Inside Scoop: Raise $20,000 for your team

Fundraising typically isn't fun or easy; but Kevin Emerson, head football coach at San Bernardino Valley College, has created a platform to make it quick and easy. 

Emerson's platform, AllSport Fundraising has just completed their first football season and has raised over $200,000, generally earning about $200 / player that participates. 

The system is basically a modern twist on the old letter writing campaign...using current social media. 

After speaking with Emerson, this seems like a very efficient way to earn $10,000 - $30,000 extra for your program. To learn more or start your own campaign visit AllSport Fundraising now!



Video: Georgia players do the 'Harlem Shake'

Very entertaining 30 second clip here of the Georgia football team from practice yesterday afternoon that starts with some "stop rolls" with strength and conditioning coach Joe Tereshinski dancing around in a mask, and quickly transitions to the team participating in the newest dance craze, doing the "Harlem Shake".

Take notice of the players who decided to wear Winnie the Pooh and panda outfits, one guy is dancing with a mounted deer head, and at least one player gets in on the action with his crutches.

We're not exactly sure of the exact moves for the "Harlem Shake", but it looks like fun.

Video: Illinois holds an off season draft

Illinois recently held their IFCL (Illini Football Competition League) draft in first class fashion...complete with a commissioner and tuxedo t-Shirt.

With a surprise first pick, linebackers coach Mike Ward was chosen to help guide a team through the events that the teams will compete in. Tight ends coach Alex Golesh explained that coaches are included in the draft pool to help guide their team through events. 

Ward wasn't exactly shy about talking some trash to tight ends coach Alex Golesh shortly after being picked first overall.

You see more and more coaches choosing to do fun, competitive off season events to help create accountability and excitement, and this is just another creative way of structuring it to add a little flair. Being able to pick up coaches for guidance is a nice touch and the draft is a little icing on the cake that adds a some extra buzz.

Expect to see more from the Illini as the off season IFCL events play out over the next few weeks.

It's official: Kennesaw State adding football

After years of waiting, rumors, more waiting and more rumors, it's finally official: Kennesaw State is getting a football team. 

The plan to bring football to KSU began in 2008, and it cleared the final hurdle Wednesday with the Board of Regents' approval of the university's plan to fund the program, along with adding the requisite women's scholarships to comply with Title IX. What the regents actually approved, a $100 student fee increase beginning this fall, was actually passed with a 55 percent vote by the school's student body back in 2010, affirmed in October and reaffirmed again in January.

Kennesaw State will begin play in either 2014 or 2015 (with the latter being the most likely), and play in 8,000-seat KSU Stadium. The team will compete on the FCS level, and joining a conference is a major mark on the to-do list for the Kennesaw, Ga., based school. The Owls' teams presently compete in the Atlantic Sun Conference, which does not offer football. The SoCon, Big South and Ohio Valley each make geographic sense, so it will be a matter of finding the best fit for the university with enrollment nearing 25,000 students.

“It’s simply a tremendous way to increase the visibility of the university,” KSU President Dan Papp told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The student fee will create as much as $4.8 million in revenue in its first year. Coupled with a $5 million donation from an unnamed sponsor and eight suite commitments at $35,000 each plus $200,000 in annual support from the KSU foundation, and the university expects to create $2.8 million in profit by 2018.

Kennesaw State will hold a celebratory press conference on Thursday, complete with an unveiling of the silent sponsor and the timeline for hiring a head coach. 



Photos: Mississippi State's new facility

Update> We're sure this won't shock frequent visitors to the site; but we have learned that our friends at Advent did all of the branding, exhibits, displays, graphics, etc... for this project as well. Guys do good work. 

Original story:

Mississippi State has officially opened the Leo Seal Jr. Football Complex spanning 80,000 square feet which includes a new weight room, locker room, training room, and coaches offices.

A $12 million donation from the Seal Family Foundation (comprised of three former Bulldogs) helped fund the $25 million dollar project, and Dan Mullen was very vocal in his appreciation of getting his entire staff under one roof.

“I’m extremely appreciative of the Seals and other families who have helped make this a reality," Mullen said in a release. "This is a vital addition to our football program. We’ve talked since I’ve arrived at Mississippi State about getting all of our football operations under one roof, allowing us to have daily interaction with each of our players and continuing to develop the family atmosphere around our program – this will accomplish those goals.”

Take a look at what they've done down in Starkville.


MSU auditorium

MSU office

MSU weight room

MSU facility

See the full photo gallery here

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