"The Georgia Way" hits the mark

Georgia's "The Georgia Way" is a little bit of everything. It's not a hype video, and not quite a recruiting video either, let's call it a heritage video. It's a piece of art - and I'm not using that word ironically - that can be equally appreciated by a 16-year-old recruit, a 20-year-old sorority member, and a 53-year-old alum. Which, of course, is the entire point. 

"Unity is a process, and here we're proud of that. It's what drives us. It's the heartbeat of an entire nation. A sea of red and black, and that special time of year where all roads lead back home," the narrator says. "Companionship is a reward that can only be achieved as a community, as a team, as a family, and you don't need to strap on a helmet just to be a part of it because no matter where you are, no matter how far you go, a piece of you will always be here."


Photo tour of Michigan State's $24 million North End Zone project

Michigan State opened up their new $24 million North End Zone project last night for the public to see. The new facilities will house a recruiting area, a new area to meet with the media after games, as well as a new game day locker room.

Overall, the details in the new facility are quite impressive, and the Spartans will now have a great space specifically designed to entertain recruits. Everywhere you look there is an interesting graphic, and the branding of the Spartan logo is impossible to ignore, especially in the locker room where the carpet is almost entirely covered in the Spartan head.

While I can't wait to see this new addition in person, it should be even more of a game changer for recruits visiting East Lansing as it shows the administration's commitment to keep things pointed in the right direction for the Spartans.

See more pictures here.








Tennessee has found a way to work Beyonce into their recruiting pitch

UCLA and USC are the two schools that come to mind when it comes to integrating celebrities into recruiting pitches because of their daily proximity to Hollywood celebrities...well you can now apparently add Tennessee to that list.

The Vols sent this mock Rolling Stone cover to defensive tackle prospect Shy Tuttle (@KingTut_90) with Tuttle's face in place of Jay-Z (bonus points for creativity). Tuttle wasn't shy about taking to Twitter to show Butch Jones and his staff his appreciation.

The tweet already has 330 retweets and 558 favorites (and growing) in a span of 11 hours.

Video of the Day - Austin College uniform reveal

USC Captain saves drowning cousin

Senior corner Josh Shaw was named a team captain at USC Saturday night. Later that same night, while attending a family social function, Shaw, while on a second floor balcony, noticed that his seven year old nephew who can not swim was in distress in the pool below. With no one nearby to assist, Shaw "instinctively leaped off the balcony, landing painfully on the concrete below." 

Shaw was able to crawl to the pool and save his nephew who is "a bit traumatized but physically okay". Shaw himself was diagnosed with two high ankle sprains which will sideline him indefinitely. 

Shaw said, "I would do it again for whatever kid it was, it did not have to be my nephew.

Heroic. Certainly hope Shaw recovers quickly and is able have a productive season on the field for the Trojans. 

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