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Motivational video from Ohio

Ohio (4-0) is on a roll so far this season, opening up with wins over Penn State, New Mexico State, Marshall, and Norfolk State. 

Before the Norfolk State game the team watched this video to get hyped up. These guys always do a great job with their videos.

As it currently sits, we noticed that the Bobcats will see only two teams with a winning record moving forward. At the end of the year they'll see Ball State (3-1) and Kent State (2-1) on the road in the middle of November. This weekend they'll head to UMass before having Buffalo (1-2) and Akron (1-3) at home in back to back weeks. Their schedule wraps up at Miami of Ohio (2-2), at home against Eastern Michigan (0-4), Bowling Green (1-3), and then wrapping things up against Ball State and Kent State on the road in back to back weeks.

The Scoop on stats - Week 4

With week 4 of college football in the books, we took a look at some interesting stats and storylines worth noting so far this season.


- Louisiana-Monroe (1-2) and Wake Forest (3-1) are the only teams in the country without a made field goal.

- Through four games, Marshall has more plays (88) of 10+ yards than any other program in the country (Oregon is 2nd with 87). Georgia, UCLA and Nebraska have more plays of 20+ yards than anyone else. If anyone had that as a parlay before the season...

- Tulane has rushed for 29 yards through 3 games (an average of just under 10 yards per game) and just .39 yards per carry. Washington State has the second worst average rushing yards per game at 59. 

- If you didn't see our note earlier, Notre Dame intercepted 5 straight Michigan pass attempts. Also during the Notre Dame - Michigan match up there were 21 total passes attempted, 6 resulted in interceptions and there were only 8 completions.

- Willie Taggart and Western Kentucky have won 10 of their last 12 games. Their only two losses during that span have been to LSU and Alabama.

- Oklahoma State is the only team in the nation averaging more than 600 yards per game. They're actually much closer to the 700 yard mark (687 yards per game).

- Four teams are in the negative for punt return yardage; Florida Atlantic (-3), UTSA (-7), Massachusetts (-8) and Louisiana Tech (-20). Of those teams, only Louisiana Tech has a winning record at 3-0.

- UTSA (who is 4-0) leads the nation in turnover margin at 3.5 per game. On the flip side, Arkansas is dead last giving the ball up 2.5 times per contest. 

- Mississippi State has 9 interceptions, which ranks #1 nationally. Fresno State is close behind them with 8 interceptions, 4 of which have been returned for touchdowns (the 4 interception returns for touchdowns lead the country).

 - Oklahoma State, Air Force, UTSA and Middle Tennessee are now the teams to have not allowed a single sack so far this season. How long can they keep it up?

- The best third down defense belongs to Oregon State who is allowing their opponents to convert on only 14% of their third down attempts (4 for 29).

- Houston punter Richard Leone is averaging 48.8 yards per punt (first nationally). 9 of his 19 punts have traveled over 50 yards.

- Only one player, Nevada running back Stefphon Jefferson, has accounted for double digit touchdowns for his team (12). Jefferson is also third in the country in all purpose yardage (196.5 per game).

- Rice linebacker Cameron Nwosu has blocked 3 punts / kick attempts this season already (#1 nationally). The leader in that category in 2011, Kansas State defensive lineman Raphael Guidry, had 5 on the entire year.

- Three of the top five teams in passes defended are from the Pac 12 (#1 Arizona, tied for #2 Oregon, tied for #4 UCLA). The other two are Big Ten schools (tied for #2 Ohio State, tied for #4 Wisconsin).

- The top ten teams in time of possession are a combined 22-12. Four of those teams are undefeated (UTSA, Oregon State, Florida, Louisville) and two have one loss (Texas State and Michigan State. Conversely, the teams that are ranked at the bottom in time of possession are 19-22, with only one undefeated team (Baylor), and three one loss teams (Ole Miss, Miami, Northern Illinois).

- Through three games, Texas Tech is ranked #1 in total defense, pass efficiency defense and pass defense and #2 in total offense. Tech's scheduled opened up with Northwestern State, Texas State, and New Mexico. They had a bye this past weekend and will take on Iowa State on Saturday.











Holgorsen trollin Charlie Strong?

Saturday West Virginia hosted Maryland and Dana didn't want his team to overlook the threat posed by Maryland. 

In the pre-game hype video, West Virginia reminded their players, "Remember - Any Opponent - Can Come Here - And Knock You Off". Yes, last year West Virginia did lose to Louisville (but also lost to Syracuse).  

Trollin or not, West Virginia was ready for Maryland who played very well. Geno Smith played another excellent game. He's in the mix for the Heisman. 

"We're 75-0 when winning the turnover battle"

Mack Brown got on the Big 12 Coaches teleconference a little bit ago and noted that during their 8-5 season last year, they won the turnover battle in the eight games that they won, and lost it in the five games that they lost.

That prompted Brown and the staff to take a look back over the 15 years.

According to Coach Brown, they are an impressive 75-0 when they win the turnover battle in his tenure with the Longhorns, which dates back to 1998.

Any coach out there with a better record when they win the turnover battle?

Notre Dame's defense picked 5 consecutive Michigan attempts

Notre Dame's 13-6 win over Michigan wasn't an offensive showcase by any stretch, however Notre Dame's defense showed up to play in a big way. 

Notre Dame's defense forced 5 turnovers in the first half. That alone is impressive; but dive a little deeper and see what they really did...

With less than 1 minute to play in the first quarter and Michigan driving, Notre Dame's defense went to work. They intercepted a halfback pass to end Michigan's threat. Michigan got the ball four times in the 2nd quarter. Each "drive" ended with a Denard Robinson interception. The craziest part was that the five interceptions came on consecutive pass attempts. Literally, all four Michigan pass attempts in the 2nd quarter were intercepted. 

Has this ever happened before? We honestly have no idea and aren't real sure where one would research this. 

That doesn't happen without Bob Diaco's defense being very well prepared and executing at a very high level. Good work guys. 



Don't be predictable when facing the Wildcat

In the Bengals and Redskins game yesterday, on the first play of the game, Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden lined up Mohamed Sanu, their rookie receiver and former high school quarterback, at quarterback in the Wildcat formation. Starting quarterback Andy Dalton was split out at receiver.

As Gruden explained, he knew the Redskins were going to go Cover 0

"I noticed when teams played the Wildcat against the Redskins, they lined up in cover zero, and I thought we might able to do something with Mohamed because of his arm.''

Sanu ends up throwing a dime to a receiver for a touchdown. During practice all week, it never looked quite that good, but it looked good when it counted, and that's all that mattered according to Gruden.

"I can tell you, he didn't throw it that good in practice this week. But it only counts when it counts."

Lesson to be learned: Don't be too predictable, give some different looks.

h/t MMQB / Peter King

Video: This is why you coach up the special teams rules

Not the best quality video, but here's a look at an exciting finish to a North Carolina high school game this past week.

Here's the situation. East Duplin HS (NC) is down 20-21 to Topsail (NC) and lines up to kick the game winning field goal.

Topsail blocks the kick (behind the line of scrimmage) and while they're celebrating what they thought was the win, an East Duplin player picks up the ball and runs it about 40 yards for the game winning score with no time left on the clock.

Final score was 26-21. Incredible finish.

Dantonio's press conference "Next Question"

To say that Mark Dantonio was a little upset after the Spartans narrow 23-7 win over Eastern Michigan on Saturday would be an understatement.

His post game presser lasted just over two and a half minutes, with short answers to every question. 

"Next question."