Chad Morris dishes on what he looks for in a head coaching opportunity

After having his name linked as a candidate at Texas Tech before the Red Raiders decided to bring on Kliff Kingsbury, Chad Morris explained after practice over the weekend that there are so many things that need to fall into place for you to be successful in your first head coaching stop.

Morris, who had an extremely successful high school coaching career in Texas before moving up to serve as the offensive coordinator at Tulsa and eventually Clemson, explained that money has nothing to do with moving up in the profession for him, it's more about finding the right fit and right opportunity.

The commitment that Clemson has shown to winning and doing things the right way makes Morris more than happy with where he is at now in his coaching career. Their production coupled with the environment that Dabo Swinney has created among the staff (and their compensation) is what Morris explains has given him the opportunity to be selective if, and when, schools reach out to him about their vacancies.

Morris explains the type of things he looks for when evaluating an opportunity to become a head coach.

"It's about have they won in the past? Is there a commitment to winning?"

"There has to be a commitment from a support staff, to a fan base that is hungry to win. There are so many variables that play into a decision that you make. You only get one opportunity to do this, and you want to make sure that you do it in a place where you can be successful, that you can win, and that you can make an impact." he explained.

"Just to say that you're a head coach...that does nothing for me. I have no desire, just to say that 'I'm a head coach at wherever'.  I have no desire to do that because I feel that we have a great situation here."


Jimbo Fisher: Fundamentals are the key to bowl success

Wrapping up a demanding 12 or 13 game schedule followed by some down time before hitting the field and film room hard again to prepare for a bowl can be difficult for a lot of staffs and teams.

After practice this weekend, Jimbo Fisher explained why players bowl game performance sometimes suffers, and why a renewed focus has to be put on fundamentals when you get back out on the field.

"We gotta get back to fundamentals. You get away for 10 days, and you're banged and hurt and bruised up and you have to go back and start all over again and get those fundamentals in for those first three or four practices so you can get back to being able to block and tackle."

"If you go back and look at bowl games, it's turnovers, missed tackles, because you go such a long period of time without doing those things, good angles on your blocks and cuts and all your fundamental things. Those are things that always tend to be an issue in bowl games."

"Those are all fundamental things. You have to go back to blocking and tackling, taking the right angles on runs and blocks and being disciplined. That's going to be key and that's what we try to re-emphasize."

Fisher also noted during his post game presser that they plan to take a look at playing more nickel and dime packages because 75% of their snaps this season have taken place against a one back formation.

Monday TV - Jets at Titans

Tonight marks the last Monday Night Football game of the season. Bowl games resume Thursday, and starting next week there will be a bowl game everyday except Tuesday.

Eastern time listed.


NY Jets at Tennessee - 8:30 - ESPN


No games

High School:

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VIDEO: Skip Holtz's first day at Louisiana Tech

Skip Holtz was introduced as the newest Louisiana Tech head coach on Friday evening, and the Bulldogs' athletic department provided a behind-the-scenes look at how Holtz's first day on the job in Ruston took place.

First, Holtz spoke to his new team, setting goals for what he wants to accomplish at Louisiana Tech and saying he he wants to coach in Ruston. He closed his first team meeting by shaking the hand of every Bulldog in the room.

Next, it was down the hall to meet the fans and media in his introductory press conference. "This is the place I want to be. I think there can be great things here," said Holtz. 

Finally, it was time for a photo session on the field and a stop in his new office before wrapping up Day One as the head man at Louisiana Tech. Now in his fourth turn as a head coach, Holtz clearly knows how to make the first day on the job a successful one. And with an 88-71 record in 13 seasons, he knows how to make game day a success, too. 


VIDEO: Barry Alvarez talks head coach search, staff movement

Wisconsin athletic director/interim head coach Barry Alvarez discussed the progress of his coaching search and  staff movement after the Badgers' bowl practice today. As you are surely well are, Alvarez fill in as head coach for Wisconsin's Rose Bowl date with Stanford after Bret Bielema's stunning departure to Arkansas.

Here are Alvarez's thoughts relevant to the search and the subsequent loss of assistant coaches. 

On the status of the search... We're moving along. We're progressing. Everyone gets anxious but I've said all along we were going to take our time. It's only been 10 days. I couldn't hire someone even if I wanted to until the latter part of this week. I feel good about the due diligence of the people that I've talked to. I have one more to visit with and then we'll sit down and decide on the best person. I feel good about the candidates we've interviewed.

On if there's a sense of urgency to hire a coach before the Rose Bowl... There isn't. This is a dead period now, you can't reruit anyhow. We've done a pretty good job of staying in contact with our recruits in the first week after Bret's resignation. I've felt pretty solid about all of them. We had a good group of commitments in. Our guys have done a good job of staying in contact with them. Hopefully when we get a new coach in place we'll get some momentum and really get everything going down. 

On losing assistant coaches... They couldn't delay their decision because other coaches were putting pressure on them and giving them 24 hours to make a decision. I'd like for them to stay but they had to protect their families. A coach says, 'You've got 24 hours to make a decision or your job isn't there.' I couldn't promise them the next coach would retain them. I was so emotionally zapped the other day, I was thinking about doing it myself just so we could keep them. If I do it for another year, we'd be in the same situation next year. It was unfortunate. I couldn't have sped the process up. I have to get to the people that I want to talk to. You have to do it right. I feel bad for losing them because they're very good coaches, very professional throughout this. Their main concern was the kids and getting them ready. They've given us everything as far as preparation, game planning and practice. 

On if his short list has changed... My short list changed immediately because many of the guys were hired prior to our opening. Some of the guys were loyal to their chancellor and to their program, that type of thing. 

On the perception of the Wisconsin job changing after so much recent turnover... That's an unfair question because it's not accurate. The guys that left last year, one guy got a head job and they all got promotions. We had one head guy that jumped and (the current assistants) have to make a decision. We're spoiled here because we were one of the most stable programs in the country with me being here 16 years and elevating an assistant (to head coach) for seven years. This happens around the country. I'll hire a good coach and this program will continue being very good. For those that are panicking, don't panic. We'll take care of business and this program will be in excellent hands. 

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