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Pelini tyring to lure Oregon assistant Scott Frost?

Oregon wide receivers coach Scott Frost could be returning to his alma mater, Nebraska, to join Bo Pelini’s coaching staff.

According to his father Larry Frost, “I think he’s just going to have to wait and see what they offer. He really gets along well with Chip Kelly. They have similar philosophies — not that he wouldn’t with Bo, but I don’t think he’s going to leave unless it’s some place for real advancement. That’s important to him.”

Frost recently finished his second year on the staff at Oregon.  He led Nebraska, as a quarterback, to the 1997 National Championship.  After a five year playing career that including stints with four different organizations (Jets, Browns, Packers, Bucs), Frost landed his first full-time coaching job at Northern Iowa in 2007.

Reportedly, Oregon will negotiate to keep Frost even if it’s the offensive coordinator job that Pelini offers Frost.  Good luck, Oregon.

After bonuses, Frost was paid $234,266 in 2009-10.

In case you forgot, this guy balled in college.  Here's the evidence:


Michigan State OC Dan Roushar explains his promotion

Michigan State assistant Dan Roushar explained to ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg why he was promoted from offensive line coach to offensive coordinator.

Roushar explained, “Always in coaching, when you work for a guy like coach Dantonio, each and every year he asks what your goals are and I always aspire to have as much responsibility as I can. With the timing aspect of Treddy leaving and things are going pretty good, he wanted to stay within philosophies, so we talked about it and he talked with everybody on the staff. We had some strong candidates, and he made the decision to go in this direction.”

Roushar admitted his philosophy will be pretty similar to that of former offensive coordinator Don Treadwell, who left to become the head coach at Miami (OH).

Roushar said, “When I look back on last year, there were moments when we were able to do both (run & pass) of those things when required, and yet we got whipped in Iowa City and we got whipped in the bowl game. We understand we've got an awful long way to go.”

During his career, Roushar has coach at Butler University (1989-1992), Rhode Island (1993), Ball State (1994), Illinois (1995-1996), Northern Illinois (1997-2002), Illinois (2003-2004), Cincinnati (2005-2006), and Michigan State (2007-present).

Since the promotion of Roushar, tight ends coach Mark Staten will now coach the offensive line.  The Spartans have yet to name a wide receivers coach.

Interesting comments from Will Muschamp

Will Muschamp signed 18 players in his first recruiting class at Florida.

Interestingly, Muschamp said, “I really like recruiting defensive backs that have played quarterback because they have to make decisions.  And the critical decisions you make on the back end can sometimes cost you a football game.”

Muschamp added, “I don’t count stars.  I don’t want to offend anyone.  I don’t read the internet.  I watch the tape.  I recruit.  I just put the tape on and see from a critical factors standpoint if this guy can be fit in our program.  I haven’t turned on ESPN today.”

Florida finished 14th in the Rivals.com national team ranking. Scout.com has the Gators finishing 21st.

We're moving again. I told my wife and her jaw dropped

Changes can happen really fast in the coaching profession.  It’s a profession that can lead you to places unknown.  It’s also a profession that can be tough on families.

Less than 24 hours following the MAC Championship game, Matt Limegrover has absolutely no clue he would be moving from DeKalb, IL to Minneapolis, MN.  When Northern Illinois head coach Jerry Kill accepted the Minnesota job, he asked his offensive coordinator / offensive line coach Matt Limegrover to join him.

Here’s how Limegrover describes it to ESPN1500 in Minny:

Limegrover said, “It's crazy trying to live out of a hotel and with being in the heat of recruiting right now, but it's also the nature of it. Fortunately, it is not the first time that we've had to do it or have had to do it as a group. So, I think the byproduct of it is that as crazy as it could have been that part was lessened because we've all done it together.”

“There is a core of guys who for some of us it's the fourth time we've done it together, with most of its third time. We kind of knew what needed to be done and what needed to happen, so I think that lessened it a little bit. But it has been pretty crazy to say the least.”

So what was your wife’s reaction when you told her the family was moving to Minnesota?

“It was kind of drop-jaw, what-are-you-talking-about-type reaction. The move from Carbondale and Southern Illinois to Northern Illinois for me particularly was pretty good for me because my wife is from that area and has a lot of family there, so that worked out very well. But then to say we're going six hours away, initially that set her aback. The great thing is that the wives, after the initial shock kind of sets in of you're moving, you're disrupting things, then the great excitement sets in of what a great opportunity it is. Really in a lot of respects it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and they realize that and understand it.”

“Once everybody started looking into the Twin Cities and everything that the area has to offer, I know my wife was incredibly excited. She's already brought the kids. They didn't want to see me. They went straight to the Mall of America. So, I had to go down there to see them. They are real excited. And that is a big part of it, to know that they are chomping at the bit to get up here and to get going with things because it makes you feel a little bit better about the decision you made.”


Rod Broadway says HOLLA one day after signing day, accepts new job

Just days after turning down the NC A&T job and saying, “Louisiana is my home,” Rod Broadway is leaving Grambling State to accept the head coaching job at NC A&T.

On Saturday, as speculation had risen, Broadway stated, "This is home. I live here. This is my home. I grew up in North Carolina, but Louisiana is my home now, and again, I'm happy to be here."

"I've said for a number of years — to anyone that would listen — that I have the best job in black college football. It's an honor that people come calling, but I've never applied for a job, never sent a resume for a job, or anything else. It's just a compliment to our guys that people have interest in us."

Today, however, Broadway had a change of heart.

After four years at Grambling (35-12 record), Broadway accepted the NC A&T head coaching job.

Grambling AD Lin Dawson said, “I must say that Grambling has lost a true leader and a developer of young men. His record speaks for itself. He built a championship program and left us with a foundation to be one of the best football programs in the region, as well as in Black College Sports. I will miss him both as a friend and as a colleague that I could count on. Grambling provided Broadway the opportunity to bring his skills as a head coach to the national stage, and Grambling is better because of it."

NC A&T must have a pretty good deal for Broadway, who was set to earn $215,000 next season at Grambling State.

Broadway coached at Duke from 1991-94, Florida (1995-2000), UNC (2000-2001), and served as the head coach at NC Central (2003-2006).

Dan Mullen defends recruiting class, talks decommitments

Coming off a 9-4 season, Dan Mullen seemed defensive yesterday of his recruiting class that finished 10th (SEC) / 42nd (Nationally) by Rivals and 11th (SEC) / 43rd (Nationally) by Scout.

Mullen explained, “I can tell you how this class will pan out in a couple of years but in our last three classes. We signed 53 players, 47 are still contributing to our football team, one is playing professional baseball with the Reds and one just recently resigned with us after completing his work in junior college. That percentage shows we are finding the players that fit our program and they’re sticking with us and continuing to develop for the future. That to me is how you evaluate a recruiting class.”

A number of players that verbally committed to Mississippi State signed with Ole Miss (3), Auburn, and Vandy.

Mullen said, “A decommitment in my mind and in the media’s mind is different. A commitment in my mind is someone that is always going to come to Mississippi State and if you are visiting other schools then that means you are not committed in my opinion. I really don’t think I had any decommitments in my opinion. That is how I view recruiting but we’re not allowed to talk about it so that is all up to you guys interpretation. If a player is afraid of competition, I don’t want them to come here and we are simply looking for guys that want to come in and work hard, offer a special talent and earn their spot on this team. That is what it takes to win and there is no shortcut to the top of the mountain.”

The 2011 non-conference schedule for Mississippi State includes at Memphis, LA Tech, at UAB, and UT-Martin.

Quick Hits: Spurrier, Fitz, Tubs, and Hazell

Classic quote from Steve Spurrier: “Randy Shannon had the No. 1 recruiting class in 2008, Urban Meyer had the No. 1 class last year. Both those guys are working television.”


Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald has his own style: “The old phrase is ‘It is what it is.’ I tell the kids the truth. I tell them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. I learned that from Randy [Walker] and Gary [Barnett.]”

“I just loving giving kids an opportunity to come see our program. Humbly, an opportunity to give a kid a $55,000 scholarship a year to come to Northwestern. That’s a life-changing experience for a kid. That’s a pretty humbling responsibility. I get that power of influence. I like building relationships with kids, and I like getting to know their families, and I love getting out to talk to high school coaches. Yeah, I love it. I love everything aspect of it. Everything. Love it.”


Kent State head coach Darrell Hazell explains his recruiting philosophy: ''There are 719 schools in the state of Ohio. 'If you can't get three-fourths of your class from your own backyard, then you're not doing your job. Our staff's motto is to always take care of your backyard, and that's what we did.''


Tommy Tuberville signed the first ever Top 20 class at Texas Tech: "We had no problem selling Lubbock and the community and West Texas and the Big12. There is a lot of interest in that. The thing you do run into -- and we went to other conferences, and we competed against some of the so-called big boys in this country in college football. We beat them some, they beat us some.”

Houston Nutt praises Mississippi mothers

Despite a subpar season, Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt signed 8 of the Clarion-Ledger’s Dandy Dozen including 5-star linebacker C.J. Johnson.

Nutt said the top 5 players in the state of Mississippi signed with the Rebels and he credited  “the Mississippi mothers.”

Nutt explained, “The mother is a special, special lady.  I don’t think sometimes husbands know what they do.  They don’t understand.  They usually do the raising.  They play both roles.  They’re working, raising, training, nurturing, mentoring, counseling.  Most of them played father roles, so I have an awesome respect for mothers.  It ought to be the title of tomorrow’s headlines.  I say the mothers of Mississippi are the MVPs.  They are the MVPs.  You build that relationship with them.  They believe in us…even when we had our worst season.”

“Who is going to take care of their son?  Who is going to really watch them?  Recruiting talk is easy, but it’s about your body of work.”

"Nobody gave us a chance to get any of these guys. All of a sudden you look around and we about got them all.”

"I felt like the more you got into those living rooms and the more feedback I got from the mothers, the more I got around the conversation of trust, relationship and commitment. They felt like they knew where we were going and they wanted to do it here in Mississippi, to win a championship. They were hungry for home."

Ole Miss hosts BYU in the season-opener.  Other non-conference games include Southern Illinois, at Fresno State, and LA Tech.