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Arkansas has new uniforms

Video: NC State is 'Happy' at practice. We're talking about practice

Remember last week North Carolina's Gunter Brewer revealed a "huge coaching secret" while dancing with his guys before practice, well now NC State is doing a bit of the same during practice.

Next to winning, seeing guys have a blast at practice (yes, we're talking about practice here) has got to be one of the most powerful recruiting tools that coaches have direct control over.

With UNC and NC State now knocked off the list, it looks like the ball is in the court of Wake Forest, Duke, ECU and the rest of the Carolina schools to one up their fellow in state schools. Do they want in on this action?

Watch Miami players flip out over their new uniforms

What could possibly get Miami's football team this excited? A new blitz package? An extra day of practice? Or maybe it's new uniforms.

Yep, it's definitely new uniforms.

The 'Canes debuted these before their spring game on Saturday. 

11 Miami uniform

11 Miami helmet

Those lines behind the U logo are an exploded version of this alternate logo. 

11 Miami jersey

11 Miami shoulder

11 Miami pants

View the whole set here.

Bo Pelini wins best spring game moment for the second consecutive year

Last year, FootballScoop dubbed Bo Pelini and Nebraska as college football's spring game national champions for their wonderful moment with Jack Hoffman. The Huskers won this most mythical of national titles again in 2014 for an entirely different type of moment.

If you've followed the saga of Bo Pelini and Fake Bo Pelini, you'd know the cat has been at the center of their fake relationship. 

The Internet absolutely ate it up, as evidenced by the real Pelini's 10,407 retweets. 

On Saturday, Pelini again had the Internet eating some proverbial cat nip out of the palm of his hand.

Game over. Everyone else can go home.

Photos: A new helmet at East Carolina and a new uniform at Old Dominion

Spring game weekend is a great time to unveil new uniforms. We've already seen a new set at Florida State, and Miami has new uniforms on the way at some point this weekend. Not to be left out of the fun, East Carolina has unveiled a new helmet, and Old Dominion displayed a new road uniform.

First, the Pirates' new helmet. 

ECU helmet

Uniform nerds will note this is just a slight tweak from East Carolina's previous look, but it's an improvement.

For a larger departure, let's check out Old Dominion. The Monarchs, who join Conference USA this fall, have made a definite improvement - even if it does involve significant inspiration from Navy's alternate helmets.


Florida State is testing an interesting technology at its spring game

Without a doubt the No. 1 complaint fans have about attending games in 2014 is the lack of connectivity a live event requires. Cell phone WiFi, which doubles as an external pacemaker for many people, becomes a highly-priced paperweight inside a stadium. Every sports league in America has tried various fixes, but Florida State is trying an idea we've yet to see for its Garnet and Gold game on Saturday.

Instead of relying on the video board for replays, or just missing them altogether, fans can not only see the replays they want, but they can be their own television director and choose which angle they see. 

The school is using the technology on a trial basis, so it'll be interesting to see the reports out of Tallahassee on Saturday.

Get your blood pumping with this 3-on-3 drill at Texas

If you ask me, this is how football was meant to be played. Back in my own playing days, I found our 3-on-3 tackling drills more fun than the actual games.

Seems like Charlie Strong and his staff agree with me. 

Photos: Florida State unveils new uniforms

In the aesthetic universe of college football, there are classics, Alabama, Michigan, Penn State, and the like, and there are new classics. Florida State was in that second group. Rarely do "classic" uniforms change, but that's what happened today when the 'Noles unveiled new uniforms.

I originally assumed these would fall closer to "tweak" than an all out change, and I was wrong. This is a noticeable departure from their previous set.

11 FSU black

11 FSU gold

11 FSU black red

View the full set here.

Video: Experience a practice through the eyes of a safety

A couple weeks ago we posted a video of a two-minute drill through the eyes of Miami quarterback Ryan Williams. Outside of being a neat experience for fans, it's a great coaching tool. Coaches don't have to wonder what a player saw during a play, he can see for himself. 

Now the 'Canes have done the same thing, only this time it's through the eyes of safety Dallas Crawford. Thanks to the Schutt Vision helmet, I think we could possibly see players outfitted with in-helmet cameras during a game, for use by TV, the coaching staff, or both.