Boston College will be one of 15 teams with these unique video boards this fall

Not only will Boston College's new video boards double in size, but when fans fill the stadium for the September 5th home opener against Pitt they'll bask in the glory of video boards with a visual quality that ranks among the best in the nation.

According to the Boston College release, you'd be able to fit 97 60-inch televisions into one of their two new end zone displays, and from the sounds of it, the quality of the picture is going to be nothing short of mind-blowing.

Each end zone video board will tower 19 feet high and about 54 feet wide, providing more than 1,000 square feet of 13HD technology. The 13HD technology is something that only 15 other college or NFL teams currently use. Boston College will be the first team in the Northeast region of the US, and the first in the ACC with the capabilities. South Carolina is the only other team on the East coast using the technology, per the release.

The Broncos, 49ers, Panthers, and Steelers are among the NFL teams to use 13HD, and if you've ever seen a game at Washington, Stanford, Wisconsin, or Texas A&M you've experienced firsthand the type of quality that Boston College is adding.

Along with the video boards, LED ribbon displays will wrap around the entire stadium, adding quite the visual appeal to those in the stands. When it's all said and done, I'm confident that fans will be more than pleased with the new experience.

Reason No. 9801 to be excited about the future of college football

With Wednesday's announcement that Georgia and Notre Dame have scheduled a home-and-home in 2017 and 2019, NFL.com college football writer Bryan Fischer sent out this tweet refreshing us all on the list of mega non-conference games slated for the 2017 season. 

Imagine being in charge of College GameDay and having to choose where to send your show between these games:

September 2
Florida vs. Michigan (at AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas)
Texas A&M at UCLA

September 9
Georgia at Notre Dame
Nebraska at Oregon

September 16
Oklahoma at Ohio State
Texas at USC

That's a dozen programs that have combined to win 9,343 games - including the top six and eight of the top 10 winningest programs in the sport's history...

... win 307 conference championships (and that's with Notre Dame contributing zero)

... appear in 501 bowl games

... claim 65 national championships

... and produce 41 of a possible 79 Heisman Trophy winners.

This is all in addition to interesting non-conference games such as Washington at Rutgers (Sept. 2), Maryland at Texas (Sept. 2), Stanford at Virginia (Sept. 9), Georgia Tech at Ole Miss (Sept. 9), Minnesota at Oregon State (Sept. 9), Northwestern at Duke (Sept. 9), Syracuse at LSU (Sept. 9), Oklahoma State at Pittsburgh (Sept. 16), Arizona State at Texas Tech (Sept. 16), California at BYU (Sept. 16), Ohio State at North Carolina (Sept. 23), plus the growing roster of neutral site games in Houston, Atlanta and possibly elsewhere that have yet to be scheduled.

And this is all on top of regular non-conference match-ups like Notre Dame-USC, Florida-Florida State and the like. 

2017 is far enough away that, sure, some of these games will inevitably be cancelled. But it's not in the distant future. Today's freshmen will be seniors when these games are played, to put it in perspective. And with the College Football Playoff's stated emphasis on strength of schedule, Septembers should be jam-packed with interesting games in perpetuity. 

College football is already the greatest sport on God's green earth, and it's about to get even better. 

Take a cribs style tour of a top notch JuCo facility

MTV's "Cribs" series ended it's original run back in 2011, but the fact remains that there is no better way to showcase your football facility than by copying the popular blueprint that they laid out. 

Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, or NEO as it is affectionately called, has a rich Junior College football tradition including 8 national championship teams. Since 2000, the program has sent over 100 players to four year NCAA schools, and have had 162 All-Americans. One of the more notable players to come out of the program is NFL tight end Jeremy Shockey.

In order to help with recruiting, the program put together a cribs-style tour of their facilities, which look pretty impressive. They may not have the ability to add the flash that a FBS program would have, but by JuCo standards, what they're able to offer is top of the line, everything looks brand spanking new, and the coaching staff is damn proud of it.

On top of that, the stadium's new playing surface isn't even a year old yet and there are some major renovations coming to Red Robertson field, including new suites, stands, restrooms and concessions.

See it all for yourself. 

Photos: New white helmets on the way for Michigan State?

Michigan State has worn a green helmet throughout its entire history, save for its 2011 win over Michigan in which the Spartans donned gold lids. But that may be about to change.

Photos of these white lids popped up on Twitter yesterday, and I have to say I hope these bad boys make it to the field this fall. They're pretty clean.

Again, no word on whether or not they'll see the field, but let's hope so. 

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 8.45.07 AM

Video: The NC State staff shares their biggest lesson from growing up

As part of their "1st and 10" series where the North Carolina State staff answer questions that no media member would ever think to ask, the Wolfpack coaching staff were asked to share their biggest lesson learned from growing up that has stuck with them to this day.

Some of the coaches had lessons learned from their fathers, others noted teachers and coaches with lessons that have helped them shape who they are today. A few coaches (safeties coach Clayton White and Dantonio "Thunder" Burnette) even had to act out a few of them, for full effect at the end of the clip. Below are a recap of a handful of them.

Confidence: Corners coach George Barlow - "I had a third grade teacher, Mr Dillard, that was one of the first male figures to talk to me about learning to be confident, and when you meet someone you shake their hand and look them in the eye.
Work ethic: Defensive line coach Ryan Nielsen - "It would have to be from my dad, 'Hard work works'".
Never give up: Offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Matt Canada - "One thing I learned playing growing up, and then under a lot of great coaches as a coach is that there is always a way, there's always an angle, there's always a chance. Never give up. Never concede that you can't find a way to get better."
First impressions: Running backs coach Des Kitchens - "A first impressions are a lasting impression. How you carry yourself and how you present yourself is all about pride and dignity.

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