Friday preseason TV schedule - Chip Kelly makes NFL debut tonight

The wait ends tonight. We'll finally get to see Chip Kelly in his NFL coaching debut against New England as they travel to Philly to take on his Eagles. A few other good games on as well, including Mark Trestman making his debut for Chicago, Andy Reid making his in Kansas City, and Bruce Arians getting his preseason tenure started for Arizona.

All times are Eastern.


NY Jets at Detroit - 7:30

New England at Philadelphia - 7:30 - NFL Network

Miami at Jacksonville - 7:30

Chicago at Carolina - 8

Houston at Minnesota - 8

Kansas City at New Orleans - 8

Arizona at Green Bay - 8

Dallas at Oakland - 10 - NFL Network


No games

High School:

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The Breakdown - Thursday, August 8

Thursday August 8, 2013 presented by:  {module 178}

Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi is making it extra hard on freshman quarterbacks: "Coach Narduzzi, he’s a mind freak. So I’m trying to keep up with him.” freshman quarterback Damion Terry explained to the Detroit Free Press about how hard it's been to make the transition to a new playbook and using audibles.

The Scoop: Andy Lutz is joining the staff at Georgia Tech & a couple of FCS programs are looking to hire video coordinators. 

No program is as efficient as Oregon. See how their players cool down after practice

This afternoon Bronco Mendenhall told his players (and then the media) that they would not wear names on the back of their jerseys this season. Instead, they would wear words (Spirit, Honor & Tradition). No one was excited. A few hours later Mendenhall reversed course and said they would wear names for all games except homecoming. 

Enjoyed this "Core Value" video from Mark Hudspeth's group at Louisiana Lafayette.

Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett on how he plans to use C.J. Spiller:  “It’s real simple. We’re going to give him the ball until he throws up. So he’s either got to tap out or throw up on the field. Let’s just put it that way.”

Jim McElwain on the difference in practice between year one and year two: "They kind of got their feet wet yesterday, and they kind of got their eyes opened to the picked-up intensity, but that's good," McElwain told the Reporter-Herald. "I'd rather see the intensity real high and have to bring them back. It's good to say, whoa. It's really good when you don't have to say giddy-up."

Immediately after practice...

A lot of programs now a days are using "cool" or "ice" tubs to help the players bodies reset following practice. 

Well, we just read about how Oregon does it. As you might imagine, their process is highly efficient.

Steven Wright took a tour of the new facility recently. His recap is excellent; but here's the blurb we found most interesting...

On to the parking lot, which has a reserved space for Len Casanova (revered former Oregon head football coach and athletic director who passed away in 2002).  While the parking lot is nice, it really isn’t all that interesting… except that it over-looks one of those well thought-out details.  The lot looks out over one of the practice fields and just to our left are two pools, side-by-side, each about 60 feet long and 10 feet wide, looking like lap pools at a nice hotel.  However, these pools serve a very special purpose.  After practice, players come up from the field and strip off their shoes and pads, then enter the first pool.  The water temperature is approximately 57 degrees and the players walk neck deep in the water all the way to the other end.  They then walk back neck deep through the second pool, which is at approximately 74 degrees.  The first cold water pool causes muscles to contract, squeezing out toxins and lactic acid.  Warmer water in the second pool increases blood flow to carry away those toxins, thus reducing much of the stiffness and soreness commonly experienced by players following heavy work-outs.  No place else has such a system.  Simple. Well thought-out.  Efficient.

Picture of the two pools> 

Click here to see video and pictures Oregon has released. The facility is the best in football. 

How the largest midfield logo in college football came to be

Texas A&M-Commerce wants to be relevant again. After posting back-to-back 1-9 seasons, the school hired a new ahtletics director, Ryan Ivey, and a new head football coach, Colby Carthel. In their search for relevancy, Ivey and and Carthel turned where so many others have gone to grab quick headlines in a way that doesn't require, you know, winning football games: their visual presentation. Instead of tricking up their uniforms, they wanted to do something creative with their field.

Only, their idea wasn't that creative. In fact, one prominent school in Idaho had already trademarked their idea - a blue field. You may recall Chris Petersen's quote to us in our interview from June, "If it were up to me, there'd be all green fields and one blue field in football and we should just leave it at that."

But the Lions were still on the hook for a new field and, as it turned out, installing a 50-yard by 50-yard logo wouldn't significantly increase the new turf's $707,000 price tag from a standard sized midfield logo. “We wanted something that was unique that would help us stand out,” Ivey told the Dallas Morning News. “It’s something we couldn’t pass up."

Needless to say, it worked. Now a 1-9 Division II school from Commerce, Texas, is getting discussed all over the Internet

And now once more, for good measure. 

Northwestern highlights Kain Colter in this well done video

Northwestern's Kain Colter is one of the most feared dual threat quarterbacks in the country, and last season led the Wildcats to a 10-3 mark and a win over Mississippi State in Gator Bowl. That win helped stop a bowl losing streak that had been going since 1949.

This video highlighting Colter, his teammates, and nearby Chicago, will go on top of the pile of excellent videos that Northwestern has come out with over the past few months...and there'll be plenty more with the season just around the corner.

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