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Monday TV

MNF is all we got tonight.

All times Eastern.


St. Louis Rams at the New York Giants - 8:30 - ESPN



High School:



Hard Knocks - Ohio Style

Ohio University allowed a film crew "all access" during camp this year.  The resulting five part series, "Relentless" is quite good.  

This ain't the Jets; but it is behind the scenes video filmed before, during and after practice and leading up to and through their first victory of the year.

Each of the five episodes is about 20 minutes long and has to be considered a must watch for their fan base.  Seems like a great way to build enthusiasm about your program.

On the field, Ohio (which has gone 8-5 and 9-5 the last two seasons) is off to a great start.  With wins at New Mexico State (44-24), over Gardner-Webb (30-3) and over Marshall (44-7) the team feels it's ready for a big game this Saturday at Rutgers.  

Skim through the video below.  This is the episode 5 of 5.  It takes you from their final practices of camp, through travelling to the first game, pregame, during and postgame team celebration.

Relentless: An Inside Look at Ohio Football - Season 1 Episode 5 from OhioBobcatTV on Vimeo.

If you'd like more information about how Ohio did this, just let us know.  We'll help connect you with the staff at Ohio.  

We're about to find out how good Alabama is

After 3 weeks, and games against Kent State, Penn State and North Texas, we're about to find out how good Alabama really is.  This week they host Arkansas and then they head south to play in the Swamp.  

Alabama's defense is currently #2 in the nation in scoring defense, allowing 6 points per game.  They are #4 in the country is rush defense and #5 in pass defense.  

On offense, the combo of Trent Richardson and Eddie Lacy has looked pretty good in the backfield (Richardson is averaging over 6 ypc and has 8 rushing TDs, while Lacy is averaging over 10 ypc and has 3 rushing TDs).  

Conversely, Arkansas is #8 in passing offense and scoring offense and they are rushing for a respectable 170 yards per game.  On defense, they are #18 in scoring defense.

This game looks like a good barometer for both teams.  (Yes, we're pretty sure that's the first time the word "barometer" has ever been used on FootballScoop)

Here's one of Lacy's touchdown runs from yesterday


And here's a look at one of Richardson's touchdown runs as well





Best tweet of the morning

Upon learning this morning that Syracuse and Pitt have accepted membership to the ACC, a number of clever people have been tweeting new potential names for the future divisions of the ACC.  

After what is widely considered a massive failure by the Big Ten (can anyone tell us which teams are in the Leaders and which reside in the Legends?), the twitterverse is rampant trying to come up with acceptable divisional names for the new ACC.

Several have tweeted that North and South now make sense (please let there be sanity in the ACC office and go this route).

However, the most clever tweet we've seen thus far is from Will Brinson of CBS Sports who tweeted simply:

Virginia Tech and Florida State  #ACCDivisionNames

Video highlights now available

On FootballScoop we have now added (and are testing) the ability for you to see full screen, HD quality video highlights of nearly every FBS game.  If you look to the right, you'll see a new player.  An ad usually runs first as the page is loading; but then you can click on "Teams" and see video highlights of 78 FBS teams and their opponents.  

The first few seconds stream in standard def (to get the highlights playing immediately) but usually within about 15 seconds or so, it resolves to the full HD stream if available.  Hover over the video and you get options to turn the sound on if you want it and you can go full screen in HD.

To access the games, click "Team" and then use the right arrow on the player to get to the game you want. 

Comments welcomed below or at [email protected] 

Sunday TV

As if yesterday wasn't enough...

All times Eastern.


Regional coverage on CBS and Fox for both the 1PM and the 4:15 games

Philadelphia at Atlanta - 8PM - NBC



High School:


Things that have already happened this morning

Oklahoma State and Tulsa kicked off at 12:16 this morning after over 3 hours of lightning delays.  The game ended at 3:35AM.  Oklahoma State went on top early and were never really tested.  Final 59-33.

And in other late finishers...

Stanford looked pretty good in the second half, pulling away from Arizona to win 37-10.

Utah opened up the offense in the second half (outscoring BYU 40-0), en route to a 54-10 win. 

UNLV got their first win of the season at home over Hawaii 40-20. 

Oh, and in other news, Syracuse and Pitt have been accepted into the ACC.  Musical chairs have begun; and we suspect won't end well for a few programs.


Huge win today for Vanderbilt (30-7 over Ole Miss) and James Franklin.  The program is riding high and we love how they are doing it.

We'll have more on this over the next few days; but...we just took a look at the schedule.

South Carolina is up next; in Columbia.  That's where Marcus Lattimore plays.  That's not good.

Did anyone else notice that Lattimore rushed for 246 today.  246.

Quoting the head ball coach, "We figured the best way to try to win the game was to just hand it to him and keep blocking."

Hard to argue.  

Lattimore is going to win the Heisman.  Might be this year, might be next (maybe even the following...dude is a Sophomore); but he's going to win it.