If you haven't seen Stuart Scott's emotional ESPY speech, make time for it

Last night marked one of the most emotional nights in all of sports, with the annual ESPY awards being handed out. It will now also forever mark a night of one of the most iconic speeches in sports when Stuart Scott took the mic.

When it came time to hand out the Jimmy V Perseverance Award, Keifer Sutherland gave everyone in the room, and everyone watching at home chills with his introduction of ESPN anchor Stuart Scott noting his very public struggle with cancer. 

Trying to sum up Scott's message once he took over the mic would do it a major injustice, so listen for yourself as he talks about living life to the fullest while you're still lucky enough to be alive, and the importance of leaning on others during struggles instead of battling alone.

Hang in there until the end, becuase how he wraps up his time on stage is the personificiation of who Scott is as a human, and it may just be enough to choke up even the most hardcore audience.

You might want to bookmark this one and visit it as needed. It's that good.

Video of the Day - Mizzou brings a GoPro to SEC Media Day

How Texas A&M used a little-known NCAA rule to keep a first round pick on campus

Take heart, SEC defensive coordinators. When Texas A&M offensive tackle Cedric Ogbuehi spends his Saturday driving your defensive line into the dirt, he'll have done so thanks to a $50,000 payment from the Aggies' athletics department - with the NCAA's blessing.

Fox Sports had an interesting story in which the Aggies brass utilized the NCAA's Student Assistance Fund to front the money necessary to secure loss-of-value insurance for the Aggies' senior left tackle. After receiving a first-round grade, Ogbuehi considered turning pro until head coach Kevin Sumlin, offensive line coach B.J. Anderson, associate AD for football Justin Moore and DFO Gary Reynolds presented the Ogbuehi family with their plan to use the Student Assistance Fund to obtain Ogbuehi's loss-of-value insurance, which the family could not have afforded on its own, Cedric says, and thus allow him to return to school.

Many insurance companies offer policies such as these and then collect the money after a player signs his first professional contract. The article does not delve into the specifics of Ogbuehi's policy, but it appears the Aggies went a different route. The Student Assistance Fund is a little-known corner of the NCAA rulebook that allows universities to cover things ranging from loss-of-value insurance to suits for official functions like conference media days. The money fluctuates from year to year, and Fox says A&M exhausted much of its fund to obtain the policy.

"I don't think many schools know about it," Moore said. "It's a game-changer."

Read the full story here.

Three and out: Five feet of awesomeness, but what if Bret Bielema did?, and mixed adult beverages

Doug: But how great would it be if he did?

Scott: We're having a party at our house this weekend for 12 couples. My wife wants me to make these for everyone. Planning to try them out tonight; but if anyone has another recommendation please send it over via Twitter to @FootballScoop.

Whiskey Lemonade Recipe from FoodieCrush.com


Zach: She's five-feet tall and weighs 100 pounds, officially, but she's got enough badassness for a person three times her size.  

DirecTV may soon offer NFL Sunday Ticket to non-DirecTV subscribers

If you have DirecTV in your home, it's likely because of NFL Sunday Ticket. If you've been to a sports bar, its plethora of televisions are assuredly connected DirecTV - even though DirecTV does not offer Longhorn Network, Pac-12 Networks and has not reached an agreement with SEC Network - and that's because DirecTV has Sunday Ticket. AT&T has announced plans to purchase DirecTV, if and only if DirecTV retains the rights to Sunday Ticket.

The four-year contract between the NFL and DirecTV, which nets the league $1 billion a year, expires this season. The future of DirecTV rides on retaining that contract.

That's how important NFL Sunday Ticket is to DirecTV.

With that in mind, it's impossible to take this advertisement (uncovered by Apple Insider) as coincidence.


For the first time, the satellite behemoth will offer its prized jewel to non-subscribers.

To be clear, in order to receive Sunday Ticket directly on to your television, you'll still need to subscribe to DirecTV. But the company is now offering packages that can deliver Sunday Ticket to every conceivable streaming device besides your television. That means phones, computers, tablets, and game consoles. (No word yet on whether it will be available on streaming devices such as Apple TV and Roku.) 

There are a number of tiered subscriptions that put Sunday Ticket on different devices.


There are a number of ramifications here. First, DirecTV's primary competition for the next Sunday Ticket package is said to be the new money of the television industry located in Silicon Valley - Apple and Google. This would be a point in DirecTV's favor in the next round of negotations - "We can put the NFL everywhere they can, and on TV, too." Second, it could be seen as a win for DirecTV's competitors. It's likely ATT U-Verse subscribers would gain Sunday Ticket access already, assuming the merger goes through, but this gives DISH Network, Verizon, Time Warner, Comcast and all the smaller cable providers that Big Cable hasn't gobbled up yet incentive to keep its customers. Alternately, it could be seen a loss for the cable/satellite industry altogether. The number of cord cutters is growing. The ability to (now legally) get every NFL game without a cable subscription should only boost their numbers. Finally, if DirecTV can offer a "TV everywhere (except your TV)" package for non-subscribers, what's stopping ESPN for doing the same with SEC Network and Longhorn Network? Or the Pac-12 for its band of networks that I and most of you have never seen? (For instance, I've long wondered why I can't just pay HBO for the ability to watch Game of Thrones on my iPad and Apple TV, instead of funneling that money through a cable provider. I may soon wonder the same thing with SEC Network if ESPN and my provider don't strike a deal in the next month.)

It's too soon to know the possible ramifications - if any - that jailbreaking Sunday Ticket may have. But it will be fascinating to find out. 


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