Teach your players to stay on the sideline until the final whistle

A crazy finish in a D-III game over the weekend provides a reminder to coaches everywhere to ensure that your players stay inside of the sideline box and don't rush the field prior to the final buzzer sounding. The clip above includes the entire game, so skip to the 2:24:20 mark to see the last few moments of the game.

Saturday, Concordia-Moorehead (MN) was beating Bethel (MN) 14-7, and with Bethel driving down the field to tie the game, their quarterback drops back to pass, and gets hit from behind. The ball flutters to the turf and a Concordia defensive lineman scoops the ball up and runs up his sideline to score (note: if he falls on it they win; but it's hard to blame the big guy for wanting to scoop and score...another coaching point).

The issue was that during the return, the defensive lineman had to dodge some of his own players that had stormed the field thinking that the fumble was instead an incomplete pass. No whistle had been blown to call the play dead. As a result, a flag was thrown during the return, giving Bethel one last shot at the end zone from inside of the ten yard line with no time remaining.

Bethel goes on to throw a back shoulder fade to get within one point, and then decides to go for two for the win...and ends up getting it 15-14. The loss is the first for Concordia-Moorehead, who had won their previous four games all by double digit margins.

As Deadspin points out, credit the Bethel coaching staff for taking advantage of the shock and confusion after the big swing in momentum and deciding to go for two and the win.

In the excitement of the game sometimes your players forget their surroundings and just react. This is a great example of the importance of keeping players corralled on the sideline until the final buzzer sounds.

Reminder: Using chewing tobacco on the sidelines is illegal

The NCAA bans the use of tobacco products for coaches, officials and student athletes during all sports practices and competition. Student athletes can be disqualified for the remainder of the game if caught using a tobacco product.

A USA Today article caught our attention this weekend after they noticed Illinois head coach Tim Beckman using chewing tobacco during their game Saturday. 

Illinois has announced it will report a secondary violation to the NCAA for this. 

Asked about the incident after their 31-14 loss to Wisconsin, Beckman told reporters it's a bad habit of his.

"That's a bad habit of mine. I apologize for that. I guess it's the stress, but there's no excuse for that and that'll be stopped. It shouldn't have been done.'' he explained.

Just a reminder guys...

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Top FBS plays of the weekend

Saturday was full of big plays in some big time games.

Here's a quick look at the top plays from around the country during Saturday's action, courtesy of ESPN.

These teams are winning despite a tough schedule

Only two teams ranked in the top 10 in strength of schedule have winning records.

1. Washington (3-2, 1-1)
2. California (2-4, 1-2)
3. Vanderbilt (2-3, 1-2)
4. Auburn (1-4, 0-3)
5. Kentucky (1-5, 0-3)
6. Utah (2-3, 0-2)
7. Arkansas (2-4, 1-2)
8. Missouri (3-3, 0-3)
9. Arizona (3-3, 0-3) 
10. Michigan (3-2, 1-0)

After opening up with a loss to Alabama, and then losing to a tough Notre Dame squad a few weeks later, Brady Hoke and Michigan are sitting at 3-2 with the nation's 10th toughest schedule. Only one team on their remaining schedule, Illinois (who they'll face this weekend), has a losing record. The combined record of the opponents remaining on their schedule is 26-12.

Steve Sarkisian's Huskies have played and lost at LSU and at Oregon and recorded a huge home win against Stanford at the end of last month. The Huskies are sitting at 3-2 with the toughest schedule in the country, and their next three games are against USC, Arizona and Oregon State who are a combined 11-4 (with three of those losses belonging to Arizona). 

Just outside of the top ten in strength of schedule are Will Muschamp and the Gators (11th), who are sitting at 5-0 after road wins at Texas A&M and Tennessee, and their most recent win against LSU in The Swamp. They'll travel to Nashville to face Vanderbilt on Saturday and then have back to back games against South Carolina (home) and Georgia (neutral site).

Oregon State (4-0) and Notre Dame (5-0) are the only other undefeated teams with a top 25 strength of schedule. The Beavers are ranked 15th and the Irish are ranked 21st.

The 49ers offensive staff made NFL history last night

Jim Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Greg Roman helped put together an impressive offensive outing yesterday against the Buffalo Bills.

For the first time in NFL history a team went over the 300 mark in both passing and rushing. The Niners rushed for 311 yards and threw for 310 yards.

Now that's what you call balanced.

The 621 yards was a franchise record and included a 300 yard passer, a 100 yard rusher and two 100 yard receivers for the first time since 1961. The star studded teams of the 80's and 90's never put together a game quite like the Niners did last night.

Former Heisman winner finalist Alex Smith, who was part of some big offensive games during his college days at Utah, called the 45-3 rout "The best offensive performance that I've ever been a part of."

Next week the 49ers take on the Giants, the team that dashed their Super Bowl aspirations last season. But if Greg Roman and Jim Harbaugh keep putting together offensive game plans and getting their guys to execute like they did last night, they're going to be tough to beat.

Over the past two weeks, the Niners have outscored their opponents 79-3.





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