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SEC media day quotes: Gene Chizik

A handful of media day quotes from Gene Chizik.

-Chizik opened things up by thanking fans and the media for support for victims following the Auburn shooting.

-On the new playoff format: "It was well thought out and it's going to bring a lot of excitement...Really a fine job."

-On opening up with Clemson: "We have big time games like that all the time. It's a great opening game and we are looking forward to it."

-On the criticism of Texas A&M and Missouri are hearing coming into the new conference: "I don't think a lot of people are giving Texas A&M and Missouri near the credit they deserve. These are two dang good teams with dang good coaches."

-"Missouri and Texas A&M aren't coming to the SEC with their hat in their hand. They're coming here to compete and you can bank on it."

-Chizik notes that the Senior class has averaged 10 wins a year.




Retired coaches will not be on playoff selection committee

According to freelance journalist Ray Glier, who writes for USA Today, The New York Times,  and Boston Globe (amongst others), we will not see retired coaches involved in a playoff selection process.

A little while ago, Glier (@RayGlier) tweeted:

"Retired coaches are out as members of the selection committee for college football playoff. Each conference will submit a nominee."

So according to Ray, coaches are out. 

SEC media day quotes: Joker Phillips

A few quick hitters from Joker Phillips' time at the podium during SEC media day:

-Joker opened up talking about their recruiting strategy and how they mirror the same philosophy that he used under Glen Mason at Minnesota: "Take long, lean athletes, bring them into your program an watch them grow."

-On if being in the shadow of the basketball program helps or hurts in recruiting: "I’m selling our basketball program. I would be crazy to try to fight that...We wanna hitch our wagon to our basketball program."

-Phillips added that John Calipari is more than willing to help out in any way that he can. That includes opening their locker room recruits for big games and talking to recruits and their families a half hour before tip off, and last week calling Joker to talk to a football recruit that on speaker phone five minutes before the Dominican national team that he's coaching took the floor.

-On handling the possibility of being on the "hot seat": "I’m not sitting down right now so there’s nothing hot."

SEC media day quotes: John L. Smith

A few notes from John L. Smith below.

-On the goal for the season: "Our goal is to win in Miami. Our goal is to win a national championship."

-On his reception upon returning to Arkansas as head coach: "I had to wipe tears away because of the reception I got."

-On the senior class: "The energy around the players has been exceptional. Our senior class is exceptional. They took the little adversity they had, came together and said 'We are going to be better because of it.'"

-On if he want's to be the Arkansas coach beyond this year: "Well sure. Do I look stupid? Don't answer that."

-On the addition of Missouri to the conference: "It's a natural geographical rival for us. I see that developing into a big rivalry for us and hopefully for Missouri."

-On his growth as a coach since his head coaching stint at Michigan State: "I've grown as a coach. I try not to take anything for granted."

SEC media day quotes: Dan Mullen

A few notable quotes below from Dan Mullen during his SEC presser.

-On first conference opponent Auburn: "That first conference game is critical. That first conference game really sets the tone, no matter who you are playing. You are looking at a two-game swing with that one game. It's huge for us to find a way to win that first game and put ourselves in position, hopefully, to make a run at an SEC championship."

-Mullen was asked about his favorite Mississippi State billboard that he's seen, and he answers by referencing the one that pictures three Miss Mississippi's ringing cow bells above their heads.

-On the atmosphere in Starkville: "Starkville is one of the best college towns in the country."

-On the importance of bowl games: "Winning a bowl is a great educational opportunity. I hope we don't lose any of the traditions and what makes college football special."

-On new uniforms: "If having new uniforms makes us play harder, I'm all in. Whatever gets our kids to play hard."

-On struggling against the top teams in th SEC West division: "We've had the opportunity to beat every one of those teams. The big difference is we have to make those game-winning plays. Three of those teams have won the national championship."

-On the progress they have made as a program: "We're not very far off from a national title."

-Mullen hopes to "win a lot early" because the end of their schedule includes a rough stretch against Alabama, Texas A&M, LSU, Arkansas and Ole Miss.





Texas Tech 2012 Trailer

Texas Tech throws their hat in the ring for the best trailer of the year.

Good video.

SEC media day quotes: Will Muschamp

Will Muschamp starts off today's round of coaches at day 2 of SEC media day.

-On offensive coordinator Brent Pease: "He's a guy that has been on my radar for a while, he brings a lot to the table"

-On what will be different offensively: "Well, we'd better score some more points."

-On finishing near the bottom of the country (113th) in turnover margin: "It's a minor miracle we won seven games."

-On Missouri's offense: "Offensively they're exotic. They're a tough preparation for your defense."

-While at Texas, Mack Brown told Muschamp that every job is different, and has its own circumstances and shared the following advice: "You've got to work yourself into the job when you get there."

-Muschamp noted that Texas A&M ran an impressive 106 plays in their spring game.

-On their recruiting base at Florida: "You've got a great recruiting base. Within a 300-mile radius, you can win your league."

-On not banning players from using Twitter: "Freedom of speech is one of the great things we have."





Behind the scenes video: SEC Media Day for Kevin Sumlin

Ever wonder what it's like to experience your first SEC Media Day as a head coach?

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