10 crazy stats from Saturday

Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp made sure the Longhorns brought the wood.   Texas limited Nebraska to 202 total yards on 65 snaps.  Nebraska entered the game averaging 8.3 yards per play, by far #1 nationally, but averaged just 3.1 yards per play against Texas.


Get the film of the Hawaii defense against Nevada offense.  Why?  Hawaii defensive coordinator Dave Aranda helped limit Nevada to 293 total yards.  Nevada rushed for only 134 yards, something they usually do in the first quarter.  We bet defensive line coach Tony Tuioti is pumped up.  Hawaii is now 5-2.


You think Auburn offensive line coach Jeff Grimes had fun on Saturday?  The Tigers ran for 330 yards, averaged 7.3 yards per play, and scored 65 points against Arkansas.  Offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn put together a plan that helped Auburn score on 10 of 12 possessions in the game.


Missouri defensive coordinator Dave Steckel helped Mizzou record 7 sacks and limit Texas A&M to 6 of 19 third-down conversions.


USC quarterbacks coach Clay Helton will keep this tape for a long time. Why?  The Trojans racked up 602 yards in the 48-14 win over Cal.  Matt Barkley finished 25 of 37 for 352 yards, 5 touchdowns, 0 INT.  USC converted 7 of 14 third-downs and 3 of 4 fourth-downs.  


Mississippi State offensive coordinator Les Koenning watched his quarterback complete 4 of 9 passes for 33 yards in the win over Florida.  We’re sure Koenning is pumped about 0 turnovers and 0 sacks allowed in the 10-7 win in The Swamp.  Offensive line coach / run game coordinator John Hevesy helped the Bulldogs rush for 212 yards.


Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst and running backs coach John Settle have to be pleased with 184 yards rushing and 0 sacks allowed in the 31-18 win over Ohio State.


Rich Rod and Michigan ran 86 plays for 522 total yards against Iowa’s defense, but the Wolverines lost 38-28.  4 turnovers on the afternoon for the Wolverines.


LA Tech offensive coordinator Tony Franklin helped the Bulldogs run 97 plays for 683 yards in the 48-35 win over Idaho.


Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi watched the Spartans’ defense record 4 takeaways, 4 sacks, and limit Illinois to 114 yards rushing on 42 attempts.  Illinois finished with only 255 total yards on 69 plays.


Eastern Michigan offensive coordinator Ken Karcher helped the Eagles rush for 265 yards and total 490 yards in the 41-38 win over Ball State.  The win snapped the nation’s longest losing streak. 

AD explains decision, and the latest from Spurrier, Joker, and Bielema

Minnesota AD Joel Maturi talks about Brewster’s dismissal, apologizes for leak: “There are a lot of good things about our football program because of Coach Brewster. Not the least of which are the improvements academically, the improvements of our student athletes in the community, the tremendous passion and energy and visibility that I think that he has brought. We're thankful for all of those things.”

“But we're also aware in this business today of big time college football. It's about wins and losses. I also apologized for the unfortunate leak of this decision. I don't think it was fair to coach, don't think it was fair to his staff, certainly not fair to his athletes, and I sincerely apologize."


Minnesota quarterback Adam Webber says Brewster “will always be special person to me” : "I haven't had a chance to speak privately with Coach Brewster, but I will.  Unfortunately, this is my second time going through something like this.  But the relationship you create with your head coach is life long.  And he'll always be my head coach. You know, it's just too bad that as Joel Maturi said and Coach Horton, we haven't won enough games.  But, ultimately, the relationships you create are life long, and he'll always be a special person to me."


Spurrier says Gamecocks “just can’t do it” :  “We just can’t, as they say, put the nail in the coffin. We can’t put a team away, just can’t do it. I don’t know why. We just can’t do it. There were chances there to put them away, take over the game defensively or offensively, and we just can’t do it.”


Bret Bielema received pre-game advice from Barry Alvarez: "He's been speaking to me a long time about winning this game. We always have a little handshake before the game. The last thing he said to me was `(It's) a field-position game.' "

"It's justification for me that we are doing the right things. I'm around these guys every day of the year. I've said it several times this week, what we do 365 days a year, you saw (Saturday). I know it can be successful."

"As we build within our program and (continue) recruiting -- a constant belief in what we're all about -- it solidifies you that much more."


Bret Bielema says his father figured it out: "People walk by you at the (team) hotel, `Coach, get after (Terrelle) Pryor.'  My dad's message on Friday night -- he always calls me when he gets in town -- was, `Really bring a lot of pressure and rattle Pryor and the second half will be yours.'


Nick Saban not satisfied, says young players have to mature: “We've got some young guys out there on defense that have been playing for six games now. We quite frankly expect them to start maturing, play with confidence, not make mental errors and be able to make adjustments that we practiced. That's our expectation."

"All of the young players on defense need to play with more toughness, aggressiveness, competitive spirit, confidence -- it's about being able to overcome adversity in the game. We need more responsibility and accountability on the defense because a lot of the young players on defense that we have need to show maturity."


Joker Phillips says Kentucky is hitting stride: "This team is starting to grow right before our eyes. They've done great in responding to everything that has happened. I have nothing but respect for them, and I know they will respond to the success that they just had this week."

"We challenged our guys at halftime, that we were in a street fight. We're in a street fight. I'm in a street fight. I want to see who has my back."


June Jones compliments Navy defensive staff: "Navy does a great job of halftime adjustments. They played a little bit more coverage and didn't zone blitz us as much (in the second half)."


Navy defensive coordinator explains how Midshipmen slowed down SMU: "We stayed in two-deep the whole second half and did some different things with our front. We showed them odd and brought even, showed them even and brought odd. We just felt we needed to change up where we were bringing pressure from."

"We were able to get the quarterback to throw the ball quicker. We weren't getting there, but we were pressuring him to get rid of the ball and that was key.”

Rich Rod says, "That stuff is so overrated." Zook compliments coordinators

Rich Rodriguez reaction upon hearing Denard Robinson gave a fiery post-game locker room talk to team after loss to Michigan State: "That stuff is so overrated. What are they going to do? Try harder? I wasn't in the locker room, but it doesn't surprise me because Denard is a competitor and he's taking more ownership of the team."

"We've got to have a couple really good recruiting classes to address our needs. We're in a situation where we're playing those guys now - ready or not.”


Ron Zook compliments Paul Petrino and Vic Koenning: “Our players have really bought into our coaches.  Both are doing the things that our players do best.”

“Paul (Petrino) is about winning, period.  I talked about how our coaches are doing the things that our players do best.  Right now, we are running the football pretty well.  That’s what we are doing.”

“A lot of things are different, but probably the biggest (change) is everyone is playing together.”

(on facing Michigan State) “We told our team to expect a big bar fight.  They are a physical team.”


Bobby Petrino talks about his brother Paul Petrino: “I really miss Paul.  Always has a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm, and the amount of discipline he brings to the players is really special.”

“He interviewed for a number of head coaching jobs the last few years and it always came down to, ‘Well, your brother is the one that calls the plays,” so he decided he needed to go call plays.”

(on concern against Auburn) “We need to do a better job of scoring points.  We done a nice job with yards, but we do need to go score a lot more points.” 


Quoting Houston Nutt: “I’ve seen team that play Coach Saban and Alabama, and it’s over before it starts, if you know what I mean.” 



Chizik: Our best defense is going to be our offense staying on the field

Gene Chizik explains Malzahn hire, talks Arkansas during Tim Brando Radio Show: (on why he hired Gus Malzahn)”You have to look at yourself and ask, 'Is that something I would hate to defend?'  To me, that was an emphatic, 'Yes.'  He’s one of the best coordinators in the country.  It (his system) has worked at every level.”

“We’ve had a lot of teams try to throw it 35-50 times against us.  Our thing is we don’t want to give up the big plays.  Defensively, we’ve made some strides.  We need to get more pass rush.”    

"Our best defense is going to be our offense staying out on the field.  We really have to manage the clock."

“We have to get better with our tailback running game.  We are committed to it, but there’s no question we have to get better there.”


Arizona coach Mike Stoops hypes up Wazzu: "This is far and away his best team. One through 22, with his starters, (this is) the best group of players he's had, the most skill he's had, the most physical presence on the offensive line he's had. You can see them start to turn the corner."


UGA defensive coordinator Todd Grantham says 3-4 allows you to play younger players: “I think, actually I know the 3-4 allows you to play with younger guys because in a 3-4 your outside backers are going to be very athletic guys, but they may not have the strength of a 4-3 defensive end.  I think the 3-4 allows you to play younger players and athletic players earlier in their careers. Sometimes it takes a year or two in the weight room to play a 4-3 defensive end.”


Quoting Bret Bielema: “We actually own the best home record in Big Ten over the last 5 years.  We are 40-4.”


CNBC’s Darren Rovell tweets: “Only beers up in sales in last year? Busch Light (6.65%), Natty Light (4.18%) & Miller High Life (2%)"


Richt admits mistake, Edsall hot about player's "sense of entitlement"

Mark Richt slams UGA’s toughness: "We've had some seasons recently where we've had 30 guys injured going into a season, going into a camp, and I'm thinking, 'Well, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I shouldn't be practicing the way we've been practicing. So I tried to change up a philosophy, and I think it backfired. I'm a big enough guy to say it. I made a mistake in that regard."

"We just weren't tough enough (early this season). I felt like we weren't physical enough."


Bobby Petrino calls Auburn game a “15 round title fight” : "I think that's the biggest thing is mentally approach it like a fifteen round title fight where we're going to get some shots in. We're going to hit them hard. We're also going to get hit back so we're going to have to be able to take a shot, concentrate, focus on the next play and play it that way one play at a time." 


Chizik’s interesting response during Thursday night radio show when comparing Cam Netwon and Ryan Mallet: "They know how to go from their first-choice to the second-choice (receiver)," Chizik said. "That's what makes great quarterbacks -- not the ones who can hit the guy who is open now, but what happens when your first guy is not open, and the second choice is not open. Then, what do you do with the ball third? You either pull it down and run it, or throw it.”

"In the case of the two, Cam would probably pull it down and run it and Mallett would probably throw it."


Randy Edsall doesn’t like player’s “sense of entitlement” : “Some of these guys, they think they have a sense of entitlement. We’ve done some pretty good things here the last few years, and maybe some of these guys haven’t paid enough of the price that the people in front of them did. And instead of going out and doing it that way, they think they know a little bit more than what they do when they don’t.”

“(Auriemma) said ‘yeah, I had to deal with that for three years.’ All of a sudden, you go to the bowl games and they think I’m just entitled to this. I’m just going to show up and go. Bullcrap. There is no entitlement. You have to work for it and earn it every time.”


Dave Wannstedt calls Syracuse game a must win: "We have to find a way to win this game. Every coach says that the game they are playing is the most important game, but in this case, it really is. We have to go up there and win a conference game and we have a chance to win on the road.”

"We just have to win, period, and build some confidence. I think that is where we are at right now as a team. You give yourself the best chance to win on how you prepare and our guys have prepared good. Our guys are excited about playing, but we've got to transfer practice to the game."

Michigan State defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi compliments Illinois offense: "They've got a great offense. They've got two big tailbacks that can carry the ball. The quarterback's a great athlete that can run and throw. Their offensive line is physical. They rushed for 280 yards on Penn State. It'll be a challenge to stop the run. It's a combination of a Wisconsin and a Michigan offense."

Gary Patterson concerned about BYU: "They haven't been this way for a long time. Now they're starting to get a spark back, getting guys healthy. Their quarterback [freshman Jake Heaps] is growing up. They're dangerous because they have the personnel that can beat you.They only have one loss [in conference]," Patterson continued. "If they only have one loss at the end of the year they have a chance to win the conference."


Lane Kiffin thinks fast-tempo offense would really hurt USC defense: "People say that. It’s not like we call plays that we think aren’t going to work. We’re always trying to score on offense. As far as up-tempo, as far as no-huddle… Yeah that sounds good and everything, but then you’re putting your defense out there for more plays every game.”

“If you’re not in the huddle, like Oregon does… I think Oregon has maybe run 90 more plays than us in the same amount games. That puts your defense on the field a lot more. With the numbers over there, I don’t know that that would be the best thing to do."

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