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Come to the game, win a deer stand

Rule #1 - Know your audience.

Saturday Arkansas State is hosting a huge Sun Belt game (yes we did just make that statement). Hudspeth is bringing ULL (or UL, or Louisiana-Lafayette, or just Louisiana...or whatever it is that they want to be known as now) into town with an 8-2 overall, 6-1 Sun Belt record to play Hugh Freeze's Arkansas State team that is 7-2, 5-0. 

Freeze wants the place packed and rowdy. So what did he do?  

Free Beer? No; but probably the next best thing. This morning Freeze tweeted:

I know it's opening day of deer season, So go out to the woods early in the morning. Come in at noon and get to our game at 2pm win a deer stand

Yes, A-State is giving away a deer stand at the game. That's knowing your audience. Well played Coach Freeze, well played. 

New interim AD fired coordinator without consulting coach?

For those of you following the saga unfolding at Western Carolina, this revelation probably isn't shocking; but for the rest of universe, this might sound odd.

Two weeks ago, Western Carolina University dismissed their athletic director and brought a former senior associate AD out of retirement to serve as the interim AD. That's not the shocking part.

So, what was one of the first things the new interim AD did? He dismissed the defensive coordinator without discussing it with the head football coach.

Take a second and think about that.

Head coach Dennis Wagner is in his fourth season at the helm of the Catamounts. They currently are 1-8 this season and are a combined 8-35 under Wagner. 

Cavaliers bowl eligible for the first time since 2007

Virginia notched their sixth win of the season against Maryland on Saturday, making them bowl eligible for the first time since 2007.

The last time (2007) that the Cavaliers earned bowl eligibility was also against Randy Edsall, while he was at Connecticut.

Mike London's team was impressive on both sides of the ball, putting up their best offensive performance of the season with 527 yards of total offense, 220 coming on the ground.  With a field goal in the first quarter, the Terps became only the second team in 9 games to score in first quarter against UVA.  Virginia has now given up a total of 10 points in the first quarter through those nine games, tied with Stanford for best in the country.

The 6-3 Cavaliers will take on Duke Saturday and wrap up the season against Florida State and Virginia Tech. Mike London and his guys have to be pleased with how this season is progressing. 

"Horrocious" on special teams

Horrocious. That's the word that Skip Holtz had to make up in order to describe the special teams performance against Rutgers Saturday.

In the 20-17 overtime loss, USF had a muffed punt that led to a field goal, and the Bulls kicker missed two field goals.  After being up 17-3, USF gave up a 98 yard kick return to help Rutgers cut the lead to 17-10. In the end the special teams proved the difference as USF fell 20-17 in OT.

When asked about the special teams, Holtz said "The biggest thing that shows up going back watching that film, our special teams were horrocious, they were awful. They were bad. When you play that well as an offense and that well as a defense, you're not supposed to lose a game like that, or even to be in overtime. Our special teams was a difference of 16 points in that game in four plays".

Poor special teams play is the only way to explain the loss when you take a look at the stat sheet. USF out gained Rutgers by over 150 yards, and the defense held Rutgers' starting running back to 15 carries for 12 yards (.8 yards per carry) and -7 rushing yards on the ground as a team.

USF had started off hot, but has now dropped 4 straight.  They will have a short week to prepare for Syracuse on Friday at 8 on ESPN2.

Monday TV

For those that didn't stay up, the Ravens came back to beat the Steelers on an improbable drive. Let's hope MNF can be as good.

All times Eastern.


Chicago at Philadelphia - 8:30 - ESPN


No games

High School:

No games

Les vs. the dos equis guy

After tonight's 9-6 overtime win over Nick Saban's Crimson Tide, is there really any doubt that Les is the most interesting man in the world?

Not a single trick play from Les tonight. Just straight up, I'll beat you with my 11. It might not be pretty, but we'll win.

That six pack of Dos Equis on your doorstep Les, that's from us. - FootballScoop Staff 

Texas' coordinators getting it done

They are only half way through the 3rd quarter; but Manny Diaz and the duo of Harsin and Applewhite are getting it done against Texas Tech.

Diaz apparently went in with a game plan of making Tech one dimensional. His defense has completely taken away Tech's ability to do anything on the ground. At this point Tech has Tech has attempted 14 runs and has negative 8 yards to show for it.

On offense, Texas is simply running the ball anywhere they want on the field against Tech's defense. Thus far, they have run the ball 34 times for over 300 yards already. Only 5 passing attempts. 

Currently the score is 38-6. 

Update> Final score 52-20 Texas. The Longhorns finished up with 439 yards rushing on 54 attempts (8.1 per carry). 

Bad things at Penn State

It pains us to type this article; but given the impact of the recent revelations at Penn State it would be irresponsible not to.

There are far more good people in the world than bad people. Same goes for coaches. Thousands of great coaches out there working tirelessly to improve the lives of the young men they coach. 

A warning at this point, the information below (specifically if you click the link to the website of the attorney general in blue) is graphic and disturbing.

The state of Pennsylvania has charged former Penn State assistant Jerry Sandusky with unthinkable crimes against minors and has charged Penn State's athletic director and another senior university official with failing to report the sexual assault of a young boy after the information was brought to their attention and with making false statements to a grand jury that was investigating a series of assaults on young boys

Upon reading the allegations and the statements from the attorney general from Pennsylvania and the state police commissioner it is nearly impossible to think that Penn State won't have to make major changes from the athletic director down. 

We believe we're speaking for coaches everywhere in saying that we hope this has no impact on Joe Paterno's legacy.