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Saban to Julio Jones: We're going to win with or without you

When Julio Jones was coming out of high school in Alabama, he was one of the most sought after recruits in the country.

Normally to land one of the nation's highest ranked players your going to pull out all the stops. Send him 105 hand written letters in one day or fly to his game in a helicopter, or maybe address the recruit via a personal video when your out of town for a speaking engagement.

When you recruit high profile kids year after year like Nick Saban does, you have a knack for knowing how they'll respond to different tactics. Which is exactly what he did with Julio Jones, as Jones told the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

"One of the reasons I liked Alabama was when I went to visit coach Saban, he said, ‘Well you know, we want you here. But we’re going to win with you or without you.’ I was like, that’s me. I just want to win. I don’t like stuff just given to me.”

Even as a highly touted recruit, Jones didn't relish the spotlight like so many receivers before him, and Saban recognized that and utilized it in his recruiting pitch.

"I really don’t care about the spotlight. That’s why going to a place like Alabama was good for me. When you put your pads on, you wouldn’t know who’s a walk-on and who’s a scholarship player.”

Herman: "Marotti is the best strength coach in America"

When Urban Meyer was hired down in Columbus, one of his first personnel moves was to bring on Mickey Marotti as the director of strength and conditioning.

After giving Marotti a full summer to work with the players, offensive coordinator Tom Herman has noticed a huge difference in the players size, speed, strength, and discipline and had plenty of praise for Marotti after yesterday's practice.

Relentless: Season 2

Last year Ohio University had a production crew create what wound up being an award winning series that followed the team's progress throughout the season. This is sideline, locker room, weight room, coaches' offices type stuff that most people never get to see (and that we all enjoy watching). 

The series "Relentless" turned out to be a huge success with their fanbase and with football fans across the country. 

Thankfully, their at it again, and tonight released episode 1 of season 2. This is movie quality stuff that you really have to see. Very well produced. Great investment by the university. 

Memphis' season hype video is good

Memphis' season hype video that they used at the Highland Hundred kickoff banquet was a good one.

Justin Fuente challenged fans in attendance to bring at least one friend to the home opener, saying "Maybe they used to be a fan and they haven't been recently. Maybe they have never been a fan. Maybe they went to another school, I don't care. If they live around here and they are friends with you, then they need to be friends with me."

Herb Hand proves he's more than just a dodgeball player

Vanderbilt offensive line coach might or might not be one of the better dodgeball players in the country; but he certainly can dance.

Head strength coach Dwight Galt gets in on the action as well. Impressive. 


43 starts up front ranks last in the Big 12

We saw a tweet from Jake Trotter, an ESPN writer out of Oklahoma, a while ago that had an interesting stat.

"Unreal stat via @Ivan_Maisel: OU's 43 returning starts on the o-line is now tied for last in the Big 12."

So the Sooners average 8.6 starts per position along their front five, and that's not even enough to crack at least the middle of the pack in the conference?

That's unreal. 

It's important to note that entering the season, the Sooners returned a combined 102 starts on the offensive line, but have since lost their center (Ben Habern - 30 Starts) and guard (Tyler Evans - 29 starts). With those two guys, they would have ranked seventh the among returning starts in the Big 12. So with those two injuries they lose 59 combined starts and are now tied for dead last in the conference.

Offensive line coach James Patton will be focused on getting some fresh faces ready to take on UTEP in El Paso before coming home to play Florida A&M. After that, they have a week off before entering conference play against Kansas State in Norman.

NCAA and pro sports file suit against NJ

The NCAA and MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL have filed a federal lawsuit against New Jersey state officials in an effort to stop sports gambling.

According to the NCAA website, a complaint was filed against the state officials in federal court that aims to stop the state from implementing sports betting on professional and collegiate contests.

"The leagues and the NCAA assert that the state’s recently announced decision to offer sports betting violates long-standing federal law.  The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (“PASPA”) became law in 1992 and prohibits states from operating a lottery or betting scheme based on pro or college games."

Apparently, back in 1993 a one year window of opportunity was provided for New Jersey to authorize sports betting, but the state declined that opportunity and has since been barred by federal law from participating in sports betting.

Graham and Rich Rod have a rich history

This fall won't be the first time that Rich Rod and Todd Graham face off against each other on opposite sidelines.

As Graham shares in the clip below, their paths have crossed (and at times joined) during each of their coaching journey's. Graham even notes that his no huddle option offense while he was at Allen HS (TX) was modeled after Rich Rod's attack.

Pretty neat story here.