Holtz: We're using the bye week to reward production and effort

After dropping their last four games after a 2-0 start, Skip Holtz and the South Florida are looking to breath some new life into their depth chart for next weeks match up with Louisville.

During this bye week of practice, Holtz explained that they're giving some fresh faces an opportunity to compete for starting jobs.

Holtz noted that when you win there aren't a whole lot of guys that can argue about their playing time, but when you're not winning there are always players who feel like they can help the team, so this week has allowed the staff to evaluate all of that with scrimmage reps.

"We've graded every scrimmage rep that we've had this week. Seventy five plays a day, about 225 scrimmage reps we've had these last three days, we've graded every play and we've moved the depth chart accordingly."

"We're not going to reward talent, we're not going to reward experience, we're going to reward productivity and effort so the depth chart has bounced around an awful lot today." Holtz explained.

Holtz noted that once the season starts it's hard to get in quality evaluations during a practice because your preparing your ones and twos for game time, but the bye week has allowed them to do some evaluating .

"Once the season starts, it's hard to have tryouts because once the season starts you're rolling two teams and trying to get your ones ready and your twos ready to back up." Holtz said. "It's not really the time to say 'Okay, lets have open tryouts', but that has been refreshing this week to be able to get back to that.

Here's the video Oregon State watched before the Wazzu game

Here's a look at the highlight video that the Oregon State staff showed the team before taking the field against Washington State last weekend.

The 38-35 win that is highlighted in the video was Mike Riley's 75th win at Oregon State (4-0, 3-0), making him the winningest coach in school history.

The video is very well produced and definitely had the Beavers ready to play, as the defense held Mike Leach and Washington State to just over 225 yards of total offense (including just 20 yards rushing), while they rolled up 370 yards of total offense themselves.

The Beavers will take on BYU (4-2) tomorrow at 3:30pm ET on ABC.

Chip Kelly: "Missed tackles are a personnel issue"

Chip Kelly got on Sirius XM's College Sports Nation today and was asked about the issue of missed tackles in college football.

Numerous defensive coaches around the country have noted missed tackles during their post game press conferences as part of the reason for losses.

Kelly explains that teams that aren't as good defensively can blame it on tackling, but he see's it differently. He sees missed tackles as a personnel issue.

"I don't think there's anybody in the country, no matter where you are, that says 'Ya know, tackling, lets not worry about that today...lets not do it." Kelly said.

"I think that the teams that don't tackle well just don't have as good of players as the teams that tackle well. It still comes down to a personnel game. I don't think there's a college coach, or a high school coach or a pro coach in the country that doesn't work on tackling."

"It's like saying on offense, 'Well they don't block very well so they must not work on blocking'. I think every offensive line coach is doing chutes and boards every day in their individual drills and I think every college coach in their individual drills is doing tackling."

"I think that there are a lot of athleticism on the offensive side of the ball," Kelly explained. "Sometimes, maybe the credit should go to the offensive players who are pretty good at making people miss. I think everybody works on it, it's a fundamental. I think it just comes down to a personnel thing"

Kelly explains that a lot of the issues have to do with the formations being stretched sideline to sideline instead of playing with nine guys in the box where it would be much easier to tackle. He notes that when players are stretched sideline to sideline, many individual match ups get exposed.

O'Brien explains how the staff is meshing in year one

When the season began, there weren't very many people that would have predicted the success that Penn State (4-2, 2-0) has had through their first six games.

With everything that has happened over the past eight months at Penn State, in an "us against the world" kind of environment, it's important to have a staff with great chemistry to help refocus the energy around campus, and nationally, in a constructive manner.

After yesterday's bye week practice, Bill O'Brien was asked about a few members of his staff and how they've all been getting along in their first season together.

When O'Brien first started to formulate his staff, Mac McWhorter was one guy that was out of football that he knew that he wanted to bring in to be a part of the Nittany Lions new identity.

O'Brien says that getting McWhorter, who served as the offensive line coach and eventually the associate head coach on Mack Brown's staff from 2002-2010, to Happy Valley was somewhat of a recruiting job because McWhorter had been enjoying the retired life in Georgia. But for McWhorter, it ultimately came down to Penn State being a special place with special players in a unique setting.

Coach O'Brien was also asked about his relationship with secondary coach John Butler, and director of strength and conditioning Craig Fitzgerald (who both attended the same high school in Philadelphia) and explained that since the two are both Philadelphia guys and he's a Boston guy, they get a kick out of razzing each other quite often. O'Brien also refers to Butler and Fitzgerald as "bosom buddies" (head to the 7:25 mark of the video to hear it).

Hear more from Bill O'Brien after yesterday's practice in the clip, including how he uses his NFL experience to recruit, and how an NFL bye week differs from a bye week at the college level.

Next week Penn State (4-2, 2-0) gets back on the field against Iowa (3-2, 1-0).

Arizona State brings an impressive stat into game tonight

Arizona State (4-1, 2-0) takes on Pac 12 opponent Colorado (1-4, 1-1) tonight at 9pm ET on ESPN.

Coming into the game, the Sun Devils scoring offense has gotten a lot of attention. They opened up the season by putting up 63 points on Northern Arizona, followed by 45 points against Illinois for a combined 108 points in a two game stretch. Impressive for a first year coaching staff.

However, we noticed an interesting note this morning that Arizona State's defense should be getting some love too. They rank 3rd nationally in sacks (4 per game) and 2nd nationally in tackles for loss (9.8 per game), including a 10 TFL performance against Cal.

Of the 343 snaps that the defense has been on the field for, 66 of them have resulted in no gain or a loss of yardage. That's an impressive 19% of all plays where the Sun Devils have stifled opponents at, or behind the line of scrimmage. If you include incomplete passes, that number increases to 39% of all plays that have not resulted in positive yardage.

Tonight, the aggressive Arizona State defense will be going against a Colorado offense that is giving up over 4 sacks per game (119th nationally) and an offense that ranks 100th nationally in scoring (22 ppg) and total offense (342 ypg). Colorado has played 13 true freshman this season (tied for 5th nationally), and has had 14 first time starters (also tied for 5th nationally).

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