Video: Malzahn awards scholarships to 4 walk ons

During a team meeting recently, Coach Malzahn awarded a scholarship to four deserving walk ons.

It was obviously a special moment for those players, and one in particular admitted to having his breath taken away when he realized his name was called. That's good stuff.


Another great "Relentless" episode at Ohio

Another great episode of "Relentless" here.

This one touches on the state of the art HD film system that coaches utilize to watch practice from practically every angle. The system also allows players easy access to any film over the past three seasons. 

Reaction Video: South Florida's new lockers

After returning back to campus from their fall camp location in Vero Beach, South Florida players walked into a new look in the locker room.

The lockers featured neon lights and custom made glass peices to section off each locker. Each locker also has a ventalation system to air out pads and shoes (one up top and one below), as well as outlets and a safe. 

One new schedule will feature five 1,000 mile road trips

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri's move to the SEC is expected to cost the school an extra $750,000 in travel costs.

Missouri's senior associate athletic director, Tim Hickman confirmed that the travel costs will be at least that. 

"I think it will be at least that. It's a moving target. We're still evaluating and the feeling is that it's a little higher."

Trips to nearby states Iowa and Kansas will be replaced with trips east to South Carolina and Florida. Only games at Arkansas, Kentucky and Vanderbilt are expected to be trips taken via a bus.

According to the Post-Dispatch, the average roundtrip flight during their time in the Big 12 was 850 miles. In the SEC, their average trip will increase to 1,020 miles. The Tigers longest trip will be the 1,694 trek to Gainesville, and five other trips will crack the 1,000 mile mark.

Getting a feel for the new travel specs is expected to take about two cycles before they iron out all the kinks.

"This is a great example of needing to go through two cycles. We think we can predict the time of how long it will take to get to Gainesville (Florida) and all that stuff, but until you actually do it in all sports for two years, we won't have a good feel for that."

(Updated with Pics & Video) USC's impressive John McKay facility

The $70 million, 110,000 square foot John McKay Center is set to be dedicated today. You can see the architectural renderings here

The facility will serve as the main hub for USC coaches and players and will house a 32,000 square foot weight room, and 18,000 square foot training room on the basement level. The new weight room will be three times the size of the previous area, while the training room will add about six times the square footage. That's quite an upgrade.

Above the weight room and training room, on the main floor, will be the academic center with access to tutors, study rooms, and computer access. The second floor will house the football coaches offices, team meeting rooms and a video production area.

Kiffin and the staff are already familiar with the building, as they were allowed to start moving in at the end of July.

Athletic director Pat Haden has called the new facility "the finest of it's kind anywhere."

Pictures of the new facility can be seen below.

View of the facility from outside


Statue of John McKay at the entrance to the facility


Video screen that you see upon entering the building


The new basement level practice field


The new locker room facility


A row of new lockers with video screens


The players lounge




Outdoor lounge bearing Coach Carroll's name


Mural with a message in the team meeting room

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