Frank Beamer stars in Harlem Shake video

Add Frank Beamer to the list of coaches that we didn't think would star in a Harlem Shake video, who have since proven us wrong.

UCF is getting new uniforms

Central Florida is getting new uniforms from Nike for their venture into a new conference.

The new uni's have yet to be officially unveiled, but the University did release the following artistic renderings.

Overall, no huge changes. The numbers look to be a bit larger, and black pants have been added to the mix. As it currently sits right now, there are no current plans to add a new helmet.

Paul Tenorio of the Orlando Sentinel put together an interesting article worth taking a look at, detailing the process and what head coach George O'Leary thinks of the new look (spoiler alert...he's not a fan of the black pants). Tenorio includes some very interesting numbers in the piece, including the cost of the uniforms for UCF, and how much Oregon's mirrored/chrome helmets cost (about $800 per helmet).



Tip of the hat to NikeBlog.com for the pictures

Video: Akron's mat drills

Here's a look at what the staff at Akron is putting their guys through for their "mat drills".

Notice there is a lot of change of direction drills, and each station has a game day application of some kind.

Video: Mic'd up at Oklahoma with Tim Kish

Add the Sooners to the list of schools who have mic'd up their coaches during spring ball.

Here's a good session with linebackers coach Tim Kish, who's going into his second season in Norman with the linebackers. Kish makes it a point to coach up every rep and makes sure that his guys know exactly what's expected at the position throughout the clip.

What a video should look like when you lead the NCAA in sacks

Over the past three seasons, Linfield College (D-III - OR) has led all of Division III in sacks each season. Combine their totals from the past three years and they lead all of the NCAA in sacks with 159 total (2010 - 49, 2011 - 47, 2012 - 63).

Think about that for a second...as good as the defensive fronts at Alabama and LSU were last year, they each had just 35 sacks on the year. Two of the most feared defensive ends in the country last year made up South Carolina's front and they helped the defense get to the quarterback 43 times, still two shy of Linfield's lowest mark over the past three seasons.

The closest that any FBS team has come to Linfield's 63 sack mark was Stanford last season with 57.

Before the start of the 2010 season, when they racked up nearly 50 sacks, the players starting calling the defense "the Shark Tank" and the name and feeding frenzy mantra that goes along with it has been adopted by the unit.

These guys are among the best in small college football when it comes to putting together videos, so sit back and enjoy it.

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