The Gauntlet

Western Michigan just released a video outlining their winter conditioning obstacle course that they have labeled "The Gauntlet".

The course has a little taste of everything from pushing and pulling a weighted sled, bear crawls, ropes, zig zagging around dummies, and a dead sprint all combined into a team relay set up.


Good stuff from Al Borges

The Big Ten Network's Howard Griffith sat down with Michigan offensive coordinator Al Borges to talk about his first season at the helm of the Wolverine offense, his philosophy, and what it means to be at Michigan.

When asked how he would describe the offense that he ran last season, Borges told Griffin that he has never been the type of coach who wants to run an offense with a name attached to it. "If its got a name, its got a theme, and then everybody will start doing clinics on how to defend it" Borges said.

"It's our job as coaches to make it fit for them, it's not their job to make it fit for you" Borges said about the changes he made when he knew he had Denard Robinson taking snaps for him this season. "The trick is to figure out how to fit your schematics to their skill set" he added.

There's plenty more great stuff in the video.

DeRuyter begins spring ball

Tim DeRuyter and Fresno State started their first of fifteen spring practices yesterday, and you can tell that he and his staff are bringing an up tempo style to both sides of the ball from the video below.

DeRuyter said that they are trying to "front load" a lot of the installation of the new offense and defense and compared the process to the kids trying to "take a sip out of a fire hydrant". He added that they hope to have 80% of the offense installed next week.

The Bulldogs spring game will take place March 25th at noon.

Teaching the ladies

There are worse assignments than to coach 100+ ladies from Louisiana for a day. 

Chief, Frank Wilson and the guys seem to have enjoyed themselves and the ladies look like they loved their day as part of LSU football.

McCarney reminds us to smell the roses

Dan McCarney sat down with CBSsports.com's Brett McMurphy to talk about how things have been since his stroke a few weeks ago.

McCarney says that he remembers everything. It all started with a ringing in his ears, and he tried to stand up, but couldn't. He also recalls being scared for his wife and son (who were both in the room when it happened), as well as his two daughters.

"The first thing I'm thinking is my son and wife are right here: Is this it? I'm so emotional for them, not me. I can handle pain. I'm scared for them." McCarney recalled.

After his release, and sorting through countless voicemails and texts, there was one from mentor Urban Meyer. McCarney said that one thing that he learned from Urban after the leave of his own was to start to delegate more and "stick my nose in everything" and overall, just slow down a bit.

"Could I possibility enjoy life any more? I didn't think I could, but I do after that happened, can I cherish being a head coach any more? I didn't think I could, but I do. When those things happen to you, it really brings it into perspective: how much you have, how much you love what you do." he said. 

McCarney's quote about the stroke being "nothing anything a little Grey Goose won't fix" was a huge hit on Twitter, and he admits he may have to wait a little longer to indulge in that. "I don't know a doctor yet that says a little Grey Goose will help recover. But after a victory, there's nothing like a Grey Goose."

It's good to hear that Coach McCarney is back to a (more reflective) version of his old self.


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