Ellis Johnson's defense

Just a quick note about South Carolina's defense today in their 54-3 win over Kentucky.

South Carolina allowed a total of 6 first downs...they also forced 6 turnovers. 

Kentucky's quarterbacks were a combined 4 of 26 for 17 yards with 4 Ints.  

The only points they allowed were on the opening drive of the game after Kentucky ran the kickoff all the way to the South Carolina 26.  Held them to 15 yards and then a field goal.  

Solid defensive effort. 

Mark Dantonio gets a new contract

Here's the run-down of the new contract announced today.  

The agreement is a five year, rolling contract with base salary of $650,000 from the university and total annual compensation of $1.83 million from all sources. The $1.83 million comes as follows:

$650,000 base salary

$869,000 supplemental income

$100,000 shoe / apparel agreement

$200,000 contingent base salary

$13,000 benefits

Additionally, Dantonio's $2 million "longevity" bonus which was due to be earned in 2016 has now been moved up to 2014.  

In making the announcement, Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis said that, "This agreement doesn't mark a significant increase in compensation; rather it provides security and comfort for the Dantonio family."

He did not say, "That's for you Ohio State." but that would have been pretty funny if he had. 

Sean Payton on what it takes to be a great assistant

We saw a quote from Saints head coach Sean Payton recently about Doug Marrone who spent three years on Payton's staff before being named the head coach at Syracuse (his alma mater).

Payton said he knew Marrone was a great Xs and Os guy; but that's only half the battle in being a great coach.

Here's what Payton had to say, "He came in as the offensive line coach and the thing about Doug that I'm sure Syracuse has seen now is he's a tireless worker, it's all about football, it's very important to him, he's passionate, and he's a great staff guy in that he gets along well with everyone in the building. That kind of compatibility aspect of being an assistant coach is critical. It's as important as your ability to coach."

Lesson: Even if you're the smartest guy in the room, it's not going to work out in the long-term if people don't want to work with you.

Friday TV

In case you didn't have a chance to watch last night...other than not being able to stop LaMichael James from getting to the edge, Cal played a pretty good first half (and had the lead 15-14 at halftime).  Unfortunately for Cal, they had to endure the 2nd half.  Oregon won 43-15.  LMJ looked like he snapped his arm late in the game; but he says he popped the elbow back into place and he's actually talking about playing again soon.  In other action, Western Kentucky won their first game of the year, in double OT at Middle Tennessee.  

As for tonight...All times Eastern.




Boise State at Fresno State - 9PM - ESPN

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Chip Kelly didn't want to comment on LMJ's injury

Immediately after his handshake with Jeff Tedford last night, ESPN's Jenn Brown caught up with Chip Kelly and asked him twice about how serious LaMichael James' injury was.  

If you didn't see it, don't look for it as it is not the type of thing you want to see...the man's arm bent the wrong way.  It would be hard for anyone who saw that to think that he might return this season.  

Both times he was asked, Kelly responded that he really didn't know.  Kelly rarely discloses much about injuries and we assumed that was the case last night.  

What we didn't realize is that LMJ is apparently superhuman...and after seeing the video below we think that Coach Kelly might have simply been telling the truth...


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