Three and Out: The No. 1 rule of being a defensive coordinator, a live alligator, and Scott's Christmas present

Doug: The No. 1 rule of being a defensive coordinator (and offensive line coach): don't smile.

Zach: Committing to Florida with a live alligator? Committing to Florida with a live alligator!

Zach (Scott is on vacation, so you get a double dose of me today): The Bridgeport Bluefish of the independent Atlantic League will don these jerseys for Military Appreciation Night. I know what I'm getting Scott for Christmas.


Photos: Orlando has completely renovated the Citrus Bowl

The city of Orlando is plunging nearly $200 million into the Citrus Bowl, a 68-year old stadium that sorely needed not only a face lift but an entirely new skeleton. 

At present, the Citrus Bowl hosts the Capital One Bowl on New Year's Day, the Russell Athletic Bowl between Christmas and New Year's, the Florida Citrus Parade in between those games, the Florida Classic between Florida A&M and Bethune-Cookman in late November... and that's it. The brand new Cure Bowl launches this December, and the city's MLS franchise plays there as well, but Orlando isn't plunging nearly a quarter of a billion dollars into a stadium with its grandest designs on keeping three bowls and a soccer franchise.

Orlando isn't hosting a Super Bowl without an NFL franchise, but it wants the next best thing - the College Football Playoff Championship. Simply put, that wasn't happening without massive upgrades to the Citrus Bowl.

Even with the new stadium, Orlando faces tough competition for the title game. Tampa is already set to host the 2016 championship in January 2017, and Atlanta figures to be the favorite for the 2018 game. Miami will be in the mix as well.


Citrus Bowl 2

Citrus Bowl 3

Citrus Bowl 4

Citrus Bowl 5

Citrus Bowl 6

Dino Babers' idea of program building: Coaches lift with the team

Building a program starts with a mutual building of trust between the players and the coaching staff.

There are a million different ways to do it, but new Bowling Green head coach Dino Babers, who has a 19-7 record in two seasons as the head coach at Eastern Illinois to go along with two FCS playoff appearances, has an interesting approach with his staff.

Asked what he does to get to know his players better yesterday, Babers responded by talking about his staff's open door policy in which position coaches will leave meetings (as long as it's not a full staff meeting) to be with players, and then he talked about how he has his staff lift with the players.

"The other thing that we do as a staff is that we lift with the our football players. That gives us an opportunity to be around them all the time, and plus it keeps the coaches in shape."

Excellent idea. How many other head coaches (at any level) make sure their coaches are taking every single opportunity to be around their guys like that? I love it.

BGSU head coach Dino Babers from THE BLADE on Vimeo.

Photos: First look at Ohio State's new locker room (with waterfall)

Ohio State's campus has been pretty busy over the last few days. Earlier this week they turned on the permanent lights on top of the stadium for the first time, and they also recently put the finishing touches on their new locker room.

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith tweeted a few pictures of that new locker room this morning, and the first look is quite impressive. It even has its own waterfall.

I'll update the article with more pics as they become available.

osu osu1

osu2 osu3

On second look, that waterfall is actually a waterwall.

Here's how Colin Cowherd got Nick Saban to wear that ridiculous Luigi hat

You could say this is ESPN at its self-indulgent worst but, still, who else is getting Saban in a Liugi hat?

Aside from the shenanigans, Saban revealing what drove him into athletics for the first time was pretty interesting and something I did not know before. 

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