Big 12 coaches differ on elimination of championship game

Bob Stoops, Mike Gundy, Gary Pinkel, and Bill Snyder shared their opinions on the elimination of the Big 12 Conference championship game during a conference call on Tuesday.

Gundy and Stoops are glad the game has been eliminated.

Gundy explained, "I've always felt like that our goal as a league should be to have a national champion, and anything that takes away from that we should avoid. And we've accomplished that by eliminating the championship game."

Stoops said, “We had to win our championship then go win the national championship or BCS game when we just won a huge game, it's like we had to do it twice. Now we don't have to do it, and I think it is an advantage.”

Pinkel didn’t like the move and made an interesting point.

Pinkel said, "I really think the championship game and divisions are good for college football. I think it's rather obvious, too, since the Pac-10 went to it (beginning this year). We're going to miss that, I don't think there's any question about it."

Bill Snyder added, “I think most people view the Big 12 as one of the top two conferences in the United States. There are four or five trophies in our trophy case that in all likelihood would not have been there had we not had a North and South Division. And I think there are a lot of schools that profited by that, particularly schools in the North."

Despite the elimination of the championship game this year, the Big 12 Conference will have exposure on the traditional conference championship Saturday.  Bedlam, the Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State game, will be played in Stillwater on that date.

Brian Kelly: You have to use Facebook

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly spent a few minutes on the NFL Network last night.

After complimenting the outstanding work that Mike Mayock does for the NFL Network and Notre Dame’s traditional Saturday NBC telecast, Kelly talked about social media outlets and reflected on the best players he coached against this past season.

Kelly appreciates that Mayock doesn't waste time talking in generalities.  He knows the game, personnel and x's & o's, so Kelly looks forward to meeting with Mayock each Friday during the season.

An avid tweeter (who would have ever thought the Notre Dame head coach would be an avid tweeter), and a good one in our opinion, Kelly also talked about Facebook.

Kelly said, “I will tell you I have to be.  In the recruiting process, the way that you have an opportunity with recruits today, you have to have Facebook because they are not picking up the phones anymore.”

Who was the best player you coached against in this year’s draft?

Kelly said, “Andrew Luck.  He was hands down the best we saw, but I also liked the Baldwin kid from Pittsburgh.  I think a lot of people talk about whether he came to play every week, but I can tell you when I was at Cincinnati and again at Notre Dame, we played him a lot and he came to play. He’s got great range and will go up and get the football. He’s a match-up nightmare.  And then I liked the energy that Ryan Kerrigan from Purdue brought to the table.”

Kelly now has over 26,000 followers on Twitter.  You can follow him @CoachBrianKelly.  You can follow us @FootballScoop

Smart idea: Kevin Wilson makes the most of final spring practice

Indiana head coach Kevin Wilson used the spring game as another practice to get better.

The first-year head coach set up the spring schedule to allow for one last practice on Tuesday.  In anticipation to voluntary summer workouts, Wilson wanted to make the most of the final practice by teaching the players how to run a practice on their own.

Wilson explained, “We used that last light practice to teach our guys how to practice this summer…drills we can do, how to run skelly or the throwing drills without the coaches here, quarterbacks calling plays, linebackers lining the defense up.  We’re limited in coaches with what we can do (this summer), so today was just coaching the kids on how to do it.”

Overall, Wilson put a huge emphasis since landing the job on building a foundation of core values.  He seemed pleased that the players bought into much of the philosophy.

“These kids have embraced our values, what we’re trying to be, our toughness.  We stayed healthy. We’re getting faster and more confident.  If we’re going to be a good team, we’ll keep building through the summer.”

For the 37th or 38th time since landing the job, Wilson was outspoken about the importance of the voluntary workouts during the summer.

“Voluntarily you are making the choice of building your team or bringing your team down by not being committed. We’ve got all the kids being here during session 1 and session 2.  We want them to come back in shape, bigger, strong, faster….but we also want them to come back better football players.”

Indiana opens against Ball State in Lucas Oil Stadium.  The Hoosiers then host Virginia and South Carolina State.

Strange & funny video: Paul Rhoads visits Wally World

We’re still trying to figure this one out.

Late last night, a loyal FootballScoop viewer emailed in a video of Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads.

No, it’s not the increasingly popular on-field mic’d up segment.  It’s not a post-practice media session with reporters.  It’s not one of Rhoads’ terrific post game locker room speeches.

This video is of Paul Rhoads reenacting Chevy Chase's famous trip to Wally World.  Currently, the video has been viewed slighly less than 1000 times.  

We don't think it will end up being viewed 319,000 times like Rhoads' locker room speech after defeating Nebraska, but we'll guess the views of this video will climb rapidly.

Watch the video.  You’ll catch yourself saying, “What in the flip is that?”

Rocky Long calls out Boise State's blue turf

San Diego State head coach Rocky Long called out Boise State, the newest member of the Mountain West Conference during a conference call earlier today.

Long’s issue deals with the blue turf at Bronco Stadium.

“I think they ought to get rid of that blue turf. I think it’s unfair,” said Long, who was promoted to head coach when Brady Hoke left for Ann Arbor.

Long added, “It takes the visiting team a quarter or two to get used to that different field.”

Perhaps Long is trying to get other coaches to voice their frustration, so in 2012 when the Aztecs visit Bronco Stadium, the field will be green.

Umm…can you say, “No chance?”

The teams that have to deal with the “Smurf Turf” next season are Tulsa, Nevada, Air Force, TCU, Wyoming, and New Mexico.


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