Butch Jones: "Everyone wants to talk about fancy waterfalls in recruiting, but it's about sport science."

Tennessee held a scrimmage Wednesday night at Neyland Stadium. Head coach Butch Jones cancelled the Volunteers' morning practice in hopes of producing an extra-spirited scrimmage. 

When asked if he would have hoped to see more energy in the Vols' night outing, Jones dovetailed into talking about how much his program puts into its sport science program. 

"Everyone wants to talk about fancy waterfalls, everyone wants to talk about this and that in recruiting, but it's about sport science. And I'm very proud of what we have here at Tennessee. It starts with rest, it starts with nutrition. It's basically a five-prong approach that we have in our sport science department. It starts with strength and conditioning, it starts in the training room, it starts in the operations part of it, it starts in the training room, and it starts with academics. And we take great pride in our sport science."

I hate to point this out, Coach, but that approach you listed only had four prongs. Nevertheless, Jones was rolling.

"Your pillow and your mouth are very, very important, because it's sleeping, it's hydration, and it's how you take care of your bodies, and it's your hydration, it's your nutrition. And a lot of young players really, really struggle with that end of it. You need nine hours of sleep. There's a study that has been done about the percentages of rest and injury prevention. Young players struggle with that, and it's getting all things that championship teams do to take care of yourself."

Experience practice as a triple option quarterback

The folks at New Mexico hooked quarterback Cole Gautsch with a GoPro for a recent practice and let him do his thing. As someone who always fancied himself a triple option quarterback in backyard football, I found this pretty interesting.

Why Chip Kelly has a different practice schedule than the rest of the NFL

Grantland (and FootballScoop!) contributor Chris B. Brown (perhaps better known as @smartfootball) had a new piece Thursday about one of his favorite subjects - Chip Kelly. The crux of the piece is how Kelly, once ridiculed by the NFL at large for being different, is now changing how the NFL does business. Perhaps the best example of what makes Kelly different is his practice schedule. 

For years now, the standard NFL practice schedule has dictated that Monday is dedicated to cleaning up the previous day's game, Tuesday is an off day, Wednesday and Thursday are for heavy game preparation, things begin to ramp down on Friday, Saturday is a light walk through in preparation for a Sunday game. Rinse and repeat 16 times over, year after year after year. 

Kelly doesn't do that. 

As Brown writes:

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 9.45.30 AM

Hear Kelly explain it himself on the Ross Tucker Podcast: 

"We give Monday off, and then we're back here on Tuesday and that really starts our week," he said. "A little bit of a clean up of the last game we played, really just making corrections. I don't think you need to show them every single play from the game before. With the advent of all the technology they have I guarantee every single one of our players has watched the game themselves before they get back in here on Tuesday. They all have iPads, they all get the games downloaded to them. We spend a little bit of time on correction and then we move on to our next opponent. We start insertion to our next opponent on Tuesday. We're probably a day ahead of everybody. Red zone's in on Thursday instead of Friday where it normally is in the NFL. Friday we're cleaning it up and Saturday we're back on the field running around a little bit faster than most people do. It's not a walk-through day for us. And then Sunday we go play."

Bill Polian asked why Kelly pushes his team so hard on Saturday. "Through our research through science, that you need to get the body moving if you're going to be playing," said Kelly. "We used the same formula when I was at Oregon. I spent a lot of time studying how to go about it and how we think that you should train, and it worked for us there, and so we used it here. If it didn't work here we would have changed it. I believe that it worked through our first season and our players are really invested in what we're doing right now."

Kelly also proudly noted that his team was almost completely healthy through his 11-5, NFC East-winning debut season, saying, "Almost every day last year we had our entire roster - 53 players and eight practice squad players. There weren't many weeks where we didn't have everybody up."

Like everything else that he does, Chip Kelly practices differently because it works. If he didn't, he'd change it. 

Jump to around the 13-minute mark. 

Video: Liberty unveils new unis, and now has 27 uniform combinations

During a team meeting on Tuesday night, a new set of uniforms was revealed to Turner Gill's Liberty squad.

The new additions, plus the introduction of a matte red helmet, bring the total possible number of uniform combinations to 27. You can see all of the variations here, and at the end of the video below.

Judging from this reaction, the players were pretty stoked about the new options.

The red helmet with the eagle on the side looks really sharp, and having so many options at the FCS level is a great selling point on the recruiting trail. We also understand that Coach Gill normally lets the captains pick a uni combo for each game, which is a pretty cool perk in itself.

liberty1 liberty2

liberty3 liberty4


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