Brian Kelly: I want our guys to be more comfortable playing at home

Over the past few seasons, Brian Kelly noted that he doesn't believe that his guys have been completely comfortable playing in front of their home crowd in South Bend.

"I felt at times we ran into the stadium like we were running into the Basilica...or we were running to the Grotto. We're running into the football stadium, and I want our guys feeling comfortable in there."

In order to make the team more familiar with the game day environment, the Irish have moved their Thursday pre game practices from the LaBar practice complex to the stadium and will practice that way for the rest of the season.

"I want our guys to feel comfortable in the stadium, in the locker room, in the tunnel, on the field, on the sideline. When we run out there, I want some energy." Kelly explained.

"It almost seems like there's too much of a reverence there. It's Notre Dame Stadium. It's a football game, and let's have some energy. We talked about that today and we'll continue to beat that drum."

Notre Dame has their home opener Saturday against Purdue at 3:30 and can be seen on NBC.

Chip Kelly: "It's not about winning the turnover battle"

Oregon has put up some impressive numbers offensively over the past few season, but as Chip Kelly told SiriusXM's College Football Playbook, after games he's reflecting on one thing in particular that doesn't show up on the stat sheet.

"I'm not a stat guy. I spend a lot of time looking at statistics, but the statistic that we talk about all the time that is not on the stat sheet is our response after a turnover."

"It's not about winning the turnover battle. It's about your response after the turnover because if you're defense can do an unbelievable job and put you at plus four, but every single time the offense goes three and out, you didn't do anything with what the defense created for you. By the same token, just 'cause you turn it over on the offensive side of the ball, if your defense can go out there and stop them, then that's what it's all about."

"So, for us, the only thing we talk about from a statistical standpoint is our response after a turnover. Are we capitalizing when our defense creates a turnover? And if we happen to turn it over, does our defense go on the field and stop the opponent from doing something with it? That's what we talk about and I think that's the one that has the biggest impact on games."

Kelly and the Ducks will look to force turnovers and make the most of their extra opportunities against Tim DeRuyter and Fresno State on Saturday. Kickoff is scheduled for 6:30.

Friday TV - In state college rivalry

Utah and Utah State face off tonight in one of the most played rivalry games in major college football history (12th overall).

Eastern time listed.


No games


Utah at Utah State - 8 - ESPN2

High School:

St. Pauls (LA) vs Lincoln (FL) - 7 - Fox Sports Net

Skyline (WA) at Cottonwood (UT) - 9:30 - ESPNU 

John Curtis (LA) vs Plant (FL) - 10 - Fox Sports Net

Stanford coaches reflect on losing an assistant

In the end of November of last year, Stanford defensive assistant Chester McGlockton passed away unexpectedly.

Towards the end of this weeks episode of "How we do it" Stanford's David Shaw, Pep Hamilton and a few defensive linemen talk about the lessons that they learned from McGlockton.

From the stories about his infectious energy directed toward Shaw and the quarterbacks during team, to the subtle comments that he would make on the sideline to Pep Hamilton on game day to keep him focused, you can tell that Coach McGlockton touched many lives and is missed greatly out at The Farm.


Baylor's defensive staff visited the Steelers to learn the 3-4

Seeing the spread nearly every week in Big 12 play, Baylor defensive coordinator Phil Bennett wanted to get more speed on the field to compliment his 4-2-5 scheme.

In the off season, Bennett went up to Pittsburgh to visit their defensive staff and learn some more about the 3-4 before deciding to install pieces of it for the Bears this season.

"After last season, I looked at ways we could get faster."

"It won’t be our base defense, it’s supplemental, but as much as we see spread offenses, it’s a nice versatile thing to do. We’ve been working with it since last spring, and I thought it was very effective.”

It's first game in, the wrinkle looked beneficial, holding a typically high scoring SMU offense to only 10 points through the first three quarters (and being up 45-10 after) , and forcing two interceptions and a fumble by the end of the game.

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