Jacksonville St HC: At least Houston doesn't have to go talk to Frank Broyles

Jacksonville State head coach Jack Crowe and Houston Nutt are both former head coaches at the University of Arkansas, who worked for Frank Broyles.

Two days after defeating Ole Miss, Crowe knows his program at Jacksonville State has to capitalize on the 49-48 (double overtime) win in Oxford.

Crowe told the Birmingham News, "This is marketing 101. This is not Division II football anymore, and I really think 80 percent of the people who have been following us don't know the difference. Maybe they saw it (Saturday). Division II teams don't go out and beat SEC teams." 

Crowe, who was abruptly dismissed as Arkansas head coach by Frank Broyles after a season-opening loss to The Citadel in 1992, feels for his good friend, Houston Nutt.

"After the game, I had a sad place in my heart because I know what Houston is fixing to go through. At least he doesn't have to go talk to Frank Broyles." 

"We are a good enough football team to launch ourselves into the top 10 in FCS football. We built a stadium that says we're a national contender." 

Jacksonville State hosts Chattanooga this weekend.  The Mocs are coming off an upset win over Appalachian State.

Wannstedt: We jumped into a hornets nest out there

Pitt head coach Dave Wannstedt doesn’t regret scheduling a season-opener on the road in a hostile environment such as Utah.

During the Big East teleconference today, Wannstedt said, “We jumped into a hornets nest out there.  I’ll be the first to admit it.  Would it have helped us to get a game under our belt? It’s all hindsight.  We didn’t play well though.  If we don’t give the cheap touchdown and if we punch one in, we have a chance to win the football game and I probably feel completely different.”

“We’ll learn from it.  I promise you we won’t be in a more hostile environment all year long.” 

(on his quarterback Tino Sunseri) “I thought that it got better as the game went on.  As that thing started, he walked out staring his first game…I thought that he got better from huddle control, he got better from a communication standpoint on the sidelines, I thought he became more confident.  At the end of the game, there was no question he has a good feel for what they were doing and what we had to do in terms of getting the ball to certain people.  Every week he is going to improve just as he did throughout the game.  As I said at the beginning of the year there’s no easy way to do that.  You can read all the Dan Marino magazines on how to play quarterback and it’s not going to help you personally.  You have to go out and do it.  I was pleased how he progressed during the game.  He never went backwards.  He really kept his composure.  The last play, he knew exactly what happened. He held the ball too long and should have thrown it out of bounds…he was the first to say it.”

Pitt hosts New Hampshire this week. 

Skip Holtz happy for ECU, but the 'Florida film kept catching my attention'

On Monday's Big East teleconference, Skip Holtz said he watched parts of East Carolina's win on Sunday, but joked that the Gators' film somehow kept his attention.

Holtz said, “I had the opportunity to watch a little bit of it.  My son was texting me some score updates. I didn’t get a chance to see it all, but I was fortunate enough to watch the final drive.  The Florida film kept catching my attention (laughs), so it made it hard to watch the entire game.” 

“Really proud for those players, for Coach McNeill, who has done a really great job going in there.  Anytime you leave a place you want to see those players be successful.  I thought it was a great with.  The stadium looks great with the addition that Terry Holland has built into that program.  I have a lot of very fond memories and an awful lot of respect for East Carolina.  I enjoyed my time there.” 

(on playing Florida this weekend) “It’s been something that’s been talked about ever since I came here.  That’s where we aspire to be.  As a young program, we’re not there yet.  There are geographical implications as well.  There’s relationships between the two.  I sure there is text messages flying back and forth between Gainesville and Tampa this week.” 

South Florida defeated Stony Brook 59-14 this past weekend.  The Bulls travel to Gainesville on Saturday for an 12:21 EST kick-off.

Mike Sherman: We wanted to run 100 plays

Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman met with the media on Monday to recap the Aggies 48-7 win over Stephen F. Austin.

Interestingly, Sherman said, “The key component in this game is that we wanted to run 100 plays.”  Amazingly, the Aggies finished with 99 offensive snaps.

Sherman was pleased overall, except for the kicking situation, noting a missed field goal and kick-off out of bounds.

Asked if he would go as far as considering an open tryout, Sherman responded, “If someone is on campus that can do that, we will do that.  We’re not locked into anything or anybody.  Our players know you better practice well, prepare well, and play well.”

(on the running game) “I don’t think we always hit the hole that was there.  Overall, I though the offensive line did a good job.  It’s very important that we run the ball effectively.  I think we had 1 minus-yard play in the run game.” 

“The deep passes, we missed on.  We need to correct that, and connect on those. A lot of our ineffectiveness in the red zone was that I was a little too hard-headed on what I wanted to do down there.”

Sherman, who visited troops in Iraq this summer, said he has invited some of friends from the trip to attend the game.  Saturday's game against LA Tech falls on September 11th.  Kick-off is set 7 pm EST.


Todd Graham: It was a game we absolutely gave away. Our fault as coaches.

6-foot-8 wide receiver Justin Jones hauled in a Hail Mary pass on the last play as East Carolina defeated Tulsa 51-49 in Greenville, NC.

Tulsa head coach Todd Graham said, "We didn't execute on the last play, we called a timeout and we didn't execute the play. That was our fault, but they just made a play."

"It was a game that we absolutely gave away."

"That's our fault as coaches. One of our coaches was confused. On the same hand, they made the play and we didn't.”

"I've been doing this for 24 years and that's never happened to me. We usually have a play we execute to put pressure on the quarterback so he can't make that throw. We called the play and didn't execute. That's our fault. They made the play and we didn't."

Update: Check out this photo from FanBlogs.com .  If the pass had fallen incomplete, Tulsa should have been flagged for the strangest of penalties.



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