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Clemson: "We're the total package"
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Iowa State's intro is good

Iowa State put together an impressive video intro for last week's game.

Nice touch at the end there.

Big 12 reaches TV deal

The Big 12's Board of Directors has approved a 13 year deal with ABC / ESPN and Fox, worth an estimated $2.6 billion. The agreement stretches through 2025.

The conference and TV networks agreed in principle back in May, but all the finer details have now been ironed out.

Under the deal, the conference is expected to pocket about $200 million annually, with each school getting a share of about $20 million per year.

ESPN and Fox will have rights to air the games and ESPN will air more than 20 games per year, with at least 25 games being aired on national broadcasts and cable channels.

One interesting note in the deal is a "grant of right" clause that provides security for the ten members of the Big 12.

The clause states that if a Big 12 school leaves the league during the term of the contract, that school's media rights and revenue would remain with the Big 12 and not the new conference of the departed school.

Commissioner Bob Bowlsby described the clause as "a very public & business-oriented substantiation of the commitment that the ten institutions have privately" in the press conference announcing the deal.

Venables contrasts Ball State offense with Mike Leach's

Clemson takes on Ball State this weekend, and Brent Venables is impressed with the Cardinals offense after week 1.

Ball State is coming off a (37-26) win over MAC foe Eastern Michigan.

After breaking down film, Venables came away impressed with them schematically.

"They’re not just running plays and hoping they work. Mike Leach will run his seven routes, and that’s it. He’s going to run them over and over and make you be very precise in defending them. He doesn’t really care what you’re in and watches zero tape."

Venables noted that Cardinals offensive coordinator Rick Skrosky and the offensive staff are going to attack the defense with routes and schemes that are based on the coverage.

Against Eastern Michigan, Ball State recorded 36 first downs and racked up almost 600 yards of total offense, averaging around 6 yards per play both on the ground and in the in the air.

"Ball State cares what you’re in. This is a quarter-beater, this is a two-beater, this is a man-beater, and when you show pressure, we’re going to do this. You show two, we’re going to do that. And then they do it with high tempo. So it really forces you to be even more precise, and it forces them to have to execute, too.”

The Cardinals travel to Clemson and can be seen on ESPN3 or the ACC network at 12:30 on Saturday.


Arizona State intro video: Stomp the Bus

Pretty creative video there by Arizona State. 

Imagine watching that one on the big screen just before the team comes running onto the field. Yeah, we think the place would be loud too. 

How Paul Rhoads is preparing for the close confines of Kinnick Stadium

Paul Rhoads and Iowa State travel to Iowa on Saturday to take on their in state rival Hawkeyes. Rhoads spent the week brainstorming ways to simulate the close confines of Kinnick Stadium.

The close proximity to screaming Iowa fans while trying to make in game adjustments on the bench is pretty challenging for any staff, not to mention an in state rival.

Rhoads joked that he was pretty creative in order to simulate the environment during the week.

We bring strangers in off the street and let them stand there along sideline because that’s about what it’s like when you’re down there trying to make adjustments and changes.” 

Iowa and Iowa State will face off on the Big Ten Network tomorrow at 3:30. Both teams are coming in at 1-0.

Jim Schwartz: "We don't aspire to be balanced"

Ask coaches around the country, and there are a few different ways to be "balanced" on offense. Many coaches would describe it as being 50% run and 50% pass, while those from the Mike Leach school of thought would say that balance is spreading it around to all of the skill players on the field.

Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz told WXYT in Detroit that he doesn't aim for balance at all. Putting points on the board is most important to him offensively.

"We certainly don’t aspire to be balanced. We aspire to put the ball in the end zone."

"However that happens, you don’t get any more points for rushing it over than you do for passing it over. We try to judge ourselves on wins and losses and, on offense, on points that we’re putting on the board."

 "That being said, we have a lot of different parts on offense. I think it’s important that if an opponent tries to take away one part of our skill set on offense, that we have the ability to make them pay in another place, and run game is one of those areas.”



Cincinnati's intro video

Here's the video that the Bearcats enter Nippert Stadium to.

If the video doesn't get everyone excited enough by itself, Butch Jones' pregame speech should.

Brian Kelly: I want our guys to be more comfortable playing at home

Over the past few seasons, Brian Kelly noted that he doesn't believe that his guys have been completely comfortable playing in front of their home crowd in South Bend.

"I felt at times we ran into the stadium like we were running into the Basilica...or we were running to the Grotto. We're running into the football stadium, and I want our guys feeling comfortable in there."

In order to make the team more familiar with the game day environment, the Irish have moved their Thursday pre game practices from the LaBar practice complex to the stadium and will practice that way for the rest of the season.

"I want our guys to feel comfortable in the stadium, in the locker room, in the tunnel, on the field, on the sideline. When we run out there, I want some energy." Kelly explained.

"It almost seems like there's too much of a reverence there. It's Notre Dame Stadium. It's a football game, and let's have some energy. We talked about that today and we'll continue to beat that drum."

Notre Dame has their home opener Saturday against Purdue at 3:30 and can be seen on NBC.