Three and Out: This is your fault, Boise State, so much for the NFL being "King", and an excellent sign at LSU

Zach: I place 100 percent of the blame for this on Boise State University's football program:

Doug: Projections are educated guesses, but if this projection is true, it's the most impressive thing I've seen all week. So much for the NFL being "King".

Scott: This sign in the LSU running backs room is pretty, yeah, well, yeah...

ESPN anchor John Anderson dishes some advice to the Mizzou team

Gary Pinkel introduced ESPN anchor, and Mizzou alumnus, John Anderson to the team after practice earlier to share some life lessons with the guys.

Since Anderson ran track at Missouri, he immediately had something in common with the guys and was able to share some valuable (and humorous) perspective for them to keep in mind as their playing days continue, and eventually draw to a close as they enter the "real world".

Here's the advice he shared, courtesy of his old track coach:

- "The more you can do, the more you can do. Whatever your coaches ask you to do, do it...and then if they ask you to do something off the wall go and do it. That's great. It'll be the same way when you leave here."
- "Don't leave it on the bus. You guys don't play for two weeks and two days, so take this speech of mine and parcel it out over the next sixteen days so you're still fired up when you go out and play, because nothing keeps that long.
- "The last thing, and I never knew what this really meant, is my old coach used to tell me to 'be loose as a goose, and twice as shifty'. I didn't know what that meant, and I tried to do it everyday, but until I saw you SOB's twerking yesterday, I didn't know what that meant. But I think I do now."

Fox Sports 1's Saturday morning pregame show will air... Friday at midnight

Fox College Saturday, Fox Sports 1's answer - if you can even call it that - to ESPN's College GameDay was always slated to undergo a massive reshuffling after such a lackluster freshman season. Fox College Saturday was never going to beat College GameDay, but it wasn't supposed to get trounced 25-to-1 in the ratings, either. With host Erin Andrews off to the NFL full-time, now was as good a time as ever to try something different.

And different they will be.

The network announced Thursday a complete re-tooling of its college football pre-game efforts. Rebranded as Fox Sports Live: Countdown to Kickoff, the new show will air not on Saturday mornings, but Friday night at midnight ET. The one-hour show will then be re-run throughout the night and through Saturday morning, leading into Fox Sports 1's college football coverage on Saturday afternoon. 

“We are really excited about this concept and feel like we have an awesome group of insiders and analysts who have covered the game and competed at its highest level," Fox Sports Live executive producer Michael Hughes said in a statement.

With Andrews out, the show will eschew a traditional host's role, opting instead for four in-studio analysts and a separate panel of three college football insiders. Joel Klatt and Petros Papadakis return as hosts, and are joined by Matt Leinart and Dave Wannstedt. (Fox executives were reportedly blown away by Wannstedt's audition. On the other hand, Leinart takes a new job with a complete lack of fanfare for the first time since he arrived at USC in 2001.) Fox's dot com acquisitions Bruce Feldman and Stewart Mandel will join returnee Clay Travis as the show's insiders. 

"The format counts down the week’s biggest stories from 10 to 1, mixing in related analysis and conversation from the panel of experts," the announcement reads. "With FOX Sports also holding an expansive rights package for games this season, the show cuts away to on-site reports from the respective crews for previews of Saturday’s contests airing on FOX and FOX Sports 1. On-site game talent includes veteran broadcasters Gus Johnson, Charles Davis and Tim Brando among others."

The strategy is clear here. Better to be a perch in a bathtub than a tuna fish in the Pacific Ocean. Fox College Saturday was totally swallowed on Saturday mornings by GameDay, and figured to fare even worse this year with the debut of SEC Network's own traveling pre-game show as well as the ever-growing presence of the English Premier League on NBC Sports Network. Moving to late Friday night puts Countdown to Kickoff up only against SportsCenter, and allows for Fox Sports 1 to serve as an after party for those buzzing for content heading into the college football weekend. The audience figures to dwindle as GameDay ramps up and kickoff approaches, but considering the numbers they pulled previously, Fox will probably take that trade off.

The challenge, as with all Fox Sports 1 offerings at this point, is to siphon viewers away from ESPN. For those who are watching college football on Friday night, they're probably doing so on the Worldwide Leader. Fox Sports 1 has Colorado vs. Colorado State on the first Friday night of the season, and then only thrice more until Thanksgiving weekend - Middle Tennessee at Old Dominion on Sept. 26, Utah at Oregon State on Oct. 16, and UTEP at Rice on Nov. 21. Not exactly the type of games the GameDay crew is aching to attend.

Regardless, Fox's Countdown to Kickoff has a time slot all to itself. Now what can they do with it?

Butch Jones: "Everyone wants to talk about fancy waterfalls in recruiting, but it's about sport science."

Tennessee held a scrimmage Wednesday night at Neyland Stadium. Head coach Butch Jones cancelled the Volunteers' morning practice in hopes of producing an extra-spirited scrimmage. 

When asked if he would have hoped to see more energy in the Vols' night outing, Jones dovetailed into talking about how much his program puts into its sport science program. 

"Everyone wants to talk about fancy waterfalls, everyone wants to talk about this and that in recruiting, but it's about sport science. And I'm very proud of what we have here at Tennessee. It starts with rest, it starts with nutrition. It's basically a five-prong approach that we have in our sport science department. It starts with strength and conditioning, it starts in the training room, it starts in the operations part of it, it starts in the training room, and it starts with academics. And we take great pride in our sport science."

I hate to point this out, Coach, but that approach you listed only had four prongs. Nevertheless, Jones was rolling.

"Your pillow and your mouth are very, very important, because it's sleeping, it's hydration, and it's how you take care of your bodies, and it's your hydration, it's your nutrition. And a lot of young players really, really struggle with that end of it. You need nine hours of sleep. There's a study that has been done about the percentages of rest and injury prevention. Young players struggle with that, and it's getting all things that championship teams do to take care of yourself."

Experience practice as a triple option quarterback

The folks at New Mexico hooked quarterback Cole Gautsch with a GoPro for a recent practice and let him do his thing. As someone who always fancied himself a triple option quarterback in backyard football, I found this pretty interesting.

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