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Tom Osborne will be missed

Former Nebraska coach and current Huskers Athletic Director Tom Osborne announced on Wednesday that he would be retiring effective January 1, 2013, leaving the university he has been a part of since 1964. A member of the college football Hall of Fame, Osborne became head coach of the Huskers in 1973 and compiled a 255-49-3 record, winning three National Championships. 

At today’s announcement, Osborne injected some humor when describing why he had decided to step away, "I don't want to be one of those guys that everybody is walking around wringing their hands and trying to figure out 'What are we going to do with him?'"

That got us thinking about some of Coach Osborne’s other most famous quotes from his storied football career:

"My hardest job is to convince the people of Nebraska that 10-1 is not a losing season."

“I'm not really good at retiring. I tried that one time and Nancy ran me out of the house.”

"You can tell by looking at me that I've got more miles behind me than I've got in front of me. When you reach that point, if you've got some good years left, you make sure you use them."

"Everybody's got to do what they've got to do."

"The odds are always against you no matter what your previous history is. You have to overcome the tendency to relax."

Osborne will certainly be missed. 

The toughest three game stretch in the country?

ESPN rolls into Seattle Thursday night for what may be the beginning of the toughest three game stretch for any team in the nation this season. Washington, who went down to LSU just over 2 weeks ago and took it on the chin, plays host to #9 Stanford, a week and a half after their upset of then #2 USC. Sarkisian and the Huskies will look for revenge as Pac-12 conference play begins for them against a Cardinal team that blew them out 65-21 last season in Palo Alto. Unfortunately the road doesn't get any easier for UW over the next few weeks.

Next Saturday night the Huskies will travel Eugene to face #2 Oregon then they come back home to host #13 USC. Three straight weeks against three of the top 13 teams in the country.

To get set for such a difficult stretch, Sark and his staff used the off-week to focus on his team, not Stanford. “I think at the end of the day we want to be 1-0 in Pac-12 play, that's been the goal now for two weeks, a week-and-a-half, and that's the goal Thursday is whatever it is going to take to get to 1-0”. Sarkisian said. “Obviously we have to beat Stanford to make that happen, and so it's not that we have neglected Stanford from a scheme standpoint, but emotionally, mentally, our focus and our attention to detail, to beat Stanford we have to execute and we have to play a brand of football…”

Stanford has had UW’s number since Sarkisian took over as coach in 2009, winning all three matchups while outscoring the Huskies 140-35. Overall against the top three teams in Pac-12 Washington has to deal with the next three weeks, Sarkisian’s Huskies are just 2-7 overall, with both wins coming against USC. Washington will look to Thursday’s primetime affair to right the ship against the Pac-12’s elite as they embark on what may be the most difficult journey of any team this season. 

A quality All Access look inside Vanderbilt

Really good All Access look here that ESPN did while Vandy was preparing during the preseason.

The clip is packed with good looks at everything from the Coach Franklin interacting with players in the cafeteria, to each individual position meetings and some quality instruction on the field as well. 

Coach Franklin also talks about why it is important to him to make the Vanderbilt program highly visible and accessible, whether that's through YouTube videos inside of their meetings, or opening their doors to ESPN.

You'll want to watch every bit of this one, as the end of the clip includes coaches getting in on a punt catching competition.

Here's the video West Virginia shows recruits

Here is the video that was shown to recruits at West Virginia during this past off season.

Imagine being a recruit sitting down and soaking this one up, picturing yourself in a Mountaineer uniform making these plays.

This one is very well done all around. 

Diaz: Missed tackles separate dominant defenses from average ones

Following Texas' 66-31 win over Ole Miss one area that really needed to be addressed, according to defensive coordinator Manny Diaz, was their missed tackles.

Diaz and the staff counted up 11 missed tackles against the Rebels. Two of those missed tackles provided enough extra yardage to account for a quarter of Ole Miss' total offensive yardage.

“When you tell players two missed tackles gave them a quarter of their offense, it gets their attention."

To address the issue, Diaz had a cut up put together of all of their missed tackles through their first three games and staged a showing for the defense.

Each missed tackle provided a unique learning experience aimed at illustrating the fine line between a dominant defensive performance and an average defensive performance. The difference comes down to missed tackles.

"But if you start freaking them out, then they start believing something that’s not real. What’s real? What’s real is my angle. What’s real is leverage. I put my faith back in leverage and in tackling as a team.”

"There's a lot of really really good stuff on our tape right now and if we can just do a couple things to fix the things that we don’t really like than we can really put together the type of game that we think we are capable of. And it’s not very far away from us so I think the guys are excited about the corrections they made." Diaz noted. 

New uniforms for Mississippi State

Mississippi State added two new alternate uniforms to the collection today. 

The one with the white helmet will be worn for the Texas A&M game on November 3rd, and the one with the matte maroon helmet will be worn for the Egg Bowl against Ole Miss in the season finale (November 24).

Here's a quick look at the additions, courtesy of Mississippi State beat writer Brandon Marcello.


$16 will keep Mike Bobo off the road for one month

We saw a note a little while ago stating that Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo will be banned from off campus recruiting for a month due to a secondary NCAA violation.

The violation occurred while Bobo was escorting a recruit and his mother around campus. The three went to the NCAA Tennis Championships that were being held on the Georgia campus and did not pay the $8 admission fee. A member of the ticket office later reported the incident to the compliance office.

Under NCAA rules, recruits are normally allowed to receive complimentary admission to one regular season home event during an unofficial visit. With the event in question being the National Championship, that did not apply to Bobo's situation.

Pretty ridiculous to get banned from off campus recruiting for an entire month for a $16 admissions fee...but it should serve as a reminder to all of us to know, and understand, the NCAA rules and guidelines. 

Quick FootballScoop insert on this one...and admittedly we don't know the rules here; but hey Mr. Ticket Office guy, how about next time you stop the coach and tell him the rule and ask for the $16...or maybe you call him after the fact, explain and then go collect the $16 rather than "reporting the incident to compliance".  Just our opinion...

"We will do everything to defend this soil. It's that simple"

Early on in the season, it seems that Notre Dame (4-0) has started to turn a corner, and has the makings of a bigger, faster, and stronger team. 

Credit director of strength and conditioning Paul Longo with those strides. Take a look at the video above to see what the Irish are doing during the summer with the strength staff down in South Bend.

As Longo stresses in the beginning of the video during a summer workout session, they're focused on defending their turf. "Everything that we do has got to show on this soil, on Saturday's, at home...You've got to rise to another level."

The Irish are off this weekend, and will take on Miami (FL) next Saturday. The rest of Notre Dame's schedule includes Stanford, BYU, Oklahoma, Pitt, Boston College, Wake Forest and Southern California.