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Baylor's latest social media win

Aside from any team goals, it appears Art Briles' largest priority for the 2014 season is getting Bryce Petty a Heisman Trophy, or at least getting him to New York for the ceremony. 

At Monday's Big 12 Media Days, Briles said that Petty's numbers were good enough to get him to New York, he just didn't have the requisite name recongition to garner an invitation. There's no denying Petty certainly had numbers worthy of a seat at the Downtown Athletic Club. The junior ranked second in the nation in passing efficiency - trailing only Jameis Winston, the man who took home the trophy - after completing 62 percent of his throws for 4,200 yards (10.4 yards per attempt) with a ridiculous 32-3 touchdown-to-interception ratio. Compare that with the 4,293 passing yards, the 10.7-yards per attempt average and the 37-6 touchdown-to-interception ratio of 2011 Heisman winner Robert Griffin III, and it appears Briles has a point.

Petty's advantage in 2014, Briles reasoned, is that his senior signical caller is now a known commodity. Walk into a Dairy Queen in Salem, Ore., said Briles, and the people there will know Bryce Petty.

Oregonian columnist John Canzano took Briles' word for it, and called all six Dairy Queen locations in Salem. None of them had heard of him.

"I've never heard of him," said one.

"I have no idea. I don't know," said another. 

Hear the whole thing for yourself:

So Baylor took it upon itself to educate the people of Salem on the quarterback of college football's most productive offense:

Very nice work by the Bears spinning a one-off comment into a piece of publicity. Social media was a key factor in winning Baylor its first Heisman, and the Bears are ready to give it a go again.

Have a look at Auburn's summer workouts

Good, short video here giving a look into the summer workout program at Auburn. 

Seven Lakes - Uniform reveal

The Seven Lakes football team in Katy, TX revealed new uniforms yesterday and was nice enough to send us a link to the video. 

Have to think the team was pretty juiced when they saw these for the first time. Good look.

Each NFL team will bring in at least $181 million by 2016 on TV alone

As it sits right now, the Big Ten Network is the measuring stick of major college conference TV deals. However, recent numbers that were brought to light regarding the NFL's television deals make the estimated $45 million per university in earnings from the new Big Ten Network TV deal look like chump change.

During 2013, the NFL distributed an impressive $131 million per team in TV money. According to the Sports Business Journal, each NFL team will get a 20% increase in national TV money this year compared to 2013, which shakes out to around an additional $27 million per club. The resulting increase is due to new TV contract figures for the league that begin next month.

The article goes on to explain that over the next two seasons the increases will total $23 million per club...minimally. So by 2014 the minimum amount that the NFL will distribute is $181 million per team...and that doesn't include a reworked DirecTV deal that's entering its final season. That reworked deal could push the total split per team well over the $200 million mark.

Think about that for a second. Between CBS, DirecTV, ESPN, NBC, Fox and CBS the NFL is raking in some serious coin.

Just to help put things in perspective, the Packers reported earlier this month that of their $187.7 million in revenue that they earned in the fiscal year ending at the end of March, $131 million of that money came from TV deals.

SEC Media Days had a great showing last week, and I'm certainly interested to see how the SEC Network benefits each university, but this is a great reminder that the NFL is still king. No doubt about it.

Read the full piece here. 

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