a large margin. Saban received 30 votes while Lane Kiffin and Will Muschamp were the next closes with 5 and 4 votes each. 

Gene Chizik, Mack Brown, Lane Kiffin, and Steve Sarkisian were head coaches that were listed as the easiest to talk to and Chizik, James Franklin, and Kiffin were all guys that recruits viewed as the most persuasive.

Interestingly enough, 79% of recruits noted that their position coach factors into their decision much more than the head coach. The players noted the fact that their position coach will have a greater impact on their career both on and off the field, and they'll also spend much more time together compared to the head coach.

The original article, which can be found here, also asks players to weigh in on whether program tradition and uniform combinations really factor into their decision, as well as the top issues that they really consider when selecting a school.

Video: Navy 2012 trailer

Here's another well produced video by Navy, showcasing their unique game day environment with a heavy dose of highlights from last season.

Navy will open up 2012 on September 1st with an overseas game in Dublin, Ireland against Notre Dame.

Mumme: "If your somewhere you're not supposed to win..."

From Iowa Wesleyan...to Kentucky...and now at McMurry University Hal Mumme has made a living chucking the ball all over the place. But in a recent interview with Spencer Hall he shared his philosophy on if he were to venture over to the opposite end of the spectrum.

Mumme says that if he were going to run the ball, he'd go with Paul Johnson's philosophy because he's an "all-or-nothing" kind of guy.

"I love watching all those teams that do that: Georgia Tech, Army, Navy, all of them. I might not be the best guy to ask that, since I have this mentality that if you're at a place that isn't supposed to win, you have to live on the edge or you'll have no chance of winning. If you do something in the extreme, and you do it really, really well, and you rep it all the time and that's what you do well, when teams play you they're going to have to play in the extreme. And you're good at it because you do it all the time, and they only practice it for that one game."

"You may not have the physical advantage, but you have the mental advantage going into a game. You never think you're out of it. That's always been my philosophy. Because you're so good at the extreme, one or two times a year you can go to the opposite because people overplay it so much. One or two times a year, we have a really good game rushing the football. One or two times a year, Georgia Tech will have a really big day throwing the football. It doesn't happen a lot, it happens when people give it to you. That's the way I like playing."

Since being diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2008, Mumme's coaching schedule has been a little different. Last season, starting with two a days and stretching through the regular season, Mumme went directly from practice to the hospital for radiation treatment a total of 38 times. The original article does a good job explaining the changes that Mumme has had to make in order successfully juggle his treatments and his responsibilities as head coach and offensive coordinator.

Iowa's throwback uniforms

Tom Dienhart of the Big Ten Network just tweeted a picture of the throwback uniforms that Iowa will apparently wear when Iowa State travels to Kinnick Stadium for their September 8th match up.

This one is definitely one of the more interesting uniform change ups we've seen for 2012.


SEC BeachFest (you'll want to see this)

Starting Saturday August 23rd and stretching through Tuesday the 26th, the SEC, partnered with Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism, is hosting a beach party featuring numerous activities as well as the likes of Les Miles, Nick Saban, and Gene Chizik.

The event features a golf scramble, concert, 5k walk / run, as well as an area entitled "FanFare" where visitors will be able listen to life lessons and take part in games under the watchful eye of legendary SEC coaches like Phil Fulmer, Vince Dooley, and Gene Stallings.

Bryan Fischer of CBSSports.com had an idea (see below) to add to the SEC's planned activities that would certainly help increase attendance.

What Butch Jones learned visiting NFL teams

When you rack up three Big East titles in the past four years and four ten win seasons in the past five years sometimes a sense of complacency can start to creep in...but Butch Jones and Cincinnati certainly don't fit in that category.

This off season Jones has traveled to numerous NFL facilities (including the Bengals and Dolphins) to take a closer look at the differences between the two levels and what him and his staff may be able to tweak. "You can always take something from everyone and every place that you go. You always try to bring little things back. You always try to gain an edge, you always try to gain an inch in your development."

"Even though there's differences, there's a lot more similarities than differences. At the end of the day it's all about teamwork, it's about people doing their job, it's about execution. It's about playing hard. It's getting to have each individual on your team, whether it's 12 individuals or 105 individuals, to play to the best of their God-given ability and to get the most out of them. The competitive factor that goes into it, the motivation that goes into it. We covered all those things from A to Z. it's been great for me to sit and watch everything happen over the course of the playoffs."

After going 4-8 in 2010 and returning a lot of guys that faced adversity during that season, the Bearcats put together a 10-3 season last year. At the end of the day, Jones and the staff knew that staying the course would get them back on track. 

"You got to stay the course. You tweak things based on your personnel, but your fundamental values, the standards, the expectations, the formula for winning never change. Looking back on it we had a team that was very immature, inexperienced and we had a lot of players that had to step up and fill some very big shoes. Lot of times laying a foundation is very tough to do, but once you get that solid foundation, then things take off."


Fundraising idea: "Legacy Game"

T.R. Miller high school is one of the most successful programs in the state of Alabama. Despite being comprised of only around 300 students, Miller has the most wins of any high school in the state (regardless of classification) and an impressive 6 state titles.

To pay homage to their rich history, head coach Jamie Riggs and his staff put together a fundraising idea called the "Legacy Game" where former players are invited back for a reunion during a game, and members of the community will have the opportunity to buy a jersey and number, with the name on the back, to be worn by a current player during the game.

Players were given pledge cards and were asked to find supporters who would donate $25 or more to become "Jersey Backers" in order to get the honored players name on the back of the uniform. The goal is to have $200 collected for each jersey.

At the end of the Legacy Game, players will give the jersey to the former player of family that he honored. Those players and families will also be noted in the game day roster.

In the video below, Coach Riggs does a great job of explaining the project, and more on the logistics and timeline of the idea can be found here.

Video: See the Fargodome turf go down

Piece by piece, starting with the logos, the turf at the Fargodome is currently being laid down.

Interesting video below of the lettering and logos going down. With the prefabricated hashes, lines, numbers, and end zone lettering, the rest of the field should be down by Thursday morning and look like a finished product.