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Harbaugh: I don't want to put a timeline on it

Jim Harbaugh, the “Jackhammer,” is one busy dude right now.

He’s got Virginia Tech, a new baby girl named Katherine, a large contract proposal, and options about his future on his mind.  No confirmation (at the time of print) was available on his priority.

When asked yesterday if he had spoken with the 49ers, Harbaugh responded, “I only talk about the job I have now.”

The Jackhammer added, “You know, my dual focus is on the Orange Bowl and the baby.”

So Jim, when will you resolve your future?

“I don’t want to put a timeline on it.”

According to Bay Area writer Jon Wilner, Stanford has placed a new deal in front of the Jackhammer.  The new deal is worth approximately $3 million per year and includes huge amounts of deferred money and housing assistance, according to sources.


Friedgen sends warning to the next Maryland head coach

Ralph Friedgen sent a warning to the next Maryland head coach during his post-game press conference on Wednesday evening.

The Terps had just defeated East Carolina 51-20 when Friedgen explained to anyone who would listen that Maryland isn’t the job it appears to be.

Friedgen said, "I can tell you this — it's not an easy job. There's a lot of things that really have to change to help it reach its potential. And, to be honest with you, I don't know if the university is willing to do that. You've kind of got to know that going in. What happens to a lot of coaches who come to Maryland, they think it's like every other place, and after their third year they realize it isn't, and they're stuck.”

"People are concerned about my legacy, and my legacy is what it is — 75-50. I gave it the best I had for 10 years, and obviously that's not good enough right now, and that's what hurts. I leave the job a lot better than when I got it, so if someone else can come in and do better, my hat's off to them."

"I haven't been sleeping very well," Friedgen said. "I've been in a pattern where I can't keep my eyes open at 10 o'clock and they're wide open at 2 o'clock in the morning. It kind of got to the point where I wanted to get this game over with and kind of get on with the rest of my life."

Maryland finished 9-4 in Friedgen’s final season as head coach. It was nice to see Friedgen receive a standing ovation as he exited the field. Fans chanted, "Friedgen, Friedgen, Friedgen."


Quick Hits: Dantonio, Stoops, Ferentz, Pinkel, and June Jones

Mark Dantonio says the Spartans’ great players have to play great in order to beat Bama: “Our great players have to play great. Our players who are outstanding in their own right need to play at that level for us to be successful in this game. We can't have a substandard or an average performance by Greg Jones or Eric Gordon and expect to win. So this is about offense vs. defense, this is about individual matchups at times, this is about us measuring up. It's about the focus and us being emotionally ready.”


Arizona head coach Mike Stoops started 7-1 before losing the final 4 games of the season: “ I would say disappointed would be an accurate assessment of where we finished. A little frustrated. But, again, I have to look at where you are at as a team and as a program and the way you compete and how realistic (are) chances you have of winning every time you step on the field. And that's the overall view that I take and really don't feel bad about where we are at as a program and how close we are. Certainly there are some areas we need to improve to take the next step in trying to accumulate more wins and continually compete for championships. We fell short in November and December, but, again, I still feel like our program is stronger and is continually getting stronger each year.”


Quoting Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz following 27-24 win over Mizzou: "We've been in a lot of close games - in the past three years, actually - and it's a lot more fun when they come out the right way. It's a credit to our players. They believe in themselves and prepared for this."


Quoting Gary Pinkel following 27-24 loss to Iowa: "I'm very disappointed. It is very difficult in the locker room with kids that you love and you have been through so much this year and you come out of a tough, close game and a loss."


SMU head coach June Jones talks about preparing for Army:



Has your coach ever done this?

Oklahoma State and Arizona play tonight in the Alamo Bowl.

Sources tell us that while in San Antonio, Mike Gundy called an impromptu recruiting evaluation session with the entire staff. He wanted to spend a few hours with the entire staff watching high school film.

Oklahoma State's recruiting staff had no advance notice of this; yet they were able to pull it off without a hitch. How? Well, thanks for asking (it's always nice to be able to relay real life stories about our sponsors).

Oklahoma State subscribes to Player Direct. All the recruiting coordinator had to do was fire up the internet (thank you Al Gore), logon to Player Direct and they could watch film on nearly every player in the country.

In fact, if memory serves us right, Oklahoma State and Arizona were two original subscribers to Player Direct.

Impressive that in just two years, Player Direct has grown to become the gold standard for watching game film of high school athletes.

High school coaches call us all the time asking how they can get their players seen by more college programs. It's easy, use DSV (Digital Sports Video). More high schools use DSV for video editing & "tape trade" than all of their competitors combined (probably why DSV is the primary video provider for Rivals, Yahoo Sports, Scout, Fox Sports, hundreds of college programs, FootballScoop, the girls on the View, etc...).

Player Direct clients have direct access to DSV high school video.

One last thing, we'd be remiss if we didn't point out (although it's hard to miss this atop The Scoop page) that Player Direct is currently offering a Small College package that is affordable for every school in America. Give them a call (800.821.9308) and they will give you a demo (and then provide 24/7 support to back it up) and you will see that this is a no brainer. Quite simply the most efficient way to evaluate talent ever created.

We started this article off as a story about Gundy pulling a surprise, "let's watch a few hours of high school game film" and ended with a few notes about one of our favorite sponsors. Didn't see it going that way; but we kind of like it.

Update: The guys at Player Direct just called in and asked that we pass along "good luck" to all of their clients in their bowl games. We asked them which teams were their clients. The list was too long to type here...Thus, good luck to everyone!

From "physically inferior and mentally scarred" to a bowl game

Just three years ago, the Washington Huskies were 0-12.

Enter Steve Sarkisian and the Huskies have gone 5-7 and 6-6, while accepting a bid this year to the Holiday Bowl.

Washington AD Scott Woodward told the Seattle Times, "In my opinion, what was done last season (2009) was incredible. Our team was not only physically inferior to the teams that they played in that season, they were mentally scarred from losing. And they (coaches) had to change a whole mind-set.”

Woodward, a former assistant AD at LSU, admits his goal was to make a “Nick Saban type of hire” by bringing in Steve Sarkisian.  Two years later, Woodward couldn’t be happier.

"We're here to win the game. We're here to get better as a program, but I also want this to be a celebration," Woodward said. "I want the kids who have been through the depths of misery to really experience some sunshine in a metaphorical and a literal way. I just want them to experience joy and a real celebration, because it's been a rough road for the seniors.

"I'm not afraid to say that we are striving to win championships. And I think Steve's the right guy to do so. But I'm not as optimistic as Steve on the quick turnaround.”

UW will play Nebraska on December 30th in the Holiday Bowl.

Wisky OC Paul Chryst responds to Texas speculation

Various websites (not FootballScoop) have connected Wisconsin offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Paul Chryst to the opening on Mack Brown’s staff at Texas.

According to Chryst, that’s news to him.

Chryst said today, “I'm pretty lucky. Wisconsin isn't unique to this, but the players are fun to be around. We're not always having laughs and giggles, but I appreciate [them] a ton. They work, they want to be good. They're willing to do what you ask.”

"I work with a group of guys on the offensive side of the ball that I truly enjoy being around and are really good football coaches. I appreciate what Bret [Bielema] has done and allowed us to do."

Chryst was 1 of 4 finalists for the FootballScoop Offensive Coordinator of the Year award.  The Badgers are in Los Angeles preparing for the Rose Bowl game against TCU.

Wisky is a 3-point dog to the Frogs.

Clemson coaches freezing their ass off in Charlotte

Clemson and South Florida are set to kick-off at 12 pm EST on Friday in the Meineke Car Care Bowl in Charlotte.

Unfortunately, the Tigers were greeted by frigid temperatures and brutal field conditions during the first practice in Charlotte.

On Monday, Clemson enjoyed the luxury of practicing on ice.  Luckily, today’s temperature in Charlotte rises to 30 degrees, but as we noticed on Weather.com , it feels like 26.

Clemson long-snapper Matt Skinner explains, “The problem is most of the time when you practice on a field, you would like to practice on grass, but when you have this stuff called compact ice, you slip on it.  It hurts.”

“I’m cold, but it doesn’t matter.  You gotta do what you gotta do.”

Here’s the video of practice #1 in Charlotte:


Quick Hits: Tubs, Riley, Walker, and Coker

Tuberville wants to get back to running the football: "I like what we're doing. I couldn't have come in here and just been a running team with the type of personnel that was already here.”

"But I still believe in running the football. More than what they did in the past. That's the biggest difference. We want to be a bit more physical and be able to run the ball, which will help throwing it down the field, too."

"The problem in doing this offense is it takes awhile to recruit to it. It's a process. A lot of people don't want to take that time and sacrifice to work in an offense like this."


East Carolina offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley reflects back on this week – one year ago at Texas Tech: "It was just a circus after that (Leach leaving). Just about the worst week you can imagine. It was hell."

Dwayne Walker sends a clear message: “I'm a head coach now. Despite the struggles and challenges we've had here the last two years, that doesn't mean it's not going to work out. I can't control the rumors. It's like putting a movie together. You have to put the pieces together before it's complete."

"I think some of this stuff is worth fighting for, but I don't want people to think it's all on resources. At the end of the day, (the coaches) have got to figure it out. It's not a pity party." 


Larry Coker describes year #1 at UT-San Antonio: "It has been tough. You practice all week just like if you were preparing for a game. Then you get to Saturday and there is no game.  But it has been fun. We've found some players and it has been interesting to say the least."


Syracuse AD Daryl Gross (a former USC assistant AD) describes difference in West Coast recruiting vs. East Coast recruiting: "On the West Coast, frankly, recruiting is sometimes more about, 'Who's the last person you talked to?' Here you have to be familiar, you need credibility, you have to develop the relationships, you have to be respected. People here appreciate that. It's more about building trust over time."