Chizik compliments assistant coach, talks Friday night routine

Gene Chizik talks about the most improved part of this Auburn team:  “The physicality and the play of our offensive line.  They have been a huge part of us being able to run the football.  Not that the perimeter blocking hasn’t been a big part of that, but I think goes back to our offensive line.”

“The other thing is our special teams has given us a chance to compete each week.  I think Coach Boulware has done a great job with our young guys,  getting them into the special teams way of life and getting them to understand that’s their role on our team.  Last year, we struggled with the same exact schemes with different people.”

“Friday nights are a deal where we really just try to find a place of refuge.  You’re trying to find a place where you can be with your team, relax and have some fun.  We’ve put in a lot of hard week during the week.  We try to do some things that really are just about our 70 guys we bring with us and the coaches.  We’re always looking for ways to treat our guys first class, because that’s what we expect them to do when they represent Auburn.”


Mark Richt on Todd Grantham’s choking signal to Florida kicker: “I’m aware of it, and I would just say that emotions run high. People do things they probably wish they didn’t do. I think that was what was being communicated. I don’t think he’s necessarily proud of it. We’re just going to learn from it and move on.”


Quoting David Cutcliffe pleased with quarterback Sean Renfree’s 28 of 30 game against Navy: “If you are accurate with you layoff throws, you are going to gain 3 or 4 more yards after the catch. We once had Tee Martin go 25 of 27 and I think Eli started 18 of 19 in his first game.” 


Bo Pelini on the talk of legit vs. helmet-to-helmet hits: "I was sick of it three weeks ago."


Joe Paterno on Northwestern QB Dan Persa: "We probably should have been a little more aggressive in our approach to [recruiting] him."

Quoting Bronco Mendenhall : "Each (season) has come with its own set of trials; I can't say it's been more trying."

Kirk Ferentz talks about the return of Norm Parker: "I'm not sure it's a Win One For The Gipper Story, but it's great to have Norm back."

The latest from Dabo, Spurrier, Whitt, Marrone, and Rich Rod

Dabo Swinney’s interesting quotes from today’s press conference: “I know the progress we’ve made.  It’s going to come on the scoreboard.  I promise you.  Unless we just panic.” 

"I ain't happy worth a darn being 4-4. But to me the glass is half full and it always will be."

"95 percent of Clemson fans… some of best people you'll ever meet in the world, great people. 5 percent, Lord have mercy it’s crazy. I've never seen anything like it."

(thoughts on Election Day) “That's the first I've heard of it. When you're a 4-4 coach you don't read or hear anything. Holy smokes.  What is it?  The governor?  I had no idea.  It’s gonna be a Clemson grad, isn’t it?”


Spurrier’s interesting quotes from today’s press conference: “I thought Coach Johnson called an excellent game.  Coach Ward and all of our coaches around here are spending extra time on pass defense. If we can smash a receiver when we’re around the ball, instead of letting them catch it, we can get better.”

“Our special teams coverage was very good last week.” 


Quoting Utah head coach Kyle Whittingham: “It’s a week like any other week, believe it or not.  We don’t care about not being in the discussion right now.  That’s not important to us.”

(on where TCU has improved from a year ago) “Everywhere.  And it’s essentially the same crew offensively.  These guys have been around for a long time.  You can’t find a weakness.  That’s the bottom line.  They are very good at everything.  At least, right now.”

“Whichever team makes 3,4,5 momentum changing plays, that will probably be the difference in the game.”

“Yesterday was probably the best Monday practice we’ve had all year long.”


Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone will not reflect on 6-2 record:  “No -- can’t. I can’t afford to do that. We haven’t really accomplished anything. Good job. We’re 6-2, not 8-0. We just need to keep our nose down. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. It becomes more and more difficult each day.”

“We’re playing a team (Louisville)-- I don’t feel very good about how we match up against them. They have probably more starting experience than any team we’ve played to this point, overall.”

“We’re down. Numbers are an issue. Outside of specialists and kids who aren’t playing, we’re down to about 55 kids. We have to do a good job of managing our football team the rest of the season.”


Rich Rodriguez describes his defense: “We’ve got to get faster and more athletic defensively, that’s the first thing. That was painfully obvious to me watching the film.”


Tough times continue at New Mexico: Part-time starting quarterback Brad Gruner sliced the pinkie on his throwing hand and required season-ending surgery. The accident happened while carving a pumpkin.

Miles addresses Colorado talk, Bill Stewart points thumb, Neuheisel remains optimistic

Les Miles comments on rumor in Denver Post (Woody Paige) connecting him to Colorado: "Somebody needs to write articles. Somebody needs to mention names. I have little reaction.”


Bill Stewart says, “I need to do a better job” : "We've had a total self-evaluation of the program of all phases, starting with me to the assistants to the players. I need to do a better job."

"Am I finger-pointing? No, I'm only pointing this thumb at this guy right here. I am not pointing any blame at these players. But let me tell you, I was a player. If you're supposed to block, make a block and do it to the best of your ability. If you're supposed to hold onto the ball, do it to the best of your ability. If you're supposed to be somewhere in a formation, do the best you can."


Rick Neuheisel and UCLA are on 3-game losing streak, Neuheisel still optimistic, hosts Oregon State on Saturday: "It's a very big task for us. If we can harness the energy we played with last week ... we can put together a heck of a fight heading into the month of November."

"We realize it's worthwhile to keep our momentum going as a program. I know a lot of people are concerned, but it's a carrot and motivation and we look forward to playing in front of our home crowd."


Ruffin McNeill praises UCF true freshman quarterback: "Their quarterback, Jeff Godfrey, will be a standout player in this league for years to come. He is special. He is not a fluke and it is not luck. He is good.”

"Their (UCF) special teams outdid our special teams. I mentioned that to our team. Central Florida out-blocked us. The same adjectives I used to describe the defensive side of the football apply to our special teams. I have to get that straight as well. That falls back on me. I take full responsibility for it. We'll get that handled and fixed.”

“I thought they played connected on offense, defense and special teams better than we did. That was the first time I've been able to say on all three sides of the ball that someone was more connected during the game than we were.”


Southern Miss head coach Larry Fedora makes it sound like his team is at a crossroads: “Each individual player has to make a choice on whether or not they want to get better each and every day or do they just want to go through the motions. We talked about the choices that we have at this point in the season, and I believe that this team has chosen to press forward and move on.”

“We did not play with enough passion and enthusiasm to get it done, which was very surprising to me. (Overcoming the 35-21 deficit) is something we can build on. That is the positive in it, that we can do a lot of good things. But we need to stop beating ourselves. We are our own worst enemy right now.”


Bill Lynch says Indiana was close against Northwestern: "There were some very good performances. I thought our defense continued to improve against a good offensive football team. I think overall both against the run and the pass. From a statistical standpoint, they got some rushing yards on about three runs. We let them split us about three times where they got 16, 17, 18 yards. Other than that I thought we were really sound against the run. I thought we did a great job of chasing Persa, who is a very good football player.”

"Statistically some of that is misleading, in that there are some things in our passing game where it is a decision made after the ball is snapped to see the coverages. Some of the wide receiver screens. Some of the other things that we do. I don't have that number, but I would bet there were 10 of those that were called that ended up being thrown and not run. So it is not necessarily run calls. The other thing to follow up on that. The fourth quarter kind of got away from us. I think we only ran the ball twice in the fourth quarter. That became a product of the score. We had the ball and we had a drive, got stopped and punted. They went on a lengthy drive that resulted in a field goal, and then we had a three and out. That was what hurt us. That three and out after their field goal with seven minutes to go. Then we gave it back and they went on another nice drive before we stopped them, but they chewed up the clock. That was part of the cause. We've got to run the ball more efficiently."  


Art Briles says first win over Texas since 1997 was important: "It's a very important win for our university, without a doubt. But it was a big win, because it keeps us alive in the South."


Quoting Wisconsin DC Dave Doeren: "I'd like to be more opportunistic than we've been," he said. "We need to try to find some turnovers in there for our offense. Our offense is playing well. We need to make sure we're not giving up anything. If people get stuff, it's because they earn it."

Harbaugh: We kicked their ass every which way! Sark responds

Jim Harbaugh is one of a kind:  “Dominating!  We kicked their ass every which way!  One hell of a job on both sides of the line!  Dominant, dominant!”

(referencing Stanford’s record against Pete, Lane, Sark, and Nick Holt: "What are you guys, 5-1, 6-1 against that group (in his four-year tenure)? That's the highest-paid coaching staff around!"


Sarkisian’s response: “I guess when you win 41-0 you get to say what you want to say.”


Game Changing Coaches: - Week 9 (See more good stuff from Harbaugh and Sark)


Mike Stoops gets a shot at Harbaugh and Stanford this Saturday: "Jim is Jim. I know he's got a great wife and a great quarterback."

"They move their personnel around. They want to talk about being physical, but it's a game of manipulation when you play Stanford. They create so many formations. It's a very pro-oriented situation when you watch Jim's teams play, but it's more about manipulations than it is anything else."

(pleased with offensive progression in win over UCLA) "I thought we played with a lot of balance as a team. Offensively, that was our biggest production of the year. It was good to see that type of balance, I think our run game has really come on the last couple weeks, and I think that will bode well for us down the stretch."

"Overall, really pleased with the win (but I'm) disappointed we didn't score more points. Red zone efficiency wasn't great. Going on the road and getting three points in a lot of those situations against a really good team will hurt you. We just have to convert more. The points didn't equate to the way we moved the football."

Richt's promise, Saban's request, Tubs is frustrated

Mark Richt says, “We are going to end up turning this thing around.” :  “I think that the game this Saturday was a game that could have gone either way, but it didn’t go our way. People are tired of hearing that, and I’m kind of tired of it myself. I don’t like the record myself. But we are going to keep banging, and we are going to end up turning this thing around. I thought it was going to happen on Saturday, but it didn’t.”

“So what are we going to do? We are going to go back and make sure everything we’re doing is the very best it can be. I am very encouraged with our new athletics director Mr. McGarity, Greg McGarity. I think he is very intent and excited about looking at every facet of our program and helping me and us make any type of changes that can help us. Of course, him being at Florida for some time certainly gives him the credibility of knowing what the national championship team looks like . . . I am excited about some of the things Mr. McGarity and I have talked about.”


Nick Saban makes specific request for his statue outside Bryant-Denny Stadium: "I haven't seen it. It isn't up yet. They had some problems. They didn't have much to work with [laughter]. It's a little more difficult than the other ones they had to do. I don't even know when it will be done. The one thing I was really adamant about was I didn't even want it put up unless all of the players' names were on a plaque or something with the statue. That should be a symbol of what the team accomplished, not what a coach did."

(on if Alabama is his last coaching stop) "I don't have many stops left, but I'm sure happy to be here. When I took this job, this was going to be the last thing that we do. I'm happy. I used to be driven for the next job. Even when I wanted to be a NFL head coach in previous years, when I got the opportunity, it wasn't what I thought. The league had changed a lot since I was last in it as an assistant before there was free agency. When I took this job, it was like, 'I'm happy to have a really good job at a really good place, and I want to develop relationships and be there for a long time.' "


Tuberville frustrated with 4-4 record, fininsh by hosting Mizzou, at Oklahoma, Weber State, Houston: “Everybody says … (the offense has changed). It’s not any different offense. It’s just we’ve tried to get the best out of some of the players, like our running backs, we possibly can. And to go along, too, to help the defense, because we knew we were going to struggle on defense. We don’t have quite the defense it takes right now to win the Big 12. It’s obvious by looking at it. So when you’re trying to work the offense to try to help the defense, sometimes that takes away from what you really want to do. Each week, it’s a different struggle.”

“We haven’t really struggled scoring points. We’ve just been inconsistent. It all goes back to offensive line — all new offensive line. We haven’t had as much time to throw the ball as we’d like. We’ve had receivers in and out.”


Apparently, Todd Grantham didn't want Chas Henry to make that game-winning field goal:



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